‘Woofering Heights’ Movie Makes Fireworks Less Fearsome

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
If an evening ends with a bang thanks to fireworks, your pets may not want to celebrate. But these dog-calming films, voiced by David Tenant, offer distraction on those loud nights.

Ever seen the warnings that go out about ensuring pet safety during holidays or special events where fireworks are a part of the package? See those “Lost Dog” flyers the morning after an evening of colorful but loud shots through the air?

Us too. Dogs and cats are not big fans of the fireworks we humans love so much, and this leads to stress for the animals that can result in injury, behavior problems and/or loss as they try to desperately escape the noise.

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So what can we do to help comfort our pets when they are inundated with the noise that fireworks displays bring?

The UK-based MORE THAN Pet Insurance company has teamed up with actor David Tenant (Doctor Who) to create a possible solution in the form of animal entertainment created specifically for pets.

Animal behaviorist Karen Wild and veterinarian Robert White-Adams worked with MORE THAN in the creation of the films so that they were specifically catered to a pets’ needs. Wild said that while the films may seem strange to a human, cats and dogs have different perceptions of the world and respond completely differently than humans to audio and visual stimuli. The films are an added offering of methods to combat the effects of noise phobia in dogs and cats, and can have a positive effect on cats and dogs alike.

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The films, Peer Window and Woofering Heights, are based (loosely) on Emily Bronte and Alfred Hitchcock classics and meet specific needs for cats and dogs. Peer Window shows a cinematic world within a window frame as cats tend to stare out of windows for approximately five hours a day observing the world. Woofering Heights uses blues and yellows to enhance the viewing experience for a dog as it watches dogs move through beautiful scenery while David Tennant melodically narrates the scenes for Fido. Instead of being distracted and afraid of the fireworks, cats and dogs can instead be entertained and soothed with films just for them.

Ms. Wild suggests that the films are played for your cat or dog several times before an anticipated fireworks display so that they can become familiar with what’s in them and have an excitement to rewatch in a stressful time. Peer Window can be found free here and Woofering Heights here, but you’ll have to provide the obligatory movie catnip and dog treats yourself!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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