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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog stockings allow you to incorporate your pet into the Christmas festivities – and they look so dang cute. Check out our list of Christmas stockings for pets to find the perfect match for your four-legged bestie!

Christmas time is without a doubt the favorite time of the year for the whole family. And we mean the whole family. Of course, that includes our furry friends! When the festive spirit takes hold, and everyone enjoys the fun and loving atmosphere, our pups will also want to be a part of that. And when Christmas comes, no one is left out – especially not our loved pets. That’s why many pet parents do all they can to fully incorporate their pet into all of their Christmas celebrations. Our pets more than deserve to experience the joys of festivities, and even snag a little present or two. Where better to hide those presents than in specially designed dog stockings? That’s right! Hang a lovely little stocking for your pupper and fill it with a variety of treats and toys. Greet your pet with these goodies on Christmas morning and you can all share that truly wonderful holiday spirit.

Why do I need stockings for my dog?

Dog stockings will make sure your pooch isn’t left out, and he gets to enjoy the same things you do at Christmas. Holidays give you the opportunity to surprise your pet with some tasty treats, or some exclusive sweets and meals that they don’t get often, and these cute accessories are perfect to hold those goodies. The market offers unique designs that already incorporate specialized treats and goodies, already hidden in the stocking. The stocking stuffing part is completely up to you, of course, as you know best what your pooch likes! When choosing dog stockings, it’s your preferences that count – pick something that will look cute in photos and go with your other holiday decor.

Today, we’re helping you jazz up your next Christmas celebration! Decorate your mantelpiece with goofy designs, festive images and unique dog stockings that will truly steal the show and make for a Christmas to remember. From all-in-one designs to special edible treat stockings, and all the way to timeless styles that hide surprises: there’s no shortage of choices.

To help you find the perfect Christmas dog stocking from the crowd, we’re bringing you our specially curated list of the best dog stockings on the market. Find the one that’s perfectly tailored to your budget, style, tastes, and of course, your pet’s gifts. Get ready – Christmas is about to get more pawesome than ever!

1. Editor’s Choice: Valery Madelyn Joyful Pet Christmas Stockings

If you want something really special, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous pet stocking. I mean, it’s a pooch shaped like a sock – what can be more adorable than that? Measuring around 21 inches diagonally, this stocking fits perfectly along with other decorations and can hold quite a few treats. The first thing to notice is the variety of embroidery and details that make this stocking truly pop out. It doesn’t hurt that it also has a funny (but true!) message embroidered –- it will make any pet parent smile. This well-made dog stocking is affordable, cute and stands out with its unique design – what more could anyone want?

2. Best Traditional: GEX Christmas Stockings for Dogs

For a more traditional choice, we have this GEX stocking which follows that good old design we all know and love. A large 22-inch stocking with traditional Christmas festive design but reimagined to make it dog-friendly, with details such as holly and dog bones combined into one. It’s made from quality mercerized velvet material and is soft and plush to the touch. The inside is also padded and soft, and will hold a solid amount of goodies. There are 6 color choices, with the standard green and white combo or the red and white alternative, so you can ensure a perfect match for your Christmas color theme.

3. Best Cute Design: Clever Creations Kitty Cat Stocking

This Clever Creations design is one of the absolute cutest on the market. A kitty, complete with separate ears and tail and a Santa’s hat, will greet you from the mantlepiece! It’s 17 inches tall so you won’t have any problem putting a few toys and treats inside to surprise your cat. The stocking is made from high-quality soft fabric and has padding inside. It’s also extra wide. Of course, the whole design is filled with quality embroidery and three dimensional stitched details that almost make this stocking come to life.

4. Best Handmade: Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Dog Christmas Stocking

Ho ho ho, it’s time to get those dog-friendly gifts out and include your pooch in the festivities! This handmade dog stocking is made in the same technique hooked rugs are, and it’s as soft and textured as well. The Glitzhome Handmade Hooked Dog Christmas Stocking is made from durable 100% polyester at the back, and with 100% acrylic fiber at the front. Both of these materials are super soft to the touch, and quite tough – they’ll handle some accidental clawing from all that pupper excitement when they sniff out those yummy stocking stuffers.

The front part of the stocking features a dog in a winter landscape, his scarf fluttering in the wind, with the words WOOF embroidered on top (so there’s no confusion about who gets the goodies from this particular stocking). At 19″, this Christmas stocking is quite spacious and can hold a lot of holiday-themed doggy gifts.

5. Best Bone Shaped: GEX Bone-Shaped Stocking

How about an attempt to completely reinvent the stocking design? GEX made an attempt with this super adorable bone-shaped stocking! Try something new and spice up your traditional decorations with these super soft and fluffy bones. They can still hold a lot of goodies, just like traditional stockings, and the only difference is that they are pet-themed. They come in a variety of colors, with unique patterns like polka dots or zig-zag lines so you can make sure you have a match for your other holiday decor. These dog stockings measure 16 inches in lengths and 8 inches in width so there’s no need to worry about fitting everything in – just keep in mind that the opening is 5.5 inches wide so bulky items might not be a good choice for this stocking.

6. Best Pre-Packaged: Sub-Gift Christmas Stocking for Dogs

It’s no secret that many of us are at their busiest right before Christmas, and that leaves so little time to go gift shopping! Luckily, these clever stockings from Sub-Gift can help you immensely. They come already filled with goodies so you don’t have to wander around looking for stocking stuffers. That’s right – surprise your dog with this stocking and all the toys it hides inside. There are no treats here, but there are four unique squeaky toys that will definitely occupy your pet’s attention.

7. Best Needlepoint: Yorkshire Terrier Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

This stocking is a special shout-out to all the Yorkie lovers! If you’re looking to show off your love of the breed this holiday season, this stocking will look incredible hanging on your mantle. Measuring 11″ by 17″, it’s large enough to hold a wide variety of treats, toys and goodies.

The 100% wool needlepoint design is beautiful with all its details. It’s then backed with 100% polyester velveteen, a soft and durable fabric that will stand up to use year after year. After each season, it should be dry cleaned or surface cleaned to protect the embroidery. Whether you’re shopping for a stocking for your furry friend or looking to find the perfect option for yourself, the proud dog lover, you will fall completely in love with this one.

8. Customer’s Choice: Wohouse Dog Christmas Stocking with Front Pocket

Made from a combination of felt and other fabrics, this three-dimensional stocking is a fun way to add a little festive joy to your holiday decorations. On the front, a cute cartoon dog is holding a bone-shaped Christmas gift which is an additional pocket. This is a great option for small treats for your kids to help the family dog leave a personalize note for Santa on Christmas Eve. Across the top, a message reminds everyone that your pup has, of course, been a ‘good doggie’ this year.

The stocking itself offers a lot of room for gifts, toys, and treats. It measures 18″ tall, 8.3″ wide at the top opening and 10.3″ along the bottom with the toe of the stocking. Despite its larger size, the stocking does a great job of holding its shape when packed full of fun surprises for the season.

9. Best Tactical: SPEED TRACK Pet Tactical Christmas Stocking

Whether you’re shopping for a military veteran, a law enforcement officer (possibly K9), a hunter, or a tough pup with an image to uphold, this tactical Christmas stocking is a great option. The stocking is made from thick Oxford canvas in the shape of a bone. It measures 19.5″ by 11″, so there’s plenty of space to stuff this stocking with all of your dog’s favorites this holiday season. Waterproof PU coating inside will keep the rest of your holiday gifts safe if there happens to be a leak or a little extra slobber involved.

The front of the stocking features an American flag patch. A hook and loop patch also allows you to customize the stocking with a name plat if you’re looking for that extra special personal touch. It’s all topped off with a durable handle that makes it easy to move your dog’s stocking as needed, even when it’s packed full.

10. Best Basic: Midlee Toy Filled Christmas Dog Stocking Gift Set

To round out our list, this is another great option if you’re in a hurry and would prefer a stocking already filled with goodies. The toy-filled stocking features a bunch of gifts for your pet, including fluffy Christmas-themed toys and tennis balls. A little vinyl Santa is a great chewy toy, while the squeaky balls are perfect attention grabbers!

Best stocking stuffers for dogs

When Christmas time arrives, we all get into that special festive mood, and it brings out the very best in all of us. Furthermore, it’s the time when our creative side gets to shine! We can finally work on all those ideas we had in mind for months and surprise our loved ones with all sorts of gifts and treats. But when it comes to our pup, we need to find the perfect gift to make them feel special and happy. Of course, the truth is that our pets won’t require much to get ecstatic with joy, but still, that’s no reason not to go the extra mile and find that perfect gift.

What should you consider when choosing dog stockings? This will depend on your budget, what will match your home decor, and just how creative you feel like getting when spoiling your pup this year.

With these factors in mind, what are some good ideas for dog Christmas gifts? Well, for starters, how about that coveted special treat that your pet doesn’t always get to munch on? Special yummies or delicacies that you usually avoid giving to your dog (because of their price tag or caloric value) can be given as a treat at this time of the year. There are many special cakes, chocolates, and all sorts of “sweets” that are perfectly safe for dogs and made from healthy ingredients. Why not make Christmas unforgettable and get that tail wagging? After all, what dog doesn’t have a sweet tooth?

Another great idea for filling out the stocking is to put a special toy inside it. This is always a great gift for dogs – because as we all know, there’s nothing that our puppers like better than new toys. Squeaky, chewy, bouncy, plush – new toys have so many shapes and sizes, but they’re always welcome in all their forms. You can also go an extra step and get your pet a special training toy that will require them to get intuitive and creative, with a treat or two as a reward.

Other Christmas traditions to include your pet in

Of course, dog stockings aren’t the only way for you to make Christmas pet-friendly. There are a ton of other cute ways and traditions that many pet owners are exploring for the first time, and loving them! As a matter of fact, including your pooch in Christmas festivities can only make you appreciate this time of the year even more.

One of the loveliest Christmas traditions to spend with your dog is visiting the elderly, the lonely, and those in need. Christmas is the time when we all get together – but some simply spend it alone. Why not take your pupper and bring a smile or two to the elderly in your street, or those that simply need a bit of joy in their lives? You can also visit a local nursing home and regale the elderly. There’s no doubt that your four-legged friend will love the extra attention, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the smiles and positivity. Because, in the end, bringing joy to others is the true form of happiness.

On the other hand, if you love singing or you are a part of a caroling group, you can take your pet along! Bring the festive spirit in earnest to those in your street and neighborhood by bringing the Christmas carols to them! And who knows? Maybe your pet will take up and sing along.

Or if you like to stay at home, you can simply get creative. How about matching with your pooch – in an ugly Christmas sweater? It will make for hilarious and adorable pictures that will put a smile on your face for years to come.

Christmas is the time of the year where love and joy reign, and who better to share those feelings with than your four-legged family member? Their wagging tails and happy faces sure make everything better!

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