French Funny Man Lives The Sheltered Life For Good Cause

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
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Here’s an extreme way to raise money for shelters! French comedian Remi Gaillard will live in a cage to raise awareness about the heartache of shelter life.

It’s not a surprise that shelter life is a sad and lonely one, and for many pets, one from which animals won’t survive. French comedian Remi Gaillard, who has over nine million Facebook fans, will be showing in real-time just how sad and lonely that life is. On November 11, 2016, Remi will begin ‘living’ inside a shelter cage at the SPA Montpeillier Mediterranee Metropole and will air his ‘life’ live on Facebook. He plans to live like the shelter animals do until all the animals are adopted, or until 50,000 Euro (approximately $55,000) are raised on behalf of the animals at the shelter.

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His goal is to bring real-life awareness to the plight of animals in shelters. Hoping to give the most realistic view of sad, confusing and downright heartbreaking being a cat or dog in a shelter can be, Remi plans to literally live as they do. He plans to eat and drink when and as they do, in their kennels, and to, well, relieve himself, only when he’s given the opportunity so as not to soil his tight quarters. As his fan-base is large, there is significant chance that he’ll raise the money he is hoping to raise for the animals, but he’s also hoping that at minimum, his actions bring awareness to the type of lives shelter animals live and how they’d so greatly benefit from adoption into loving, forever homes.

Gaillard’s well-known for his love of and advocacy for animals. This summer, he tied himself to a roadside fender in order to raise awareness for pets who are literally dropped off on the side of the road, left to fend for themselves. Earlier in the year, trying to promote the idea that pets are ‘someone’ and not ‘something,’ he also recorded and shared a video that dramatized what it seems like when people bring found pets to animal shelters instead of trying to find their proper homes first. Bringing home the point that many animals who enter shelters never leave, the dramatic video reached nearly six million viewers with its poignant and powerful message.

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And while it’s not known just how long Gaillard will live as the shelter pets do, it’s very clear that for those entering the shelter in search of a pet, his kennel will be hard to miss. Like him, we hope that will make the other kennels hard to turn away from as well.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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