Disney’s Magic Kingdom Opens Its Gates To Dogs

Christine Zizo
by Christine Zizo
Special event brings costumed canines to the Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney is known for its popular dog movies: Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Bolt and more.

But non-service dogs are only allowed in two areas of Walt Disney World: The Fort Wilderness Campground and the Best Friends Day Care facility.

But on August 30, 2014, dogs went where no doggy has gone before: Magic Kingdom.

Disney hosted Disney Side Dog’s Day at Magic Kingdom for just 101 (get it?) costumed pups. Pet parents had to apply with a picture showing their pet’s Disney side to be selected.

Human and dog guests arrived before sun-up on the green carpet on Main Street USA, all the way up to Cinderella’s Castle.

From there the dogs were let out – Disney’s famous dogs: Pluto, Goofy, Dug and Bolt. Stitch was there too (Stitch is a dog, right?). And there was even a special appearance by the ghastly Cruella De Vil. Guests danced with Disney’s doggy royalty before the castle as the sun rose.

Next, a doggy walk took guests through part of the park, and there were special stops for doggy pirates to take pictures at Pirates of the Caribbean, not to mention the Haunted Mansion and Cinderella’s Carousel.

The time in the park ended all too soon. Guests were out before the park opened for humans only.

While the dogs may not have known just how special the opportunity was, their human parents raved about the event in comments on Disney’s Parks blog.

Disney is mum about whether this opportunity will happen again. But people who want to see highlights from this first-ever Dog’s Day Out at Magic Kingdom, Animal Planet is hosting a special Disney side episode of America’s Cutest Pet in October.

Christine Zizo
Christine Zizo

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