Top 10 Pet Product Picks From 2017

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
This year, we found so many fabulous pet products, it was pretty hard to choose just 10. Still, though it’s a tough job, someone’s gotta do it… so here are our picks!

1. G.O.A.T Speaker: We fell in love with this awesome little speaker at the Global Pet Expo in March! It clips on your pet’s collar and lets you stream your pet’s favorite music (spoiler: they love Reggae) wherever you go. We loved that it was adorable and love that it has a built in remote on the bottom so you can take a selfie with your dog. Insta those pics up, yo!

2. Women’s 3D undies: If you’ve ever gone through your unmentionables drawer and wondered why you didn’t have any 3-D dog underwear, you only have yourself to blame. We told you about these must-have panties in March, and we still love their patterns and prints. Making sure the world takes your love for your pet seriously is easy with these unders, and if you don’t? Well, it’s not because we didn’t tell you that you should!

3. Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn: If you don’t have a Unicorn Horn for your pet, I’m not sure you’d be considered fit. Okay, okay…maybe not a life-or-death item in the big picture but honest-to-goodness, if a dog in a Unicorn horn doesn’t just make your whole entire year! We loved Oscar’s various horned looks and love that these can be used on pets, kids, adults, horses…the possibilities are endless!

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4. Shed Defender:We found the best dog onesie EVER at SuperZoo! Bonus? It keeps your house from looking like your pet’s full-time job is shedding. The Shed Defender comes in various sizes, and actually helps to protect your pet from suffering anxiety because it is so snug and cozy. And, hard not to stare at, if you ask us, which is really what every good pet owner wants to do all day anyway, right?!

5. DôyenWorld’s DôyenDog and DôyenCat: Like Weeble Wobbles for pets, these fun pieces of decor/pet watcher debuted at SuperZoo this year and we fell in furry love. Treat dispenser/fun toy for your pet that can be customizable, we have to say that they are a bit addictive for humans to roll back and forth too! I mean, hypothetically speaking, of course!

6. The Monster Factory’s VW Campervan Pet Carrier: The coolest pet carrier ever has to be the VW Campervan. It’s like a fun flashback to the good old days, but with today’s technology to make carrying your pets a breeze for you both. Lightweight, strong and durable, it even has mesh windows so pets can hang out just as if they were really RV-ing. Because, really, isn’t every vehicle a dog is in recreational for them?!

7. Gen7Pets Cool-Air Cot: This is the coolest pet cot ever! It’s fabulous for keeping your pet out of mud or hot or wet surfaces, and it stays nice and cool too, which means your pet does as well. Perfect for lounging around on hot summer days, it’s cozy and comfy. And no, they don’t make it in your size!

8. Plush Pussy Purses: This is pretty much *the* gift we gave to every cat lover we know. Heck, to every pet lover we know! Because really, if carrying a plush pussy purse that shows a kitteh with some cojones doesn’t scream ‘high-class’ and ‘you know you want to know me!’ we’re not sure what does. They come in several ‘breeds’ but no worries about the balls–they’re plenty big enough to go around!

9. CatIt Flower Fountain: This magical invention was deemed from the gods by cats everywhere as it finally gives them free-flowing water whenever they want it, without having to be all domestic-like and harass the S$%t out of us when they need some! It’s compact but big enough, and it has an ingenious closed corner so it doesn’t let dust or other nasties in the fresh, continually flowing water. Water and cats don’t always combine, but in this case? The CatIt makes it happen!

10. Cool and Comforting Calming Collars: These collars were another Global Pet Expo find, and they basically eliminate any ideas that ‘cones of shame’ have to be well…cones of shame. These comfy protective collars calm your anxious or recovering pet with Calm Paws essential oil gel pouches that can be attached right to the collars or even pet crates if traveling. They make any time you need your pet to be calm and comforted a breeze and they are so much more comfortable than traditional collars!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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