Survey: Many Pet Owners Don’t Travel Due To Inadequate Boarding Opti

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
As we approach the dog days of summer, the need to get out of your office and go on a vacation is overwhelming. But according to a recent survey, many pet parents opt to have a staycation because they don’t want to put their dog in boarding because of cost.

It’s a situation I’m all too familiar with. When my family plans a vacation, we’re lucky enough to have some other trusted friends take care of our dog and bird. Although we understand it isn’t the same as staying at home with their favorite humans, we know they are both being taken care of and given plenty of love.

Unfortunately, many Americans don’t have that luxury. A recent survey conducted by revealed that half of pet owners (that’s about 40 million households) don’t go on vacation because of inadequate pet care solutions. Sticking your dog in a kennel comes at the price of your dog’s unhappiness and if you place them in a pet boarding place, you might be paying more for your pet to be taken care of than your actual vacation.

According to the survey, nearly 88 percent of consumers agree that their pets are happiest at home and for those pets which stay home. Sixty percent of pet owners say they spend at least 20 dollars a day, per pet, for care (that’s on the low side of sitting costs).

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With 70 percent of baby boomers saying they’d like to travel more often, and 82 percent of this group saying that the cost or pet care concerns are limiting their travel frequency, it shows how many people really do consider their pet as part of the family.

“Pet owners care about their pets’ happiness while they are on vacation, as much as they care about their own rest and relaxation, but many don’t realize there are options available beyond expensive kennels when they need to travel,” said Andy Peck, founder and chief executive officer of TrustedHousesitters.

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Many pet parents don’t want to board their pets when they’re going away on a vacation – 59 percent of them, in fact. Do you find that you limit your vacation time away from home and your pet because of boarding options? Or, do you save a little extra in anticipation of kenneling costs? If you’ve got any tips or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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