Best Cat Clothes

Want your kitty to be as cute as puss in boots or flaunt your feline fashionista’s adorable outfits on social media? Unlike dogs, who have to wear clothes often and not only because they look good in them, in most cases, felines don’t have to be clothed to keep warm or safe. Unless we’re talking about a specific cat breed or a medical condition, cat parents usually buy apparel such as costumes or snazzy hoodies and dresses for show purposes only, so the whole process of choosing cat clothes will be different than what it would be when it comes to their canine friends. While cats are generally not too keen on being dressed up, there are exceptions to the rule, as well as tricks and tips that will help you dress your cat up without losing an arm in the process.

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Best Dog Food

The question that plagues every pet owner, both a beginner and an experienced one is ” which dog food is the best”? We all want to ensure our four-legged companions have long and healthy lives, and our choice of dog food will play an important role in their overall health and well-being. Thousands of years ago, the father of modern medicine said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates might have lived in Ancient Greece, but his words still ring true – even when we’re talking about our four-legged companions. As omnivores, dogs can eat a variety of foods, from kibble to fresh fruit, but it doesn’t mean that all of them have the same benefits. In fact, some of the common tasty foods that we love seeing on our plates can be potentially toxic for our pets, such as chocolate or grapes! Find out which foods dogs can and can’t eat in our series’s informative articles- and pick up some pawesome recipes for homemade dog treats while you’re at it. All of our meal ideas and recipes have been tested by our furry team members before publishing- that way we can guarantee that your pooch will find them paw-licking good, too! Best Dog Food Features Available At Blue Buffalo Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Salmon

Best Aquarium Lighting

One of the primary goals of every aquarist should be to mimic natural habitat for the plant life and fish in their tank. To truly thrive, inhabitants of your fish tank will have to have living conditions similar to those they would have in the wild, and that means specific quality and balance of water, decor that imitates their natural surroundings, as well as ideal spectrum and intensity of light.

Best Rabbit Carriers

To make sure your bunny has ideal living conditions, you need to provide them with a suitable house or habitat for their size and individual needs. There are various important factors that could influence your choice, from the materials the hutch is built from, to the design and spaciousness of a rabbit cage. But what about when you travel? How do you ensure your pet is safe and comfortable on the go?

Best Dog Clothes

Are you a pet parent to a cute little doggy fashionista? Do you clothe your pooch when the weather gets too chilly? Or do you dress up your pet in clothes only for special occasions, such as Halloween or Christmas? Whatever the case is, has got you covered with ideas for the comfiest outfits, guides for buying the most stylish canine clothes, and the cleverest costume ideas for holidays! Not only that you will find all you need when it comes to dog clothes buying guides and reviews, but you can learn how to make cute pooch accessories and garments yourself- even if you never had any experience with it before!

Best Dog Cleaning Supplies

We might love our furry babies to bits, but it doesn’t change the fact that they can be a bit messy. From potty accidents to miscellaneous stains and excessive shedding, being a pet parent tends to entail a lot of tidying up after your beloved dog. Fortunately, will equip you to fight the most persistent pee stains, eliminate any bad odor your pooch might leave behind them, and all that with pet-friendly, non-toxic products. Our vast resources include numerous reviews and buying guides on best cleaning supplies for dog owners, as well as ideas and DIY posts on how to make your own cleaning products that will do the job decently.

Best Dog Bowls

When it comes to dogs and food, it’s safe to say that canines don’t have the highest standards around. Unless you have a picky eater as a pet, you know your pooch would eat anything you serve them, on anything you serve it in! Of course, that doesn’t mean you should go along with their greedy attitude.

Best Cat Bowls

If they could be bothered to answer our question, felines would probably ask for finest china and silverware when it comes to what they would like to eat out of. Cats are notoriously picky eaters with refined tastes, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that not all cat bowls will be up to your feline’s high standards. To help you choose something that will please your pet (and your budget too), has analyzed dozens of cat bowls and dishes to find the best ones for your pampered pet. Whether you’ve just got a kitten, or you want to switch things up for your adult cat, we’ve got you covered. Read more about cat-friendly materials, advice for bowls for obese cats, and much, much more.

Best Bird Products

If you have a pet bird, you know that they require special care and treatment, which will include a wide range of essential bird products. Do you have a petite singing bird breed, such as Canary or Finch? Or are you a proud owner of the impressive Amazon Parrot or a mischievous Cockatoo? Whichever breed, size and unique requirements of your pet bird,’s experts have you covered. Regardless of whether you’re just looking into getting a parrot of your own or you already own an avian companion, our buying guides will make sure that the bird products you get are really essential for your pet’s care as well as help you determine if their quality is up to standard.

Best Dog Beds

On average, dogs sleep for about 12 to 14 hours a day. That means that your pooch spends 50 percent of their life in sleep! And that number is probably even higher, given how canines sleep up to 20 hours a day in their puppyhood and senior years. This might seem like a lot on paper, but just think: how many times a day do you notice your pooch snoozing away?

Best Cat Beds

You can’t say catnap without using the word cat! And yes, kitties were the inspiration behind the word. How couldn’t they be, after all? Felines are known for their long naps and spend upwards to 20 hours a day dozing off. Considering that there are 24 hours in a day, that feat is quite impressive!