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Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Dog travel beds ensure that your pet is always cozy and comfortable no matter where you go. Learn more about features of dog travel beds and how to make sure you’re getting the best one for your precious pooch!

Traveling is always fun, but if you get to bring along your furry companion, it can only get even better! Whether you wish to go camping, hiking, visiting friends cross-state or overseas, or get together with the family, having your pet accompany you can be a great adventure (for pawrents and pets alike). Of course, it’s not always easy peasy having your pet in tow while you travel. You want to make sure your pet is comfortable and safe while traveling, and it does require some careful planning and clever accessories. And one of these accessories is a comfy travel bed for your pet. You already know how napping and snoozing are important to your pooch and being on the road doesn’t mean that they should give it all up and sleep uncomfortably. When you are out camping, or in a hotel, or at a friend’s house, you want to have a safe and cozy place for your dog to rest, just as they do at home. But you can’t easily lug around that big comfy dog bed from your house, can you? That’s why dog travel beds are the perfect solution for the four-legged jet setter.

Why do I need travel beds for my dog?

Bring your pet’s favorite nap spot along in a compact, mobile version but without sacrificing any comfort for the sake of convenience. Provide your pet with a warm and soft place to rest when you are out of home – wherever it might be. When you are out camping you can keep the chill away from your dog with these comfy beds. Similarly, when you are staying over at a friend’s place or with family, you can show solidarity with your host and keep those hairs away from the carpets and furniture while making sure your pooch snoozes in style. Dogs need to sleep on quality beds not just for the sake of comfort and coziness but to preserve their health, as well. Arthritis, joint pain, and a myriad of issues are best prevented by making sure your pet has proper support while sleeping – and not to mention that the symptoms of these issues can be greatly reduced with the right choice of beds.

Nowadays, dog travel beds come in all shapes and sizes – with many unique and smart designs that can really make your next trip pet-friendly and stress-free. To help you make this important decision much easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best dog travel beds on the market- learn what are the pros and cons, and what are the most important aspects you need to pay attention to when choosing the right travel bed for your pet.

1. Editor’s Pick: Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

Comfy, convenient, and cheap- that’s music to a pet parent’s ears! This bed is made from highly durable, soft, and water-resistant poly suede, and can be folded without losing its fluffiness. As an added bonus, it is fully machine washable and also has a nifty built-in loop for easy hang drying. Its underside is reinforced and insulated, so you can always keep your pet safe and dry. This is a one size bed that is suited for dogs under 25 pounds. It also comes with its own stuff sack for easier storage and portability.

2. Runner Up: BomGaroto Portable Pet Mat

This mat style portable bed is a great foldable option that is soft to touch and easy to transport. A great choice for camping and large dog breeds, this travel bed is made with micro weave polyester and is fully machine washable. Its surface captures water drops which are easy to wipe off in case of drips and spills. Its PP cotton filling is fluffy enough for optimal snoozing comfort. And to make things even better, this mat comes with its own little sack container, so it is easy to carry anywhere. A basic, affordable, and above all efficient choice for all situations! The mat comes in two sizes, medium and X-large, and green or purple color.

3. Best Elevated: Carlson Pet Products Elevated Bed

Elevated travel beds are another unique but very efficient design that emphasizes your pet’s safety. Easy to carry around and fully collapsible for ease of transport, these raised dog beds keep your pet comfortable but also far above the coldness of the ground. The lying surface is made from durable thick material that offers enough comfort, while the legs of the bed are made from iron. It also comes with a nifty carry case that makes transport a no issue. Elevated beds are great for outdoor environments and for camping, as they also keep your pet above the tall grass and all the nasty critters inside.

4. Best Foldable: Lightspeed Ultra-Plush Fold and Go Pet Bed

Lightspeed Outdoors offers one of the best choices on the market. This extra soft travel bed is great for all circumstances – wherever you might be. Made from ultrasoft plush microfleece surface and featuring a removable inner overstuffed material, it guarantees superior comfort while being easy to clean and transport. It is machine washable and features durable oxford polyester which really proves itself great for travel conditions (both indoors and outdoors). One of the added benefits of this travel bed is the added carry case. Make transport convenient while having added storage with several large zippered pockets. And to sweeten the deal even more, the company offers a 1-year satisfaction warranty – how pawesome is that?

5. Best for SUVs: K&H Gray Travel & SUV Dog Bed

This comfy bed will make road trips with your pooch so much more fun – and cozier, too. made from 600 Denier nylon with water-resistant backing, it will be soft and pleasant to lie on but at the same time keep your car protected if there’s a potty accident or such- as no liquids can go through the bed onto your interior. Fluffy, washable, and convenient above all else, this car travel bed comes in two sizes: small fits perfectly in a small to midsize SUV while the large fits in a mid to full-size SUV.

6. Best Cot: HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed

This elevated bed stands out from the competition with one nifty change to the design- it adds some much-needed padding to ensure extra comfort. The laying surface is made from durable and soft fabric, while the legs are fully collapsible and made from powder-coated steel. A convenient drawstring sack carrying case makes it easy to transport wherever you go. And most importantly, this elevated design is stable on the ground under the weight of your pet, and keeps them above the ground and away from moisture, the chill, and the bugs. There are two sizes to choose from (medium and large) and several colors to match any style.

7. Best Basic: Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

Another mat style travel bed that is great for all circumstances, both inside and for outdoor use. This mat is made from highly durable oxford cloth that boasts refined stitching and is scratch resistant. This material is water-resistant, durable, and machine-washable, making for superior comfort and ease of maintenance. This mat has a great advantage of being very easy to carry around and quick to roll up. Two added clasps close it securely and you can carry it even under your arm – it even comes with its own carry case.

8. Best for Camping: Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed

This compact bed effortlessly combines comfort and portability into one cleverly designed travel bed. It is made from a durable water-resistant microtomic ripstop material, with a bottom made from a unique Ruff Tex non-slip fabric. It conveniently rolls up and is fastened to become a bundle that is very easy to carry around. It also includes a nifty little zippered pocket in which you can put something fragrant that will remind your pet of home and its comforts! Super smart and a great hack for soothing finicky pets.

9. Best Personalized: AmeriLuck Travel Pet Mat

Another well made and efficient mat style travel bed that boasts high-quality materials – it is made from 100 percent polyester Oxford which is both tough and breathable. This bed is waterproof and features a non-slip bottom for added convenience. This material is unique for the fact it is highly resistant to scratches and rips. It easily rolls up into a bundle and is fastened with two built-in straps so it can be carried with ease. Machine washable and very well made, this is one of the best mat style travel beds choices on the market! It comes in medium or large and two colors – green and orange.

10. Honorable Mention: Tirrinia Foldable Pet Bed

This travel bed is the very definition of coziness. Any pooch will love dozing off in it! This fluffy fleece bed is great for pups and seniors alike and features extra plush sherpa material that will keep your pet both comfy and warm. The back side features a stylish cotton material with a plaid design. Raised sides and generous filling will make sure that your pet enjoys spending time in it, and the roll-up design won’t impact the fluffiness of the bed once it’s put back together. When open, this cozy little bed measures 38” by 25” and when the corners are folded 28.5” by 14.5”. This makes it a perfect fit for small breed and medium-sized dogs. This foldable travel bed can be machine washed for easier maintenance.

Do you really need one? Advantages of dog travel beds

If you travel often you are surely familiar with all the challenges that pet owners can experience in such circumstances. Whoever loves the outdoors and enjoys camping and similar activities, would naturally love to experience the thrill of it with their loving pet by their side. Even RV traveling, staying in hotels, and being guests in other people’s homes- all of it can be challenging for our pets who will always depend on our help. If we neglect their sleeping habits and allow them to always and often rest and sleep on the ground, the floors, couches, or anywhere similar, we provide a great chance for some unwanted issues to appear later down the road. These issues are a well-known nuisance for many senior dogs: arthritis, various aches, difficulty moving, kidney issues, incontinence, and so on. And not to mention the fact that it’s just plain uncomfortable- and what’s the point of having your pet by your side if they’re not enjoying it too?

So how can dog travel beds help us counter these health hazards in the long run? The truth is that we cannot bring all the usual comforts from our home on a camping trip or when we travel by plane or car. If your dog benefits from a cozy nook and a comfy full-size dog bed at home – great! But you can’t just bring it along with you. That’s why these portable versions will work as a fantastic replacement for the usual comforts of home. A dog travel bed can often be packed easily – either in a car, a suitcase, or a large bag. And it is just the perfect travel accessory. Don’t worry about your dog’s comfort and health when you are out in nature camping together! Enjoy the moment, while your pupper is safely and comfortably resting on a little travel bed – even when so far from home.

Your hotel room allows pets but lacks the sleeping accommodations for them? No problem! They can settle right there beside you, on their travel bed. No aching joints, and no uncomfortable sleeping on the hard ground. Many modern brands offer ergonomic, memory foam beds that will benefit your pet even more than sleeping in your bed would. Encourage healthy sleeping posture and in turn healthy back and joints, with just one small investment – one that will be well worth it and will last you a long, long time.

Features to consider in dog travel beds

When purchasing a dog travel bed, you are greeted by a huge variety of options right off the bat. There are many unique designs out there nowadays, each one with its own pros and cons and suitable for different environments. But the gist of a dog travel bed remains the same – certain design elements need to be followed in order for these accessories to be as efficient as possible. As with anything, it is always important to consider your pet’s size, habits and needs before your purchase. Senior pets might require more specialized designs and memory foam, while young pups might require something durable. Either way, the choices vary, but here are the features they all need to share to give you the best bang for your buck


As with almost all pet accessories, durability plays a very important role in the overall quality, and the same goes for dog travel beds. It is no secret that our mischievous dogs will often chew and nibble on everything around them – puppies especially. And that is why a travel bed needs to boast cover material that’s tough and resistant in order to withstand all that wear and tear. From transport to use, indoors or outdoors, claws and chews – a travel bed will go through a lot. Whenever possible opt for tried and tested materials – oxford fabrics, PE materials, and any other reliably tough fabrics will be the finest choice.


The size needs to be taken into consideration every time you are after a new dog accessory. If you are purchasing a travel bed for your puppy, you will need to think in advance and expect their ongoing growth. In such cases, it is always a safe measure to buy a bit bigger. Then again, the size of the travel bed depends on your pet’s breed, and you will need to buy accordingly. Luckily, most brands today offer different choices in size, so your choice will never be limited in that regard. And remember that the size of the bed shouldn’t be exact and to an inch – you can always have a little extra room!

Material & cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of a dog travel bed, as overall hygiene plays a very important role. After some time, a dog bed is bound to become dirty – mostly through the accumulation of dust, hairs, dirt, and drool. If not properly cleaned, such unsanitary conditions will only be a hazard for your pet. That is why you want to find reliable materials that are easily cleaned. One of the biggest advantages of a travel dog bed is if it can be machine washable or has a removable cover. Such options are easy to keep clean and don’t require much effort in doing so. And even if the price tag is heftier because of this – it is 100 percent worth it!


Well, just as the name suggests – it is a travel dog bed. And as such it really needs to be easy to transport and take with you wherever you might go. Going for overly bulky and large travel beds defeats the purpose, so always opt for beds with smaller dimensions, foldable designs, or fluffy rollable materials. These will always be easier to carry around, and some can even be carried in your backpack.


You want your pooch to be comfy while you travel, which is why bed material matters. First, consider the exterior material – go for something soft, temperature-regulating, and breathable. Stuffing is even more important as it determines how supportive and comfortable a dog travel bed will be – materials such as memory foam, and cotton or polyester fill will be a great choice.


Traveling means adventure, and adventure often means outdoors. A high-quality travel bed should be water-resistant so drops of rain or mist wouldn’t leave it soaking wet and unusable for the trip. Not to mention that accidents happen, and if your pooch pees or vomits when in the bed, having a water-resistant shell would mean that liquids don’t penetrate inside and ruin the stuffing.


The loft is an important comfort factor: it signifies the compressed height of the cushion when your pet is resting on it. If a dog bed is flat as a pancake, it’s no good as it won’t give enough cushioning to your pet and it will feel almost like they are sleeping on the floor. Go for medium to high loft beds as they are more supportive and more comfortable to sleep on.

In the end, we can all reach the conclusion that travel dog beds are a great accessory to have around – especially if you are often on the go. Ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your pet as well and offer them a cozy place to rest their head – wherever you might find yourself.

How should I measure my dog for the size of a travel bed?

You need to make sure that your pooch will have enough room to comfortably sprawl in their bed. To do so, you will have to measure them properly – use a measuring tape to measure their length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. To this number, add 6” to 15” for some extra room for lying down comfortably in any position (less for small breed dogs, more for bigger pooches).

How often should I clean the travel bed for my dog?

If you don’t travel regularly and use the bed only a few times a year, wash the bed after every use and store it clean and dry to be ready for your next trip. On the other hand, if you are using the travel bed all the time and not just when you’re on the road, it will require more frequent cleaning – once a week, or once every two weeks at the most. If need be, spot clean and vacuum in between washings to keep the bed tidy at all times.

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