Study: Labradors Gain Weight Due To Gene Deletion

Almost 60 percent of Labradors in the US are overweight. And a scientific discovery says that it may be linked to a breed-specific gene mutation.

Humane Society Releases ‘Horrible Hundred’ Puppy Mill List

The HSUS has released its 'Horrible Hundred' Puppy Mills list, with the bulk of the country's worst puppy mills being in Missouri, Ohio and Iowa.

Adorable Kitten Tries To Teach Old Dogs Some New Tricks

So much squee! A group of senior Chihuahuas has adopted a kitten into their motley crew, and we can not handle the cuteness!

Study: Discovery Made to Genetic Link in Dog Disc Disease

Disc disease, known as chondrodystrophy, in some breeds is a common cause of back pain and paralysis. New research now may change that understanding.

Watch Hero Dogs of 9/11 Tonight On Animal Planet

On September 11, 2001, 300 of the 10,000 emergency rescue workers were dogs. Their job was not only to help rescue efforts when the towers fell; they were al…

Study: 1/3 of Us Think Therapy Dogs Are Beneficial to Funeral Services

New research says that canines make the hardest part of life–death–a little bit better, as more funeral homes offer the support of therapy dogs.…

New Research Shows Dogs In American Shelters At An All-Time Low

New research indicates that the occupancy of dog shelters is at an all-time low, and we applaud the efforts of animal welfare groups.

TV Series “Save Our Shelter” Heads to Canada for True North Shelte

The hit TV series Save Our Shelter heads to Canada to makeover the Etobicoke Humane Society. And PetGuide got to go behind the scenes for an exclusive look!

Researchers Discover Biomarker Test For Degenerative Myelopathy in Dog

Researchers from the University of Missouri believe a test that helps diagnose ALS in humans can also be used for diagnosing canine cases of DM.

Man Buys Toy Poodles But Gets Ferrets on Steroids Instead

Think you know the difference between a poodle and a ferret? For one Argentinian man, it turned out that the toy poodles he thought he was buying were in fac…

Shelter Dogs & Pokemon Go: Gotta Walk ‘Em All!

A shelter in Indiana is utilizing the new Pokémon Go game to encourage volunteering! Play the game, walk a shelter dog - it's a win-win.

Dogs Become Lifeguards For The UK’s Hornsea Beach

Just call it Barkwatch--a specially-trained group of canine babes are about to be the newest lifeguards in the U.K.'s East Yorkshire!

It’s Official! Millenials Now Make Up Most of America’s Pet Owners

The generational shift that's been in effect for a few years led to millennials replacing baby boomers as the largest portion of pet owners in the US.

Gus Kenworthy Reunited With Gold Medal South Korean Rescue Dog

Oh, happy day! Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy has been reunited with the dog he rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

Big Bang Theory: The Science Behind Dogs & Loud Noise

Why do some dogs hate fireworks, while others seem unaffected by the sound? New research studies the behavior behind noise sensitivities.

Inmates Help ‘Unadoptable’ Dogs Learn To Love Again

A program in Yaphank, New York matches 'unadoptable' dogs with prison inmates, giving the dogs an opportunity to be trained for adoption.

Former Rescue Bully Crowned 37th Annual Beautiful Bulldog

From rags to riches, Vincent stole everyone's hearts with his positive attitude and ever-wagging tail, earning him the 2016 Most Beautiful Bulldog award.

Paw and Order: Lost Puppy Arrested for Resisting Belly Rubs

You have the right to lick the arresting officer. Pup gets paw printed and a "mutt" shot after he's found by police officers.

Experts Say Canine Influenza Has Spread to Infect Cats

It's made the jump! Despite the virus being called canine influenza, experts have confirmed the virus has also been found in a group of felines.

Battle Between USPS Mail Carriers and Dogs Continues

The US Postal Service tracks data, and dog attacks on mail carriers are on the rise. But new safety measures will be implemented this spring.

Veteran and Service Dog Couldn’t Find Work… Until Lowes Hired Them

An Instagram pic from Abilene, Texas home improvement store Lowes has gone viral, and it has everything to do with a new, furry, four-legged employee!

It’s The Best Day Ever! Celebrate National Dog Day On August 26

On August 26, we celebrate all of the awesomeness that dogs bring to our lives, but there's still much to be done when it comes to helping our furry BFFs.

Kinetic Pet Eye Drops Recalled Due to Bacteria Contamination

Kinetic Technologies and Kinetic Vet has voluntarily recalled Hy-Optic, OptiVet and Optimend. This recall is the result of deficiencies in sterility.

Luxury Pet Market Booms in China

From kitty coffins to acupuncture for pooches, China is embracing the luxury end of the pet product and service market. The pet business is truly booming.

Study: Dogs Sync Behaviors With Humans Without Being Told To

Are you and your dog are really 'in sync'? A group of researchers decided to look into it, and turns out dogs really do look to their humans for the lead.

Heroic WWII Canine Service Member Receives Posthumous Award

Chips, a good boy and brave soldier who fought in WWII, has posthumously been awarded Great Britain's Dickin Medal for canine bravery.

Free Lead Toxicity Blood Tests Available for Dogs in Flint

Flint, Michigan is holding free screening events for local pet parents, who want to ensure their dogs haven't been poisoned by Flint River's water.

Study: Family Dogs Benefit Children With Disabilities

New research has found that the family dog can make a big difference in the lives of children with disabilities in their health and activity levels.

The Horror, The Horror -“Boston Terror” Animoji From Gucci Creeps

Gucci's new design isn't exactly what you'd expect from a fashion house. Get ready to scream when you see this Animoji, an homage to the "Year of the Dog."

“Brexit” May Make Traveling With Pets in UK More Difficult

With Great Britain set to exit the European Union in March of 2019, what will happen to pets crossing borders is now under consideration.

Survey: UK Pet Parents Spend More on Pets Than Kids

Birth rates are going down while pet ownership rates are on the rise. A new UK survey claims that dog owners spend more on their pets than on kids.

First-Ever Identical Twin Pups Born to Irish Wolfhound

It's not uncommon for dogs to have many pups in a litter. However, there's never been a case of identical twin pups... until now!

Gorgeous Blondes Gather To Celebrate The Golden Retriever’s Birthday

The Golden Retriever just marked its 150th Breed Anniversary and 361 fair-haired doggos gathered at a Scottish estate to celebrate. Legend has it that 150 ye…

Comfort Dogs Aid Dallas Police Force After Shooting

During tragic times, dogs can comfort us. In Dallas, six Golden Retrievers continue to provide support for those who knew the fallen police officers.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Man and His Prison Pup Enjoy Their Freedom

It's an unbelievable story that's true. A man wrongly imprisoned for almost four decades has been released, and he's bringing his dog Innocent with him.

Service Dog Mr. Gibbs Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For One Lucky Little Gi

Goldendoodle Mr. Gibbs gives best friend Alida a leash on life by carrying her oxygen tank on his back. Okay, on the tissue meter, on this story is off the s…

Case of Canine Mistaken Identity Leads To a Huge Discovery

Big things start as small packages. Such was the case for a woman who talked her husband into a small dog, but her little fib turned into a big surprise.

Military Service Dog Receives Tearful Send-off Service [Video]

A Marine working dog received the tribute of a lifetime in his final days, as he battles cancer as valiantly as he had during his years with the Corps.

Study: Dogs Talk To Us With Growls and Barks

New research has shown what dog parents have always known--our dogs know how to 'talk' to us through their barks and growls.

Great Danes and St. Bernards Part of Kentucky Neighborhood’s “11 D

A neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky has received notice that 11 dog breeds, including Huskies, Great Danes and German Shepherds have been banned.

Bullies Replace Bouquets in the Best Wedding Photos Ever

The stars of what was quite possibly the cutest wedding EVER were adorable eight-month-old rescue puppies, and the bride was glad they stole the show!

Embark to Test DNA in Dogs For Possible Future Diseases

If you've ever wanted to find out what kind of diseases your dog is likely to suffer from in the future, your answers are just a cheek swab away.

Enter Your Biker Dog In The Tails & Tailpipes Biketoberfest Phot

Does your dog like to ride on a hog? If so, your motorcycle-lovin’ pooch could win you a three-night stay in Daytona Beach. Biketoberfest® Daytona…

PetSafe’s 2015 Bark for Your Park Finalists Announced

Which dog park do you want to win? Place your vote (or woof) for one of the 15 Bark For Your Park finalists - $200,000 up for grabs from PetSafe!

Meghan Markle’s Adorable Pups Are About To Become Royal Rescues

With the world aflutter about the news of Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, it looks like there will be some new pooches joining the royal family.

Man High on LSD Saves Dog From Imaginary Burning Home

After saying yes to drugs, a New York man thinks he's Superman and saves his neighbor's dog from a fire that's all in his head.

Science Says Grieving For Our Pets is Human

To others, the loss of a beloved pet is not understood. Research proves that the pet/owner relationship is similar to those with human family members.

Zappos Aims To Give Pets ‘Homes For The Pawlidayz’

For the second year in a row, Zappos has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to sponsor "Home for the Pawlidayz" to help pets out of the shelter.

Bachelor Alum on a Mission to Save Rescue Animals in Atlanta

If you needed reason to love Bachelor alum Lorenzo Borghese, the Italian prince is heading to Atlanta for the "Wheels and Wings" animal rescue event.

Brave Hiker Carries Injured Dog Down 6 Miles Of Treacherous Mountain

A heroic woman carried an injured dog down six miles down a treacherous mountain and gained a grateful furry family member. Tia Vargas was exploring Table Ro…

Pets In The Classroom Program Brings Money (and Pets) To Children

For the third year, the Pets in the Classroom grant program is sponsoring a Lesson Plan Contest, and elementary teachers have the chance to win!

FDA Issues Update On Jerky Investigation, But No Answers As To Why It

The new numbers are in – but no definitive answer as to why dogs are getting sick after eating jerky imported from China. The U.S. Food and Drug Admini…

Researchers Say DNA Testing In Pedigree Dogs Not Enough

Research out of the UK shows that a single genetic test may not be enough to improve the health of pedigree dog breed lines. For Harry Potter fans, we know i…

Petco Foundation Grants Holiday Wishes With $750,000 Donation

The Petco Foundation, in collaboration with Petco, announced the names of 54 animal welfare organizations who are receiving $750,000 worth of grants through…

Race Officials Refuse to Award Medal to Dog Running for a Good Cause

After being denied a medal, a canine competitor and her human were heart-broken... until another marathon participant stepped up to donate hers.

Heroic Elderly Dog Went On Secret Mission To Rescue Neighbor

A sheepdog in New Zealand went missing, but returned to his family exhausted. Because of the note left on his collar, he is now being hailed as a hero.

Celebrate “National Get a Pal for Your Pet Day” On November 19 [Vi

It’s the perfect day to consider adopting a pal for your pet is dedicating the month of November to multiple pet ownership and we were thr…

Cancer Survivor Finds New BFF With Three-Legged Dog

All the tissues were needed at a Sacramento, California pet adoption, where two friends in similar situations became forever family.

Survey Says Pet Parents Celebrate Their Pets More Than Ever

According to the results of a new study from Mars Petcare US, pet parents celebrate their furbabies with paw-tastic parties.

Study: Hugging Your Dog Stresses Him Out

According to this data, giving your dog a big ol' hug may be doing more harm than good. Here are some of the warning signs you need to watch out for.