Marathoner Adopts Abandoned Puppy After Carrying Him Across The Finish

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
As if running a marathon isn’t pretty bad-a$$ enough, a runner in Western Thailand saw an abandoned puppy on the course, saved him and carried him for the rest of the 19-miles she had to finish the race. Oh, and she adopted him, which pretty much makes her our favorite person on the planet right now.

The Chombueng Marathon in Ratchaburi, Western Thailand is one runners prepare for with the goal of not just finishing, but finishing well. Runner Kehmjira Klonsanun certainly did, and she had no idea that she’d not only finish well, but with a new furry family member at the end!

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According to an article in The Daily Mail, she was about seven miles into the 26-miler when she saw other runners weaving in and around a puppy. She stopped to see the puppy, and saw he was clearly scared and alone. As the part of the race she was on was not near houses, she surmised that the baby had been abandoned, and she was not going to leave him behind–race or no race.

She coaxed the scared little thing to her, scooped him up, and took him on his first official run in a marathon, crossing the finish line with the cutest little furball in her arms. Obviously, based on the picture, being carried through a marathon is just as exhausting as running it oneself!

That she saved the puppy isn’t even the best part of the story. She asked around and tried to find the pup’s humans, but no one stepped up to claim him. His good luck became even better because she decided he’d join her pack of two other dogs and she named him Chombueng after the race.

Saying that she was definitely challenged running almost 20 miles carrying a puppy (you think?), she couldn’t picture just leaving him because he was so adorable. And, though getting him healthy and ready to be a part of his new furever family took time and resources, she says it’s worth it because he’s such a smart and good boy.

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And that, folks, is not just finishing a race well. It’s being a good human and there’s not a medal great enough for that. Enjoy your new family, Chombueng!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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