Dogs Trust Reminds Us That Dogs Are For Life, Not For Christmas [Video

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Dog surrender is always sad, but an animal charity in London has shared some reasons for surrender that make the blood of dog lovers everywhere boil.

Members at Dogs Trust in the United Kingdom say that they are disheartened by the constant calls that they take about people who are looking to surrender their pets. They say that they get calls every five minutes that are related to surrender, and they’ve been so upset at some of the reasons, they’ve compiled a list of what they call the most ridiculous reasons people abandon their dogs.

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In a Facebook post chronicling owners’ excuses for why they have to give their dogs up, the pups look sad as their owners give them a boot. Reminding people everywhere that a dog is for life, and not for Christmas, some of the reasons they’ve heard are excuses like the dog not wanting to be dressed up, or they won a free vacation and had nothing to do with their dog.

Why I left you…

They say breaking up is hard to do… but it wasn't for these people. Remember "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®"

Posted by Dogs Trust on Monday, December 11, 2017

Some have called in saying they were vegetarian and had an issue with the dog’s desire to eat meat, while others complained their dog was ‘too friendly.’ Not sleeping in the bed with their human was another reason, and some even went as far as to say their dog did not match their furniture!

Dog Trust says that they received 1,000 calls over Christmas week last year, of people who were surrendered their animals. Chief Executive for Dogs Trust Adrian Burder said that an approximate 1,400 people who suffer from dementia will not be able to care for their dogs because they are stuck in unavoidable circumstances, so they are especially disheartened when they see able-bodied owners just dumping dogs off because they don’t find them cute and novel anymore.

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As this season tends to be one where puppies are a common gift, Dog Trust anticipates a large increase in calls for surrender after Christmas, as is a trend in many countries. They suggest that anyone who is considering a puppy for the holidays really do research on what is necessary for being a pet owner, and what lifestyles would be compatible before they bring one home only to surrender it.

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