Puppy Reveal Parties Are The Latest Way To Announce a New Addition

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Pink or blue baby humans is so yesterday. I mean, not that we don’t love an adorable human reveal–we do.

We just think puppy reveal parties are the best thing ever!

Because seriously? Who cares if it’s a boy or a girl when it’s a puppy? Puppies are so stinking adorable no one even pays attention to the nethers because they’re too busy “ooohing and ahhhhhing!” And can you blame them? I mean why wouldn’t you want to have a party to celebrate all the cute?

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And, if puppy reveal parties aren’t enough fun (is there ever enough when it comes to puppies?) puppy breed reveal parties are up and coming too. Adopt (don’t shop!) and then have the best time ever when the DNA results come in.

Yes, celebrate the results with a super-fun party just for your pup and if you really want, add in the puppy gender reveal to get the biggest bang for your doggie dollar!

You spent the moolah on the test, right? So go ahead, plan a reveal party. Look how much fun they are!

Fact is, not everyone seems to think that human gender reveal parties are all that anymore. Something about privacy and gender spectrums…stuff completely not necessary to think about when it comes to puppies because puppies are known for shamelessly showing their goods for a sweet rubdown and they don’t really care what you call them as long as you call them for dinner!

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Puppy and breed reveal parties done right include dog cakes and toys and party favors. Yes, party favors because what’s a party without a favor? PS: Photographer important too!

So, say, “Bye-bye, human gender reveal parties,” and, “Hello, puppy parties!” And then be sure to share all the deets all over social media.

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