Playful Pup Stabs Owner During Game of Keep-Away

A lovable puppy who thought she'd found herself a new toy accidentally stabbed her owner, and left local law enforcement wondering what happened.

Biden Rescue Pooch Gets V(I)P Treatment On Air Force Two

Talk about a new leash on life! From the streets of Mississippi to the chambers of Air Force Two, this rescue dog is definitely living the high life with the…

Research Finds Fear And Anxiety Negatively Affects Dogs Health And Lif

Research shows that stress that causes fear and anxiety be devastating for dogs, cutting lifespans short and causing all kinds of health problems.

Cesar Millan Cleared of Animal Cruelty Charges

The "Dog Whisperer" came under intense public scrutiny when a dog he was training attacked a pig. But police have cleared Millan of any wrong doing.

Study: Dogs Talk To Us With Growls and Barks

New research has shown what dog parents have always known--our dogs know how to 'talk' to us through their barks and growls.

Michael Phelps Dives Into Pet Nutrition With Nulo Food’s WE DECIDE C

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps partners with Nulo Pet Food to encourage pet parents to offer the best in nutrition in the new WE DECIDE campaign.

Heroic Elderly Dog Went On Secret Mission To Rescue Neighbor

A sheepdog in New Zealand went missing, but returned to his family exhausted. Because of the note left on his collar, he is now being hailed as a hero.

Donation From Realtor Connects 1000 Pets With Their Furever Homes

A realtor volunteered to pay the adoption fees for any pet adopted from the Front Street Animal Shelter. Now, over 1,000 shelter pets have found new homes!

Nicole Miller Designs Pet Products to Benefit Puppies Behind Bars Prog

Nicole Miller has designed a new puppy line. All proceeds go to Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that trains inmates to help prepare service dogs.

Santa Won’t Let 10-Year Old Girl Sit on His Lap Because of Her Servi

A little girl from New Hampshire was sent away by Santa because he refused to let her service dog accompany her while their photo was being taken.

Hooray for Happy Endings! Meet Skier Gus Kenworthy’s Sochi Street Pu

7 months after the Olympic Winter Games, the puppies that American silver medal skier Gus Kenworthy rescued from the streets of Sochi are thriving. You might…

Dog Food Drama Over as Purina and Blue Buffalo Settle Lawsuits

Nestle Purina and Blue Buffalo finally hug it out after an almost 2-year lawsuit showdown over false advertising claims. The verdict: everything's cool now.

Three-Legged Wiener Dog Proves Winners Never Quit

A true underdog won the Daschund Dash in Minnesota’s Canterbury Park, as a three-legged wiener dog named Ringo beat out his four-legged competitors! An…

Voluntarily Recall Of Five Rachael Ray Nutrish Wet Cat Food Varieties

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition of Meadville, PA is voluntarily recalling five varieties of Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food, including Ocean Fish-a-licious, Lip Sma…

Labrador Retriever Takes AKC’s Top Spot for 25th Consecutive Year

The votes are in! Where did your favorite dog breed place on the American Kennel Club's 2015 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. list?

Are You Lazy Enough To Send Your Dog To Fat Camp?

If your dog has too much weight and you have too much money, why not send him to fat camp? Pet obesity is on the rise and this is a troubling concern. As pet…

Researchers Look To Chinese Herbs To Treat Dog Cancer

A cancer diagnosis for our dogs can mean a shorter lifespan. A Detroit pet hospital is looking to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat spleen cancer.

Study: Service Dog Credibility Questioned By Retail Workers

A recent study shows that many U.S. Retail Employees don't have a clear understanding of the importance of service dogs for those with PTSD.

Barbra Streisand Shares New Cloned Dogs With World

Barbra Streisand's Coton du Tulear, Samantha, passed away, and she recently shared that has cloned two new pups from Samantha's mouth and stomach cells.

New Study Shows That Many Pet Car Seat Safety Restraints Are Ineffecti

Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety’s crash test results unsettling With new car safety products designed for dogs entering the market, it’s imp…

Green Power Goes Brown With Dog Poo Poo Powered Appliances

Poop, scoop and power up! A concept project is in the works that will convert dog poop into power that runs your household appliances. For those who pooh-poo…

Sky-Diving Dogs Take African Poachers Out

You may have heard the term, "When Pigs Fly," but what about flying dogs? These amazing canines take high-flying to a whole new level!

Dogs Would Rather Be Jammin’ to Reggae, Says New Research

Researchers recently shared a paper that suggested dogs' behaviors differ based on musical genres (and they prefer to listen to reggae or soft rock!).

Americans Will Spend $681 Million on Pets This Valentine’s Day

Humans aren't the only ones who get spoiled by loved ones on Valentine's Day. We shower love (in the form of gifts) on our pets - $681 million this year!

Animal Planet to Air Puppy Bowl XI on February 1 [Video]

Finally, some football we actually want to watch! Apparently there’s some big football game happening on Sunday, February 1st…hmmmm, we wouldn&r…

Survey Says Pet Parents Celebrate Their Pets More Than Ever

According to the results of a new study from Mars Petcare US, pet parents celebrate their furbabies with paw-tastic parties.

Could This Be The Safest Pet Carrier Ever?

Gunner Kennels G1 Small receives the first ever dual certification for pet travel products from the Center for Pet Safety.

Blind Service Dog’s Smile Brightens The Lives Of Others

Born without sight, Smiley serves up a smile and hope to those who need it most. Bright and perky therapy dogs are a common sight at many nursing homes. They…

Highly Contagious H3N2 Canine Influenza Arrives in Canada

As if the recording breaking temps weren't enough to drive you inside, now Canadians have to brace for the possibility of a canine influenza outbreak!

Bug-Sniffing Dog Protects Pepper Crops in Canada

Pests beware! In response to a pepper weevil infestation last year, a Canadian farm has taken a dog on as a pest control staff member.

Study: Some Raw Diet Products Contain Bacteria and Parasites

New research from the Netherlands has found several types of bacteria to be found in raw diets pet owners feed their pets.

AKC Announces Recipients of 2016 Paw Of Courage Award

As a show of appreciation to working dogs who serve and protect our country, the AKC announces the new Paw of Courage award to four worthy recipients.

Karma, the Dental Therapy Dog, Will Make You Smile!

A little Chihuahua-mix named Karma gives dental patients in San Francisco proof that some love and cuddles can make even the scariest of times much better.

New Study Claims Dogs Can’t Predict Earthquakes

A new study claims that contrary to popular belief, when it comes to earthquakes, animals can't predict when one is about to hit.

Research Says Your Dog Only Thinks About Himself

Selfish dog study is questionable, based on how the researchers set up the study. Read about their study and decide for yourself on its validity.

Research Finds That Doggy Paddling Helps Canine Joint Issues

Is Hydrotherapy included in your pet insurance policy? You may want it - researchers confirm that swimming helps dogs with joint issues

New Study To Examine Why Owners Surrender Dogs To Shelters

Is incompatibility the main reason why people surrender their dogs? Researchers want to prove if dogs pick up on human behavior, in order to end to shelter o…

Recently Discovered Fossil Reveals New Species of Dog

A fossil containing the remains of a new species of dog was found on a beach in Maryland, and is over 12 million years old.

Lucky The Dog Tells His Rags-To-Spokes-Dog Story On CBS’ “Lucky Do

Good boy! On the award-winning CBS show "Lucky Dog," Lucky teaches new pet parents how to create environmentally responsible living landscapes.

Race Officials Refuse to Award Medal to Dog Running for a Good Cause

After being denied a medal, a canine competitor and her human were heart-broken... until another marathon participant stepped up to donate hers.

Have Paws, Will Travel? A UK Company Is Employing Dog Bloggers

The job post says that the ideal caninedate must be pawfessional at all times, wag their tail at the very mention of holidays, car rides, or walks.

Family Of K9 Police Dog Heartbroken As He’s Abruptly Reassigned

A K9 Police dog has been abruptly taken from his handler and family, and the heartbroken family is trying desperately to get him back.

Top Dogs Honored With AKC Humane Fund Awards For Canine Excellence

When it comes to going above and beyond, these five heroic dogs came to the rescue. Congrats to the AKC ACE dogs who saved, protected or enriched our lives,

New Study Proves Dogs Recognize Human Emotion

Science can be touchy-feely. If you've ever wondered if a dog can really understand how you feel when you're upset or excited, the answer is: Yes, they can!

Science Proves There’s Such A Thing As Dog People And Cat People

Some people prefer cats, others are drawn to dogs. A new study shows that it all boils down to specific personality traits. You are competitive and constantl…

Case of Canine Mistaken Identity Leads To a Huge Discovery

Big things start as small packages. Such was the case for a woman who talked her husband into a small dog, but her little fib turned into a big surprise.

Highly Contagious Canine Flu Making The Rounds In Los Angeles

Los Angeles County officials are warning pet owners that a strain of the canine flu is going around, so be on the lookout for symptoms.

This Is How Much Millenials Are Spending on Their Pets

The pet-loving generation is sparing no expense when it comes to pampering their fur babies- here's how much exactly are they willing to shell out.

World Rally Champion Risks Title To Avoid Dog On Course [Video]

At Rally Mexico, Five-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Ogier avoided hitting a dog, risking his opportunity to win the race.

Doggie Daycare Selfie Goes Viral

An adorable 'selfie' of dogs in an Ohio doggie daycare has gone viral, and shows that social media isn't just for the humans with opposable thumbs!

New Research Shows Dogs Help Their Humans Live Longer

We know that dogs make our lives better in immeasurable ways, but new research from Sweden shows that they actually can help us live longer lives as well!

Nutmeg, the Oldest Cat in the World Dies Aged 32

Nutmeg will be sadly missed by his owners Liz and Ian Finley, but Nutmeg certainly had a long life. He has recently passed away aged 32 years old!

Canine War Hero’s Ashes Laid to Rest in Touching Tribute

The ashes of a cancer-stricken canine war hero reached their final resting place in Michigan, led by funeral convoys of Jeeps draped with American flags.

RIP Uggie: The Canine Star Of “The Artist” Dies

We’re hearing some sad news today – Jack Russell Terrier Uggie, the star of 2011’s award-winning film “The Artist”, has died at…

DogVacay Partners With American Humane Association To House Displaced

You may think you're prepared, but does your pet have an evacuation plan? DogVacy and American Humane Association help dogs during natural disasters.

Runaway Dog’s PugShot Goes Viral

A Police department on the New Jersey Shore has won the Internet today, posting an adorable “PugShot” of a runaway dog from Maryland. As if pictu…

New L.A. Dog Park Offers Respite To Homeless Residents’ Pets

A new dog park in Los Angeles is helping homeless people with pets have the option of coming off the streets without having to give up their pets to do so. I…

Study: Dogs Are Red-Green Colorblind

Researchers have discovered that dogs have difficulty discerning between red and green, much like humans who are colorblind.

Research Shows That Kids Are Closer To Pets Than Siblings

Who needs sibling rivalry when you’ve got a dog? A new study says that kids would rather hang out with their furry siblings than the human variety. The…

United Airlines Flubs Again; Mistakenly Sends Family Dog To Japan

United Airline is not having a good PR week. First, a dead dog in the overhead compartment; and now, sending a Kansas City, Missouri dog to Japan instead.