Birds for Children


Cockatiels are fun and friendly- a perfect bird for children and beginner pet owners.

Gloster Canary

Small, easy to care for, and friendly-  the Gloster Canary is a perfect pet bird for seniors and kids.

German Roller Canary

The versatile, low-maintenance, and lovable German Roller Canary can be a perfect pet to any owner!

Citron Crested Cockatoo

If you’re looking for a friendly and fun pet – a Citron Crested Cockatoo is the bird breed to choose.

Blue Winged Parrotlet

Blue Winged is parrotlet small, extremely adorable, easy to care for, cuddly, and incredibly funny!

Blue Crowned Conure

Blue Crowned Conures are definitely one of the cuddliest and cutest breeds in the whole family!

Green Cheeked Conure

Cute, friendly and tiny, the Green Cheeked Conure makes a great pet for older children or families.

Dusky Headed Conure

Dusky Headed conure is an excellent pet for anyone who wants a fun and long-lived companion bird.

Golden Collared Macaw

Golden collared macaw can live for 50 years, during which time it'll be a wonderful and fun companion!

Masked Lovebird

Cute and goofy, the cuddly Masked Lovebird is one of the best pet birds for beginners or families!