Donation From Realtor Connects 1000 Pets With Their Furever Homes

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
A Sacramento, California realtor (and animal lover!) volunteered in November to pay the adoption fees for any pet adopted from the Front Street Animal Shelter. Now, over 1,000 shelter pets have found new homes, and there are still a few more days to take advantage of her generosity!

In November, Kim Pacini-Hauch made a generous voluntary donation to the Front Street Animal Shelter in an effort to bring cats and dogs out of the shelter and into forever homes. She called the promotion “Home for the Pawlidays,” and since November 18, Pacini-Hauch has paid the adoption fees for over 1000 dogs and cats!

Because the promotion has been so successful, Front Street Animal Shelter has been able help adopt out dogs and cats from other area shelters, as the demand to adopt has grown with Pacini-Hauch’s promotion and the shelter wants all who want to bring the perfect pet home to be able to do so!

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Pacini-Hauch is a well-known animal lover, and as adoption fees range from $65-$100, by the time the promotion is over tomorrow day, she will have donated close to $85,000 to the shelter! In promoting the campaign, Pacini-Hauch did a television ad with Mindy, a chihuahua mix who has skin problems and a double hernia. Mindy was just so lovable, Pacini-Hauch couldn’t bear to part with her, and adopted her herself!

Though some have raised concerns that waived adoption fees may encourage adopters who are unprepared and make spontaneous decisions to adopt, or even more concerning–dog abusers and fighters–the shelter has maintained that they are committed to enforcing their stringent screening process for everyone who potentially adopts.

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For her part, Pacini-Hauch just hopes that her good deed will inspire others to do similar things wherever they are with any shelter across the country. She’s already started this trend as Elizabeth Laverty and Kevin Williamson, a retired couple out of Roseville, CA is sponsoring a similar program at the Placer SPCA, where they are both volunteers. They’ve agreed to cover all adoption fees for dogs, cats and exotic pets through the end of December as well.

There’s still time for those in the area to take advantage of the waived fees, and there’s always a shelter dog perfectly suited for your family just waiting, so you can still be part of making some sweet pets’ dreams come true this Pawliday Season!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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