Best Cheap Dog Toys (Under $5)

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We all know that there is nothing in the world that our dogs like more than playing. (Okay, after belly rubs and treats, that is.) Their inquisitive, goofy, and energetic nature needs to be channeled in a creative, safe, and entertaining manner. And if you don’t help them with that – they will certainly find their own way to do so. If you have a particularly mischievous and playful four-legged friend at your side, and you fail to offer them something interesting to play with, you might end up with more work on your hands than you bargained for. When you are away, your furniture, pillows, or other valuables might become a new favorite (chew) toy for your pupper. Luckily, there is an easy fix. With a variety of cheap dog toys available on the market, you can easily find a smart and easy solution that will satisfy your dog’s energetic behavior and the need for play–without breaking your budget. 

Dog toys have far more benefits to them beyond their entertainment value. Young pups that have teething issues can greatly benefit from quality chew toys–a rubber squeaky or a rope toy is surely a better alternative than the wooden legs of your furniture. Adult dogs can also enjoy chew toys, as they give them a task to focus on. On rainy days when outdoors playtime is not possible, that pent up energy will need to be spent – and a sturdy toy that can be pawed and mauled and bitten to their heart’s content is definitely a precious accessory to have lying around.

To sum it up, it’s clear to any pet parent why an assortment of fun dog toys is something every canine-friendly household should have. An engaging toy will offer much needed mental stimulation for your pet, fun and safe way to release pent up energy, and something to focus on when you’re not available for play and snuggles. However, some pooches can quickly get bored with their new toy. After a few days of obsessing over it, they’ll forget it ever existed- and constantly providing a fun selection of various different toys isn’t always within many pawrent’s budgets. Even when you can afford to splurge on your pet’s toys, why not save money by buying more affordable alternatives that are almost as good as much pricier counterparts? Cheap dog toys can be a great solution for easily bored dogs as their affordable price tag will make it possible for you to provide a greater variety of toys to your pet. 

But how can you know which cheap dog toys are worth buying and which will just be a waste of money? To help you make the right decision and find the toy that is fitting for both your budget and your pet’s needs, we’ve handpicked the best dog toys with affordable price tags for all those pawrents that are on a tight budget. To boot, we’ll help you figure out what you need to look for in the first place–and make sure that each budget-friendly toy you pick will give you good value for money. 

Hartz Dura offers a rubber toy that has a bacon scent – certain to attract any dog. These balls are made from firm natural latex and are bouncy, squeaky, and extra durable. They are filled with foam which makes it float when thrown in the water, so your dog can enjoy playing with this toy indoors and outdoors both. And as the ball bounces when thrown, you can join in on the fun–and play a fun game of fetch with your furball from time to time.

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If you’re worried that more parts means less safety, don’t be–this is not the case with these Nylabone teething rings. Made from flexible rubber, they are interlocked and cannot be separated, making them safe but also super entertaining for a young pooch. They have a perfect design to help teething puppies and are also attention-grabbing when you dangle them in front of your pet. And best of all – they are bacon flavored, so you already know your dog will go bananas for ‘em!

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KONG offers a teddy bear with a variety of smart features to make it easier for you and still fun enough for your pet to enjoy. One of these pawrent-friendly features is minimal stuffing – you don’t have to worry about all the mess if your pet gets the better of this toy. Also worth noticing is the squeaker! Hidden in the back of the toy is a rubber squeaker to make it more fun. But if you happen to get annoyed by the constant sounds, you can simply remove the rubber and change the style of your toy from squeaky to sound off. A seemingly simple design that offers far more than the first glance would have you think!

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Bone-shaped toys will never go out of fashion- as far as dogs are concerned, that is. These realistic bones are a perfect toy for large dog breeds. The realistic texture helps with avid chewers and can massage the gums and work the teeth. It works great to replace a nasty habit of furniture chewing. The bones also have a bacon scent, making them even more irresistible to dogs. The toy is made from tough and FDA approved materials, making them completely safe to use. They come in several sizes from L up to XXXL – which means that they are a perfect match for those chunkier doggos. 

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Made from safe and durable rubber, this toy balances flexibility and strength. As a very bouncy ball, it is bound to offer a lot of fun to an energetic pooch that loves to chase his toys around. A great feature that makes this ball stand out from the competitions is the addition of bumps around the ball – this makes the bouncing erratic and unexpected. The ball is also a squeaker, with a special recessed design that ensures squeaking even if the ball gets punctured. These come in several attractive colors that will pique your pooch’s interest.

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A tug-of-war rope is one of the best dog toys. They are durable, efficient, and great at helping you help your pet’s release his pent up energy. Perfect for teething pups and strong young dogs, the rope toy can be a world of fun. The rope is tough and durable and can withstand the incessant gnawing of a small to medium-size dogs–which are the size categories this toy is designed for.

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Designed for power chewers, this durable flavored chew toy is made from tough nylon that will be a proper challenge to destroy. Meaning, all the more fun to play with! In addition to being engaging and interesting to play with, this bone-shaped toy will also help keep your pet’s oral health up to standards, as chewing it helps reduce plaque and tartar. The classic design is a popular option with canines of all sizes and ages, but make sure to pick one appropriate for your pet–there are different options available. 

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Balls give tons of fun to dogs and make a great interactive toy that allows you to have fun with your dog- despite their simplicity, they will never be outdated. ChuckIt! is a well-known brand, and this nifty toy is another great addition to their arsenal. These extra bouncy, soft, and squeaky toys are bound to bring a lot of fun in the park or the house. They are tough and durable, while still being flexible and are also easy to clean. The balls are great for a game of fetch, and they have a textured surface for a better grip. They also work perfectly with the ChuckIt! ball thrower if you need a more challenging game. And they also float as well, so no need to worry if it lands where it should not.

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If you prefer natural materials, you’ll love this toy–it’s affordable, long-lasting, and completely safe for pooches of all ages to play with. And the best part is that no dog is immune to its tantalizing design–it’s a stick! You might wonder why a store-bought wooden stick is better than a random one you can pick up on the walk–well, for starters, this one is BBQ flavored, and not dirt-and-bacteria flavored like the one your dog found and brought home. To boot, as this has real wood and other “ingredients” in it, it will be much more durable than an ordinary stick.

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Teething is a process that every pup goes through. At this period they will love to chew on anything they can, so it is a good idea to offer them a fun toy before they discover the furniture. Toys can also help with the teething process – and this dental chew toy is a great example of how that works. Shaped like a bone, this flexible and textured rubber toy will keep your dog’s breath fresh and minimize the pain common for erupting teeth. The toy has a chicken flavor and is covered with nubs that are designed to massage your pet’s teeth and gums for instant relief.

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It is easy to think that there is not much to consider when choosing a dog toy. But the truth is, there’s a lot of factors that could influence your decision–and a lot of features you need to take into account. Different dog breeds will require different types of toys, and you will also need to purchase according to your pet’s personality and preferences. Another important thing to take into account is the strength and age of your furball. If you have a puppy whose teeth are erupting, you want to focus on toys that will soothe their gums and offer pain relief in addition to being fun. On the other hand, if you have a senior doggo as your loyal friend, you will want to avoid hard rubber toys in order not to cause injury to their sensitive teeth (if they still have ‘em, that is). That is where soft fluffy toys come into play – even old dogs love to have fun, and they can do so without discomfort.

Luckily, the toy market is one of the most varied in the pet industry – there is so much to choose from that you are bound to find the perfect toy for your pet. From fluffy comfort toys to squeaky rubber bones and thick tug-of-war ropes – your choices are plenty. But you can’t buy blindly, so let’s dig in into the features you need to look for, regardless of the type of toy you’re looking to get:

To avoid any issues, you always want to buy toys that are a proper match for your dog’s size. If you have a large breed dog and you give him a tiny rubber toy, you are risking that they swallow it- and endanger their life and rack up thousands of bucks in vet bills in the process. And on the opposite, if you give your tiny pupper a huge rope or a toy, they won’t be able to tackle it and have fun. The same thing goes for ball toys. Avoid those that are obviously too small for your dog – that way there will be no chance of accidental swallowing during a game of fetch.

While soft toys might be a perfect choice for seniors with sensitive gums or gentle pooches that prefer plushies to chew toys, there’s a question of durability to consider. If you have an energetic adult dog, a curious teething puppy, or an aggressive chewer on your hands, it goes without saying that a soft plushie won’t last long in your household. If you know your pet is prone to destroying his toys, opt for cheap dog toys designed for power chewers.

There is no doubt that any toy that is given to your pet will soon become grimy, filthy, and smelly – no matter the circumstances. To avoid the accumulation of bacteria that could endanger your pet’s health, you want to go for toys that can be easily washed and disinfected. Some silicon or rubber toys might be washed in the dishwasher, while other cloth-based toys can be machine washed. This makes it easy to clean them on a regular basis. You don’t want your pet to repeatedly chew on the same filthy toys–it’s not just yucky but dangerous as well. 

Cheap dog toys can be as simple as a frisbee or complex contraptions with many moving parts meant to entice your pooch into play. But the latter might not always be safe. Odds and ends like buttons, cogs, and caps can snap off and become a health hazard. That is why simple is always the best choice – single piece toys. And simple is often cheap, so you will reap two benefits at once. However, sometimes cheap dog toys are made from dubious materials- so be sure to check if the toy is actually safe for your pet to chew on before you offer it to him. 

This is perhaps one of the more important factors to consider when buying dog toy. Durability is important for anything dog related, and most of all toys. They need to be adequately tough in order to withstand the constant beating – the chewing, clawing, and throwing around. Quality rubber toys are often very durable, as are thick rope toys. Soft fluffy toys might meet an untimely end in the grip of a strong dog, while hard plastic toys might not be so safe or easy to play with. The trick is finding a toy that offers the best of both worlds- and still has a modest price tag!

Careless owners often overlook playtime and toys, and never really consider their importance. That is why later down the road they experience a lot of trouble with their pets. Playtime is an efficient way to “tire out” your pet. In addition to being a healthy and efficient way to reduce your pet’s stress and pent up energy, it is also a great way to strengthen your bond with your four-legged companion. By regularly giving your pet a chance to spend some energy and engage in playtime, you ensure that their needs are satisfied. That way you avoid unnecessary troubles that may come from an unhappy and bored dog–destructive behavior is often caused by a lack of mental stimulation.


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