Heartwarming Ad: Dogs Help People Who Have Seen Too Much [Video]

Not all dog videos are created to make us laugh or hypnotize us with their adorableness. We often forget the special bond we share with dogs, and this video…

Tom Hardy’s Heartbreaking Tribute to His Furry BFF [Video]

Actor Tom Hardy's beloved dog Woody has passed, and his memorial tribute to him shows the depth of a man's love for his best friend.

Get Your Tissues: Netflix Releases Documentary Series About Dogs

Get ready for a great session of Netflix and woof, because their new documentary series is perfect to watch snuggled next to your four-legged best friend.

French Bulldog Scared Of His Own Farts

All this French Bulldog wanted to do was to enjoy a nice, quiet bathroom break. The last thing he was expecting was… a FART! Dog farts can be smelly,…

Jealous Great Dane Doesn’t Want To Share The Love [Video]

Science has recently proven that dogs get jealous, too (tell us pet parents something we don’t already know!). This Great Dane hilariously shares his d…

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks at Brazil’s Tennis Exhibition [Video]

To prove that older dogs can still learn new tricks, four rescue dogs were trained to retrieve tennis balls during an exhibition match at the Brazil Open.

Bull Terriers 101 With Music Geek Alan Cross

Did you know that Bull Terriers are an addiction? That's why Alan Cross couldn't just stick with one - he had to have two of these addicting dogs!

Pet Parent’s Story Of His Best Friend Has Cutting Onions [Video]

A viral video about a man and his dog has everyone who watches in tears, as the bond between a dog and his human is lovingly shown in a film.

Amazing Documentary Of The Bond Between Disabled Boy And Three-Legged

Now here’s a wonderful story about a boy and his dog that will leave you misty eyed and smiling from ear to ear. Meet Owen Howkins and his Anatolian Sh…

UNC’s Dugout Dog Scores A Homerun With Teammates [Video]

A college baseball team from North Carolina is singing the praises of a dog that is helping them all the way to a national championship.

Dog-Cam Shows a Day in The Life Of a Therapy Dog [Video]

Adorable therapy dog Canon shared his point of view using a GoPro camera and proves that a dog's life is a purpose-filled one!

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Bernedoodle [Video]

Follow four irresistible Bernedoodles as they take you on a riotous romp through what it's like to own one of these adorable dogs.

Police Dog Plays Professional Soccer While On-Duty [Video]

A police dog on duty at a soccer game in Bolivia got involved in the game, and won the hearts of the crowd as he had a good old time on the field!

Top 5 Greatest Dog Videos of the Week – #3 is WAY Too Cute!

A pooch who's figured out how to play solo fetch - just one of the comical dogs that made it onto our Top 5 Hilarious Dog Videos of the Week!

The Secret Is Out! New Animated Movie Trailer Reveals “The Secret Li

Pets are up to high jinks when we're not around. From the hilarious minds of "Despicable Me" comes an animated film that's made especially for pet parents.

Dogs Bring Humanity To Their Homeless Parents [Video]

A recent Facebook post about how a homeless man's dog saves him on a daily basis has gone viral, and we'll warn you, you might need tissues when watching!

Adorable Dog Masters the Art of Air Cycling [Video]

This dog gets an A for effort! The fluffiest, furriest little ball of adorable air peddles in an effort to help his human ride her bike.

Pitbull Petrified Of Suspicious-Looking Pineapple [Video]

We all have opinions when it comes to the foods we don’t like. Some of us will make loud gagging noises when the offending food is mentioned. Others wi…

Worst Guard Dogs Ever Welcome Burglars With Wagging Tails

Two "Guard Dogs" did a lot of watching, but not a lot of guarding their home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They even allowed robbers to give some love!

Why Do Cats and Dogs Drink Water So Differently, Anyway?

Cats rule, dogs drool - when it comes to drinking water! Researchers use fluid dynamics to find the science behind why cats and dogs drink the way they do.

Family Dog Helps Man With Alzheimer’s Speak Again [Video]

Is there any doubt that dogs have the power to heal? If there was any, just watch this video and it will be erased. It highlights how one special dog has hel…

Jumping Dog On TV Makes Pooch Hopping Mad

Hey, what’s the big idea? Coming onto my TV and jumping up like that? Do you think you can come in here and out jump me? I don’t think so! In fac…

Oscar-Inspired Dog Fashion Show Asks “Bitch, Whose Look Did You Stea

Skip the long and boring Academy Awards show this Sunday. Instead, marvel at the A-List canine couture at PupScouts' Oscars Dog Fashion Show!

Life-Sized Gumby is the Best Doggy Chew Toy Ever [Video]

When her favorite toy comes to life, one lucky pooch can't believe her eyes! It's a Halloween miracle - and we can't stop laughing!

Abraca-dog-bra! Dogs Don’t Know What To Make Of Vanishing Magic Trea

Now you see it, now you don’t. Ah, the oldest trick in the book… so how will dogs react to it? Well, they just don’t know what to think. T…

Hawaiian “Clear The Shelter” Campaign A Big Success

The Hawaiian Humane Society had an end-of-year "Clear The Shelter" campaign with great success. Volunteers recorded the last dog leaving - it's a must see!

Kid President Introduces The World To His Pet Hero, Annie [Video]

Behind every Kid President, there's a Pet Hero. And for YouTube sensation Robby Novak (aka Kid President), his awesome dog Annie always has his back.

Loyal Dog Knows His Owner Anywhere – Even When He’s In A New Body

Are you ready for some serious feels? After watching this commercial for organ donation, there’s a 100 percent chance you’ll need a tissue while…

Squeaky Shoes At Dog Park A Huge Hit [Video]

This is one video I could watch over and over again, and it would still be just as funny. The guys from JStuStudios wanted to see what would happen if they a…

Island Full of Stray Dogs Is Puppy Paradise [Video]

We've found the perfect vacation place--sun, fun, and PUPPIES! There is an island full of stray puppies looking for love in all the right places--paradise!

Judge Judy Solves Dog Dispute in Seconds After Tearful Reunion [Video]

Nobody judges Judy... except maybe this dog. Judge Judy allows a super excited dog to decide it's own fate after recognizing his owner in the courtroom.

“Looking For You” Digital Shelter Dog Follows Shoppers Around Mall

“He followed me home from the mall… can I keep him?” OgilvyOne takes advertising to a new level with a campaign that promotes the awesomen…

Canine Couture Glitters at 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show

It was a night of fun and fashion at the 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show - showcasing a theme of "Global Couture for Animal Rescue."

Benji Reboot: Everyone’s Favorite Mutt Is Back In a New Netflix Movi

Whether you've already watched Benji movies before or not, you'll definitely fall in love with this adorable movie about a stray that saves the day.

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Morkie

Ever wondered what it's like owning a Morkie? Follow Instagram star Herman, and find out what it's like to be part of this dog breed's entourage.

Video of Blind Cat Hugging Phone While Music Plays Hits All the Right

A blind cat appreciating beautiful music in a way that most humans do not is about the sweetest thing you'll see and hear today, we guarantee.

Squeaking Kid Inhales His Dog’s Squeaking Toy

Parents are best at filtering out the high-pitched squeaky sounds of their kids' voices. But what happens when their child sounds like a squeaky toy?

KLM’s Newest Employee Will Make You Want To Lose Your Luggage [Video

Now that’s what we call service! We all that know that flying can be both stressful and tedious. That stress is amplified 100 times when you realize yo…

Ground-Dog Predicts Six More Weeks Of Winter In Louisiana [Video]

There's a new dog in town, and he's giving old Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money, predicting six more weeks of winter from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Watch This Crazy Pug Get His Friday On By Going Bonkers In A Ball Pit

This little guy expresses how we all feel just before the weekend Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And as stoked as you may be for the upcoming weekend, we’…

Weiner On Wheels: Two-Legged Dachshund Gets 3D Printed Wheelchair [Vid

A disabled Dachshund’s 3D printed wheelchair lets her explore the world – don’t get in her way! Bubbles the Dachshund was born with a genet…

A Herd of Border Collies Breaks a World Record [Video]

How many border collies does it take to break a gathering record? Turns out it's 576, as proven in a dog-filled Australian park recently.

Furry Tee-Fetcher Steals Football Fans’ Hearts [Video]

College Football season is back, but fans of New Mexico State Aggies are a tad more excited about a four-legged, furry tee-fetcher named Striking the Wonder…

This Adorable Pooch Makes Sure You’re Not Afraid of the Dentist

Meet Atkins, a beautiful Lab girl whose job is to take your fear of the dentist away- her dutties include hanging out in your lap and being cute.

Puppy Trying To Fetch Newspaper is the Cutest Thing Ever [Video]

A puppy video so cute, our heads imploded with all the AWWWWWWW going on. Will she make it, or will the newspaper become a chew toy?

DIY Dog Treats: How to Make Frosty Watermelon Dog Treats [Video]

It's our first DIY Dog Treats video, straight from the Canine Kitchen. Follow along as we make a fan favorite - our Frosty Watermelon Dog Treat Recipe.

Lab Who Can Turn Off Vacuum Becomes Hero To Dogs Everywhere

Dogs are way smarter than we often give them credit for. Case in point: a clever pup who knows what she wants and how to make it happen!

Cuteness Overload: Corgi On A Carousel [Video]

If you need a pick-me-up today, you’ve got to watch this adorable Corgi go to town on a carousel. The Corgi, named Meatball, loves it so much, he never…

Crying Baby Offered a Treat by Concerned Dog [Video]

"Hmmmm, I wonder what this little human wants? I know - my dog treat will make him happy and stop his crying!" says the best big brother ever.

Frenchie Refuses to Take Part in Sharknado 5

Just when he thought it was safe to go back into the water, Swayze the French Bulldog's owner gets a new shark toy. His reaction: He's having None. Of. It.

John Lewis Holiday Ad Has Buster The Boxer Jumping For Joy [Video]

This year's John Lewis Department Store holiday features the cutest jumpy Boxer ever, and will leave you with a smile on your face!

Oh Mama! This Dog Sure is Vocal in the Bath [Video]

Some dogs run for the hills when they hear the word 'bath.' But not this pooch - watch the video of an ecstatic pup has us all cracking up!

Golden Retriever ‘Delivery Boy’ Cutest Thing Ever! [Video]

Do you miss the weekend newspaper rolled up and waiting at your door in the morning? A dutiful Golden Retriever in Boulder, CO, never misses a delivery!

These Puppies Frolicking Through Dandelions Will Make Your Friday [Vid

That`s funny… this is exactly how we look at 5pm on Friday as we leave the office… There are few creatures in the world can exhibit sheer, unbr…

Stray Dog Caught Shoplifting Clothes In a Hilarious Security Cam Video

In a shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey, security cameras have caught a cheeky four-legged shoplifter stealing garments on multiple occasions.

Whippet Pops Them Good As He Breaks World Record [Video]

Some people enjoy balloons on their birthday. One cool whippet from Calgary, Canada prefers to pop balloons, and just set a new world record!

What Makes America Great? Dogs, of Course! [Video]

No matter your party affiliation, most Americans agree... Dogs bring out the best in us. And they're super cute, which swings a couple of votes.

De Niro Doesn’t Know Dogs On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Robert De Niro threw Jimmy Fallon for a loop recently on the Tonight Show, leading him to believe he had no idea what a 'dog' was.

Top 5 Hilarious Pet Videos You Probably Missed This Week

A Weimaraner who can’t swim when the camera’s on him, a pooch who’d rather chase balls than find inner peace, and much more! They’re…

Squirrel Hides Nut In Dog’s Fur [Video]

Now here’s a place where none of the other squirrels would ever look for your winter store of nuts – in a dog’s fur! And that’s just…