Weiner On Wheels: Two-Legged Dachshund Gets 3D Printed Wheelchair [Vid

A disabled Dachshund’s 3D printed wheelchair lets her explore the world – don’t get in her way! Bubbles the Dachshund was born with a genet…

Pampered Chihuahua Chills Out While Getting A Head Massage [Video]

AHHHHHHH… that’s the spot! Long week at the office? Us too! With the long weekend coming up, we should all take a cue from this little fur ball.…

Squeaking Kid Inhales His Dog’s Squeaking Toy

Parents are best at filtering out the high-pitched squeaky sounds of their kids' voices. But what happens when their child sounds like a squeaky toy?

Patrick Stewart’s Love Affair With A Beautiful Foster Pittie Named G

If you didn't already love Patrick Stewart before, you're bound to now when you see how he and his foster Pitbull Ginger get along so lovingly together!

Cardiac-Alert Dog Documentary is a Heartwarming Love Story [Video]

You've never met a service dog like this. Watch a documentary about Adele, the world's first cardiac-alert dog, who shows us how life-saving dogs can be.

Top 5 Awesome Pet Videos of the Week

Drum roll please! Presenting... PetGuide's first breed video, and it's all about bulldogs. Plus, a jitter pug and an adorable German Shepherd puppy.

Irish Wolfhound Breaks Guinness World Record for Longest Tail [Video]

When he gets happy, watch out when he wags! This pooch just set a new world record with his lengthy tail, which measures in at 30.2 inches!

A Lab And Her Leaves: This Is What Pure Joy Looks Like [Video]

Forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes… this lovely Lab knows how to do Fall up right! Are you still mourning the end of summer? Well, we’ve got just the t…

A Dog’s Purpose Trailer Will Have You Cutting Onions [Video]

There are movies that make you cry and there are movies that make you ugly cry. "A Dog's Purpose" trailer will give you that ugly cry and some major feels.

French Bulldog Scared Of His Own Farts

All this French Bulldog wanted to do was to enjoy a nice, quiet bathroom break. The last thing he was expecting was… a FART! Dog farts can be smelly,…

Ellen Rewards Firefighters Who Pulled Dog Out Of Icy River With A Cari

Firefighters do more than just put out fires – they also jump into frozen rivers to rescue dogs. And when Ellen DeGeneres heard about a team of Wellesl…

Dog Tries To Fetch Baseball on TV

This German Shepherd wants you to take her out to the ballgame. On second thought, that wouldn’t be a good idea, based on what she does when she sees t…

Weekly Roundup of The Most Awesome Pet Videos

A whiny husky that doesn't want walkies. A Labrador pup who can't figure out "The Force." All that and more in the weekly roundup of awesome pet videos.

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Morkie

Ever wondered what it's like owning a Morkie? Follow Instagram star Herman, and find out what it's like to be part of this dog breed's entourage.

Rapper 2 Chainz’s Dog Trappy Lives Life Large on “Most Expensivest

Rapper 2 Chainz loves his French Bulldog, Trappy--on the latest episode of "Most Expensivest," he's treating him to a day of luxury humans only dream about!

Dogs Trust Reminds Us That Dogs Are For Life, Not For Christmas [Video

Dog surrender is always sad, but an animal charity in London has shared some reasons for surrender that make the blood of dog lovers everywhere boil.

Burger-Begging Dog Is Lovin’ Those Golden Arches [Video]

A dog mama from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma caught her brilliant ‘gold digger’ dog begging strangers for food from McDonald’s and shared the hi…

Ground-Dog Predicts Six More Weeks Of Winter In Louisiana [Video]

There's a new dog in town, and he's giving old Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money, predicting six more weeks of winter from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From Global Pet Expo 2015 [Video]

So many awesome pet products, so many things to steal – What 10 things did I run away with from this year’s Global Pet Expo? If you had any doubt…

Squee Alert: Two Adorable Dogs Falling In Love Will Make Your Day [Vid

Who needs Brangelina when you’ve got Harvey and Harmony? Are you ready for the warm fuzzies? Yep, that’s what we thought. In just over a minute,…

Loyal Dog Knows His Owner Anywhere – Even When He’s In A New Body

Are you ready for some serious feels? After watching this commercial for organ donation, there’s a 100 percent chance you’ll need a tissue while…

Watch This Brave Cat Save Her Dog Sibling from a Coyote Attack

Who said that there is no love between cats and dogs? This touching story proves that some bonds between a cat and a dog are so strong that one would risk their life for the other!

Heartwarming Ad: Dogs Help People Who Have Seen Too Much [Video]

Not all dog videos are created to make us laugh or hypnotize us with their adorableness. We often forget the special bond we share with dogs, and this video…

Pugs Go Crazy When Military Dad Returns From Training [Video]

Military deployments are hard on families, even fur-family members. A sailor's return after a training mission left his four fur-babies thrilled to see him.

Pet Parrots Love Video Calling Other Birds, Study Finds

Parrots are social animals, and if kept alone as pets, they could become lonely and bored. But how to make sure they have company when you can’t afford or care for another bird? Well, it seems that scientists have found the answer.

Canine Couture Glitters at 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show

It was a night of fun and fashion at the 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show - showcasing a theme of "Global Couture for Animal Rescue."

Watson the Golden Retriever Shows Off His “Trust Fall” [Video]

This is way cuter than the famous team building exercise. This pup proves his trust for his owner, by literally falling for him!

The Champions Documentary Shows Life After Michael Vick’s Dog Fighti

Almost 50 dogs were rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. The Champions follows 22 dogs who were rehabilitated at Best Friends Animal Society.

This Deaf Pup is What Doggie Determination Looks Like [Video]

A smart dog who's hearing impaired is ready to show potential adopters what she's made of, now that she's been taught a special form of dog sign language.

Who Made The Mess? The Answer… Won’t Shock You [Video]

When you leave your dogs at home and come back to a huge mess, it’s easy to tell which one is the culprit. It’s always the one with the guilty lo…

Abraca-dog-bra! Dogs Don’t Know What To Make Of Vanishing Magic Trea

Now you see it, now you don’t. Ah, the oldest trick in the book… so how will dogs react to it? Well, they just don’t know what to think. T…

Because All Dogs Deserve A Rap Song On Their Birthday [Video]

Looks like the rest of us pet parents have a lot to live up to! Rapper KAY-9 is pretty stoked that it’s his dog’s birthday and he’s not afr…

Rapper Hits All the Right Notes With Calming Song for Dogs [Video]

Songwriter, DJ, and rapper Gnash wrote a soothing song for his dog Daisy, but pet parents are playing it for their dogs - and the effect is amazing!

Oscar-Inspired Dog Fashion Show Asks “Bitch, Whose Look Did You Stea

Skip the long and boring Academy Awards show this Sunday. Instead, marvel at the A-List canine couture at PupScouts' Oscars Dog Fashion Show!

Jumping Dog On TV Makes Pooch Hopping Mad

Hey, what’s the big idea? Coming onto my TV and jumping up like that? Do you think you can come in here and out jump me? I don’t think so! In fac…

Budweiser Super Bowl “Puppy Love” Is the Most Adorable Ad Ever [Vi

I’m not a Super Bowl fan. I can’t follow the rule of football, but I do enjoy the players in tight pants. What would tempt me to watch the game a…

DIY Dog Treats: How to Make Frosty Watermelon Dog Treats [Video]

It's our first DIY Dog Treats video, straight from the Canine Kitchen. Follow along as we make a fan favorite - our Frosty Watermelon Dog Treat Recipe.

Chris Evans Is Reunited With His Dog and It Feels So Good! [Video]

As if you could love Chris Evans more--turns out you can, after watching his joyful reunion after 10 weeks away from his beloved bestie, Dodger.

Jealous Great Dane Doesn’t Want To Share The Love [Video]

Science has recently proven that dogs get jealous, too (tell us pet parents something we don’t already know!). This Great Dane hilariously shares his d…

Lost Dog Finds His Family As He Reappears During Television Interview

A sad story about a missing dog ended on a happy note when he reappeared back at home, just as a TV interview about his disappearance was in process!

De Niro Doesn’t Know Dogs On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Robert De Niro threw Jimmy Fallon for a loop recently on the Tonight Show, leading him to believe he had no idea what a 'dog' was.

Hilarious Jack Russell Takes Best of Laughs at Crufts 2017

While a Schipperke named Ollie won Best of Breed at the Crufts 2017 show in Birmingham, another Olly stole the show with his hilarious energy and goofiness!

Das Funny! Volkswagen’s Prank Ad of Autonomous Dog Walking Gadget [V

German automaker Volkswagen has gone beyond the autonomous car and created a self-walking dog mechanism. We still think its absolutely hilarious!

Frisky Siberian Husky Falls For A Pile Of Leaves [Video]

Fall is our favorite season, but no one loves it more than this frisky Siberian Husky! Remember how much you loved jumping into a pile of leaves when you wer…

Tom Hardy’s Heartbreaking Tribute to His Furry BFF [Video]

Actor Tom Hardy's beloved dog Woody has passed, and his memorial tribute to him shows the depth of a man's love for his best friend.

Focused Cats Get Scared Out Of At Least 1 Life By Curious Dog [Video]

Cats and dogs are just wired differently. What are we talking about? This video perfectly sums in up in about 20 hilarious seconds.

UNC’s Dugout Dog Scores A Homerun With Teammates [Video]

A college baseball team from North Carolina is singing the praises of a dog that is helping them all the way to a national championship.

“Looking For You” Digital Shelter Dog Follows Shoppers Around Mall

“He followed me home from the mall… can I keep him?” OgilvyOne takes advertising to a new level with a campaign that promotes the awesomen…

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From SuperZoo 2015 [Video]

What did I steal in Las Vegas during SuperZoo 2015? What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas - the proof is in the video!

Adorably Distracted Dog Sworn in as K9 Assistance Pooch [Video]

He may be a new member of the K9 team, but he's still a dog. To be fair, we'd probably be just as distracted if someone was waving yummy treats in our face.

Watch This Crazy Pug Get His Friday On By Going Bonkers In A Ball Pit

This little guy expresses how we all feel just before the weekend Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And as stoked as you may be for the upcoming weekend, we’…

Woman Battling Cancer Gets Surprise Puppy-palooza [Video]

A woman fighting brain cancer was given the best surprise ever when all the puppies at Front Street Shelter covered her with sweet kisses!

DIY Dog Food: Up at the Cottage Cheese & Chicken Dog Food Recipe

You'll always see the bottom of the bowl after you make your dog this meal. Watch as I cook up the Up at The Cottage Cheese Chicken and Rice Dog Food.

Gee, This Dog Sure Is Nosey! [Video]

They say two heads are better than one, but what two… noses? Staff at an animal shelter in Tulare County, California, were in for the shock of their l…

A Herd of Border Collies Breaks a World Record [Video]

How many border collies does it take to break a gathering record? Turns out it's 576, as proven in a dog-filled Australian park recently.

Wes Anderson’s “Isle Of Dogs” Trailer Leaves Us Panting to See T

A star-studded cast, cool stop-motion animation, and dogs, dogs and more dogs! That's what the upcoming Isle of Dogs promises us all, and we can't wait.

Oh Mama! This Dog Sure is Vocal in the Bath [Video]

Some dogs run for the hills when they hear the word 'bath.' But not this pooch - watch the video of an ecstatic pup has us all cracking up!

DIY Dog Treats: How to Make Easy-Peasy Dog Treats [Video]

Look what Oscar and I whipped up in the Canine Kitchen (better known as Oscar's Nom Nom Hut)? These Easy Peasy Dog Treats are a breeze to make and eat!