Top 10 Super Fly Pet Products From Skymall

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Have you heard the news that Skymall, the in-flight catalog that offered a vast array of wacky, never-been-seen items for purchase, is seeking bankruptcy protection? Say it ain’t so! What will we do to amuse ourselves on long flights when there’s nothing to watch on those mini headrest TVs? Yes, we know that thanks to thousands of travelers before us, the Skymall catalog was full of germs, many of which are still waiting to be discovered. But do you think we let a little thing like the avian flu keep us from the ridiculous and super cool products we just had to own? Let’s all hope that Skymall doesn’t crash land. But even if we’ll always have these Top 10 Skymall Pet Products we never would have known about, had it not been for this first-class magazine. And if you really like the cool stuff we picked out, you can still buy them. Who knows – maybe your purchase will help them pull out of their nosedive!