IKEA Recalls Lurving Water Dispenser After Two Dogs Die

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
IKEA is recalling a water dispenser that was part of their popular Lurvig pet product line, saying there are concerns of suffocation for dogs.

IKEA introduced the popular Lurvig Pet Product line last fall, and IKEA customers clamored over the unique and modern pet offerings. Part of the line was a water dispenser, and IKEA is now urging all customers to stop letting their dogs use the water dispenser immediately and to return the dispenser to any IKEA store.

The retailers are giving customers full refunds for the product.

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A cult-classic retailer, the Swedish company immediately issued a recall after there were two separate reports of dogs dying from suffocation after they got their heads stuck in the dispenser. The dispenser has two parts.

The bottom part is the water bowl and the base for the domed container that dispenses the water and attaches to the base. The reports do not indicate where the dogs lived, but IKEA decided to issue a global recall and to no longer carry the product in their company catalog after learning the dogs died.

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Petra Axdorff is with IKEA of Sweden and said that because the safety and security of their products has always been their most important priority, they are recalling the dispenser. She went on to say that IKEA is heartbroken about the deaths of the dogs, as IKEA knows that pets are important and loved family members.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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