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Want your kitty to be as cute as puss in boots or flaunt your feline fashionista’s adorable outfits on social media? Unlike dogs, who have to wear clothes often and not only because they look good in them, in most cases, felines don’t have to be clothed to keep warm or safe. Unless we’re talking about a specific cat breed or a medical condition, cat parents usually buy apparel such as costumes or snazzy hoodies and dresses for show purposes only, so the whole process of choosing cat clothes will be different than what it would be when it comes to their canine friends. While cats are generally not too keen on being dressed up, there are exceptions to the rule, as well as tricks and tips that will help you dress your cat up without losing an arm in the process.

1. Editor’s Choice: Wiz BBQT Knitted Braid Plait Turtleneck

Soft, warm and easy to wash, this well-designed sweater will keep your cat warm and comfy- and not to mention that it will look super cute. The turtleneck design is snug and cozy so it is a good choice for cold weather. It’s easy to put on as well, as there are no buttons, zippers or anything of the sort- just pull it over your pet’s head and hope you won’t earn a few scratches in the process.

Since the sweater is made from acrylic yarn, it is low-maintenance and can be washed in the washing machine without a problem. It comes in 6 sizes to accommodate all kitties and in 5 vibrant colors to match your pet’s unique style.

2. Runner Up: Idepet Funny Pet Clothes Pirate

Ahoy there mateys, are you planing your pet’s Halloween costume? Or are you looking for a fun outfit that will make your feline an instant social media starlet? Then this pirate costume for cats is just the thing. Made of polyester and non-woven fabric, this whole outfit is soft and breathable and will be pleasant to wear.

Despite all the details on the costume, it is pretty simple to put on- just put the two front legs through the opening and then fasten it with a velcro strap around the neck- voila! All it takes is getting the hat on and your kitty is ready to loot! Available in 4 sizes, this fun costume makes a great gift for the holidays.

3. Best Headpiece: OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Cat

Hear me roar! And you definitely will, if your pet hates having clothes on – but this cute lion mane costume is the perfect compromise as you can put it on in mere seconds and it won’t irritate your kitty even if they are not open to wearing costumes in general. Made from a breathable and lightweight premium blend of cotton and polyester, this costume is gentle on your pet’s sensitive skin and durable to boot. Not to mention that the choice of fabric allows the costume to be form-fitting without compromising on your cat’s comfort! The mane hood has a nifty velcro strap under the chin you can use to secure a snug fit. It will make for some hilarious and memorable photoshoots with your pet.

A one-size costume, this design will fit most adult cats without any issue.

4. Best Sweater: Bolbove Bro’Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater

For those stylish felines out there, this cable knit sweater with a turtleneck is a perfect choice. Easy to put on and very elegant, it comes in light blue and baby pink, so it will accentuate any color coat. And since it is available in sizes from extra small to extra large, you can get this for a kitten or a chonky adult cat- it will fit all types of feline bodies. To get the size right, measure the chest of your cat at its widest point and their back length (from neck base to tail base).

Made of acrylic fabric to keep your pet warm, this sweater is machine washable with similar color in cold water and tumble dryable.

5. Best Hoodie: KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie

Cool cats wear cool clothes- and it doesn’t get any cooler than this plaid hoodie – which is proven by the fact that it boasts a 4.4 star rating and over 7,000 reviews on Amazon. Sporting a classic plaid pattern in red, white, or blue and a kangaroo pocket, this cozy and comfy hoodie is the picture of casual chic. And, if we’re being honest, sheer cuteness!

Not to mention that, since it’s made from durable and soft polyester, this hoodie isn’t just fashionable but practical as well, as it will keep your pet warm in cold weather. Machine washable and easy to keep clean, this hoodie comes in several sizes (the smallest of them being best suited for our feline fashionistas) and six colors to match any feline’s style.

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What to Look For in Cat Clothes

Cat clothes should be tailored to ensure your kitty’s comfort during the time they’re clothed, granted, but knowing how to soothe your kitty and put on their outfit without stressing them out can at times be as important. At, you will find advice and tips from experienced cat owners on everything about our feline companions, including how to dress them up. Additionally, our extensive resources on cat apparel will make sure that the clothes you choose for your pet are the best option both for them and your budget! Your feline can be on fleek without you having to empty out your banking account for cute accessories.

What Are Your Options?

Although kitty apparel might not be as widely used and seen as its canine counterpart, there are still countless of cat clothing items and costumes to choose from. Cat pet parents who want their feline companion to look their best in a fabulous outfit or need their kitty to pose for Christmas photos adequately costumed will be thrilled to find out that cat apparel market is booming! However, the huge amount of choices when it comes to cat garments can be overwhelming. Fortunately,’s buying guides and reviews of cat costumes and clothing help you find exactly what you’re looking for, without having to spend hours scouring pet shops or perusing virtual shopping racks. Our reviews are not just a great solution when it comes to quickly find a costume theme or an outfit you need for your pet, but they also ensure that the materials and fit of the cat apparel in question are a perfect match for your fashionable feline.

If you have a sphynx cat, on the other hand, cat apparel might not be a question of aesthetic, but an actual necessity. Sphynx cats have no hairs on their body, and while their innate thermo-regulation might be enough to keep them toasty in most climates, during harsh winters, these bald kitties might need a warmth boost in form of a tiny sweater or a hoodie. You can find sphynx apparel with ease, as there are various manufacturers that specialize in producing clothes tailored to fit perfectly this unique breed. Our buying guides and reviews will help you settle on a brand and model that suit your budget and preferences the most, as we feature only the best cat clothes for cats.

What to Look For in Cat Clothes?

Cat clothes should be made to allow your cat to move comfortably and without any restraint- the ability to jump, see, and walk about in their new finery is a given. Additionally, it’s not only about the snug fit when it comes to picking out cat apparel that’s least likely to bother your pampered pet. Your choice of materials is also vital, as going for the cheaper option can actually end up being counterproductive. Fabrics that are crinkly or have a bad chemical odor (which is often the case with cheapo pet garbs) can put off your kitty from dressing up for good! Any strong or unpleasant scent, as well as weird sounds, are bound to scare or irritate your kitty which is the last thing you want to do. Instead, pick out soft, comfortable materials that will feel good against your pet’s coat. It’s the first step to getting your cat to appreciate wearing feline finery!

As for cat costumes, in addition to materials, you will need to pay attention to any safety hazards, such as small plastic parts or poking wires. Not only that feline costumes that are too elaborate are bound to be uncomfortable, they can also endanger your pet, so make sure that you go with an option that’s snug and comfy.

You’re sure to find a cute addition to your kitty’s wardrobe in our cat apparel resources- rest assured, we review only clothes and costumes that are safe for your feline friend. To boot, after you pick out the perfect outfit,’s experts have got your covered for the rest of the process. Our guides and invaluable insider tips on socializing cats and dressing them up a stress-free way will be the tool you need to ensure that your cat doesn’t mind wearing all those cute clothes and costumes you’ve got for them. (Hint: you’ll need copious amounts of treats to coax them.)

Of course, it should go without saying that, no matter how cute you think your cat looks like in an outfit or how many likes you’ll get on Instagram for a snap of your pet in a Halloween costume, you shouldn’t dress up your cat if they’re not up for it. Instead look for alternatives in fashionable collars for cats or creative costumes that don’t involve you clothing your pet in complex garb. If your kitty is a bit unsure about the whole dressing up business but not completely petrified when you try to get them in a tutu or a T-shirt,’s experts will help you use positive reinforcement training to motivate them to relax while they’re in clothes. Sometimes, it takes just a bit of advice from a seasoned cat parent to transform your kitty into a furry fashion icon!

Do cats like wearing clothes?

If we’re being honest, most cats don’t like wearing clothes. The dislike can vary from simple disinterest to active hatred of wearing clothes, so you’ll have to be prepared for the possibility that your pet won’t let you dress them up. If your cat hisses, growls, or acts visibly scared or anxious when you try to put clothes on them, don’t try to force them. Only dress your cat in clothes if they don’t object to it – or, if they are just confused and wary of clothing, bribe them with some treats to make the experience enjoyable.

Is it cruel to make a cat wear clothes?

Clothing for cats isn’t cruel per se, but if you force your cat to wear clothes even if they are visibly stressed and anxious when you try to dress them up, it is cruel. You should never force your pet to do something that they are not comfortable with as it can seriously stress them out and damage your relationship. Cat clothes are not cruel if your pet doesn’t mind wearing them.

How to dress my cat?

It all depends on the type of clothing you are trying to get them in – some are easier to put on (e.g. headpieces) and some more elaborate designs can require a bit of an effort. Whatever the situation, some universal rules are to be patient and don’t try to forcefully get your cat to wear clothes. Use treats to coax them and be gentle when putting on clothes, especially if they have sleeves or sleeve openings (you don’t want to injure your pet by pushing their legs inside a hole too fast).

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