Shelter’s Cold Weather Games Puppies and Kittens Win Gold [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
In our opinion, this is the best ‘Olympics’ we’ve ever seen–Cold Weather Games for puppies and kittens, hosted by a North Carolina animal shelter.

The Olympic excitement is in the air regularly as athletes from all over the world compete for the shiniest of medals and accolades.

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But an animal shelter in North Carolina has some footage of some adorable puppies and kittens who are competing not for gold, but for your hearts, in hopes you’ll help them find their forever homes!

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control hosted these events, as part of their Cold Weather Games, and we’re telling you, if you’ve never seen a kitten bobsled? You’re missing out on life! (Though sweet Dove clearly preferred playing with balls!)

We cracked up at the cutest kitty hockey, and laughed out loud at the intensity the puppies had for their own versions!

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This little white pup meant business!

I think I may have gotten the biggest laugh, though out of the Doggy Downhill! The bloopers showed that sweet boy trying to figure out what was being asked of him, which was literally him–running downhill–after a ball he seemed to have a hard time finding!

All the animals participating in the Cold Weather Games are available for adoption and if you think these medalists belong in your family, good news! They’re waiting for you!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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