10 Best Bowls For Shorkies

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Many people work toward a free feeder situation with their pets–they like to allow their dogs or cats to eat when they want to, much as we’d do when we’re hungry. Your Shih Tzu /Yorkshire Terrier cross can’t do that, though, as Shorkies are prone to hypoglycemia, particularly when puppies or stressed, so you want to make sure their dining is appropriate and often. Check these bowls out to find the right one for the job.

This bowl is a great choice for a Shorkie

1. Loving Pets Extra Small Robusto. This bowl is made of stainless steel and touted as nearly indestructible. Though Shorkies are small but mighty, doubtful they’d be able to do any real damage to it, but it’s nice to know it’s constructed so solidly. And that it’s extra small for your dynamo to easily access. It retails for $8.95.

These ceramic-like bowls are stainless for Shorkies

2. Loving Pets Le Bol. We also like the Loving Pets Le Bol extra small bowl. It is a stainless material as well, but has a ceramic-like interior that will resist odors and bacteria that like to collect. They come in sweet colors and are easy to care for. The Le Bol retails for $8.99.

Even Shorkies can get bloat so this is a great option

3. HWDID Fun Feeder. Yes, even little dogs can get bloat, which is dangerous and a result of overeating. Zealous eaters enjoy the stimulation of getting food from this puzzle feeder and they also bring food into their little bodies in a safer and slower fashion, reducing the chance of too much air and then their stomach twisting. The color is fun and it retails for $9.59.

This is a great eco-friendly option bowl for Shorkies

4. Eco-Friendly Stainless/Bamboo Bowl. These fun-colored bowls are small enough for your pup but big enough in features to make them a hit. Stainless bowls come out of the eco-friendly and recyclable bamboo insert for easy wash and if your doggo decided to chew on the liner a bit (just saying) no big deal because the material is earth and dog-friendly. They retail for $9.99.

The insert comes out of this bowl for Shorkies

5. Alfie Pet Tilt Bowl. This two-piece bowl set is tilted to keep the food lower to the bottom and easier for your Shorkie to get to. The bowl part lifts out of the insert for easy cleaning and you can adjust the bowl tilt to make it just perfect for your princess. It retails for $15.99.

These are pawsome for your Shorkie

6. Paw-Shaped Melamine. Want a pawsome and adorable little bowls for indoor or outdoor ease? These are perfect. Made of BPA-free Melamine, the paws are (almost) too cute for your cutie! They’re easy to care for and dishwasher safe, and a nice alternative to heavier ceramic with style. They retail for $15.99.

7. Home of Boutique Non-Skid Stainless Steel Pet Feeder and Silicone Mat. If you have a Shorkie that tends to create a little (or a large) mess when eating or drinking, the Home of Boutique Non-Skid Stainless Steel Pet Feeder and Silicone Mat may be the perfect solution! This set includes 2 corrosion-resistant stainless-steel bowls and a BPA-free silicone mat. The thick silicone mat is tear-resistant and non-slip, preventing the floors from getting dirty and avoiding the frustration of your dog chasing their bowls across the ground even on hardwood floors.

Unlike similar silicone feeding mats, this design includes 2 spots specifically designed to hold your dog’s dishes in place in the middle of the mat. The mat is easy to wipe clean and dishwasher safe. While the mat is created thick enough to be durable and long-lasting, it is also highly flexible, allowing it to be folded or rolled up for storage. The set comes in two sizes, making it suitable for dogs up to approximately 44l lbs. 

These basic bowls are great bowls for Shorkies

8. Super Design Stainless. A very basic, but totally functional set of stainless bowls that are some of the smallest we’ve found for your Shorkie, holding a cup. They’re dishwasher safe, anti-rust and can be used as stand-alone food and water bowls or in various feeding station inserts. They retail for $9.94 for the set.

9. Valiai Wooden Elevated Dog Bowls. This is perfect for tiny dogs that still don’t want to hunch over and eat.  Made from blended molded real wood it contains two stainless steel bowls that are the right volume (350 ml) for your small Shorkie. The bowls are also the right depth, so they don’t make your little puppy struggle to get that last morsel at the bottom. The look is also something that you will be very happy to have out in your kitchen as the wood gives it a finished look like a piece of furniture.

This feeding station has great bowls for Shorkies

10. Upsky Double Dog station. This is another elevated station that is still small enough for your Shorkie to easily access but elevated for slower feeding and function. We love that this station is prepared for messes that may come with kibble dribble, as it catches on the resin lip. It’s easy to wash and care for and retails for $11.99.