Top 10 Clever Cat Costumes of 2017

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1. Jaws of Death

Forget lava–the floor is the deep, scary ocean when your cat is a shark!

Dive into Etsy to get yours.

2. Gobble Gobble

Kill two birds with one stone with this turkey costume appropriate both for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Available at Petco.

3. Witchy

The classic witch costume has never looked better on this furry bundle of seething hate.

Amazon has plenty to go around.

4. Mister Gigglepuss

The only laughing matter will be your arms after they’ve been shredded with your cat’s claws once you dress them in this clown costume.

Available at Etsy.

5. Dr. Kitty

Dr. Kitty recommends a new toy every week and plenty of catnip to get you and your furry friend through this spooky time of the year.

Stock up at Meowingtons.

6. Meowboy

You better sleep with one eye open if your cat finds out you’re planning to put this hilarious cowboy costume on them for Halloween.

Stock up at Amazon.

7. Mouse

Oh, how the tables have turned when the hunter becomes the hunted! Although it might be easier to convince the mice to come out now….

Order yours at PetCo.

8. Lion Mane

Now here’s a costume your cat may actually enjoy, as it may remind them of their fearless cousins: lions, duh!

Available at Aliexpress.

9. Purlice

Halt, in the name of the law! Is that catnip under your seat, sir? We’re going to have to put you in handcuffs–we only have the fluffy kind, sorry.

There’s plenty to go around at Meowingtons.

10. Trump Hairball

With this wig, we will build a wall: of scratching posts, of course!  Sharp claws for all!

Available at Amazon.