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Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
German automaker Volkswagen has gone beyond the autonomous car and created a self-walking dog mechanism. While it’s entirely a joke on VW’s end, we still think its absolutely hilarious.

Volkswagen has stepped in it recently, with their diesel gate scandal in September of last year. To (kinda) make up for it, the company had supplied the public with some comic relief in the form of autonomous dog walking.

Yup, you read that right. Imagine being able to take Fido out for a walk without actually being there. All you’d have to do is fit a cap on Fido’s furry head, turn the app on and you’re ready to go!

 Alright, so we’re sure this is a joke on Volkswagen’s part. While the German automaker hasn’t outright said so, this so-called “concept” has way too many holes to be real. However, having said that, we still think it’s absolutely hysterical and definitely worth a view!

The prank ad was created by Volkswagen’s Dutch division and ad agency Achtung!. It shows a dog being woken up from a nap, already wearing one of VW’s techy little hats. He jumps over the couch, through the house, out the doggie door and into the world. His owner, Mark, confirms that his dog’s walk has begun with his iPhone app while in the comfort of his home office, working away.

While Mark is off in the land of work, his pooch is running his heart out! Near the dog’s ears are two speakers and atop his head is a camera so who can see exactly what your furry friend is watching – especially if its that hotdog stand, where he’s next in line for a juicy one. You can also tell Fido to do practically anything – sit, stand, roll over- by speaking into your phone and he will do so! Well, provided he actually listens to you.

Nice going, Volkswagen! Maybe next time, wait for April Fool’s Day to release another one of these pranks. If it’s as good as this one (so good we were questioning whether it was real or not for a little), we’d love to see another one!

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Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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