Top 11 Pet News Stories of 2017

Hard to believe we are wrapping up another year. We covered some amazing stories - here are the top news stories of 2017!

Dog’s Final Tribute To Her Master Shows Loyalty To The End

A heart-breaking picture of a pup without her human is making the rounds on the Internet, proving that even in death, our dogs remain loyal. An elderly dog w…

VW’s Tiguan Was Life of The Party at Wags, Wheels and Waffles in Cal

Volkswagen is looking to be the car of choice for dog owners, and to prove it, were the life of the party at the shelter charity event in California.

Liev Schreiber Adopts Two Hurricane Harvey Pups

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Actor Liev Schreiber decided to make a difference in the lives of two shelter puppies!

Case of Canine Mistaken Identity Leads To a Huge Discovery

Big things start as small packages. Such was the case for a woman who talked her husband into a small dog, but her little fib turned into a big surprise.

Swine Flu Kills Two Connecticut Cats

A Connecticut veterinarian is warning residents about the possibility their cats could contract the swine flu, after two cats died from the virus.

Subaru Shares The Love With The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation

Subaru's "Share the Love, Share the Vision" Campaign raises $27,348 for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, whose mission is to breed, trainand place guide dogs.

SFSPCA Holiday Windows Event Brings Adoptable Pets to Macy’s

Is something furry on your Christmas wish list? The annual Holiday Windows event in San Francisco is the perfect place if you're looking to adopt a pet.

Istanbul Snowstorms Bring Out The Best As Citizens Care For Stray Anim

Snowstorms recently hit Istanbul, and the city's animal lovers took it upon themselves to ensure the stray animals were safe and warm in the weather.

Rescue Of Dog From Earthquake Rubble Will Have You In Tears [Video]

Last week, we told you about how some rescue dogs were helping find humans after a devastating earthquake in Italy. Now, watch as humans repay the favor.

Florida Officer Serves and Protects Abandoned Pittie Puppy

Get ready to swoon! A Florida officer brings new meaning to the commission to serve and protect, and his viral story has melted our hearts.

Study: What Factors Are Involved When Re-Homing A Family Pet?

The decisions as to re-homing a pet are numerous. The ASPCA has released its research behind the most common reasons why people surrender pets.

Nail & Bone and Halle Berry’s Nail Polish Collection Helps Rescue Pe

This holiday season, flaunt festive shades of nail polish by nail & bone--with every purchase, 20% of the proceeds go pet rescue and adoption organizations.

Adorable Photo Series Shows Pitbulls In A Gentler Light

Photographer Sophie Gamand hopes to raise awareness and drive adoption through her #PitBullFlowerPower project. Pitbulls often get a bad rap when it comes to…

Chelsea Handler Welcomes New Furry Friends Into Her Family

Dog-lover Chelsea Handler lost both of her beloved dogs in the last year, but she plans to adopt new furry family members in their honor.

It’s Official! Millenials Now Make Up Most of America’s Pet Owners

The generational shift that's been in effect for a few years led to millennials replacing baby boomers as the largest portion of pet owners in the US.

Genetic Test For Herding Breeds Can Prevent Ivermectin Toxicity From H

There's a simple genetic test that can help determine if herding breeds are vulnerable to what in most cases is a safe, commonly-used heartworm drug.

Freddy the Great Dane is World’s Tallest Living Dog

While runts of the litter may not start off big, one record-breaking Great Dane has just proven that even the little puppy can meet huge expectations!

Heroic Dogs And Their Humans Need Your Help to Get to US

Two dogs who serve United States Service Members have forever homes with their humans in America, but need help raising the funds to get them to the US.

Google Pets Turns Into a Bow-Wow Browser to Help Shelter Dogs

Life at the shelter can be lonely for dogs. That's why Google is bringing them into its offices for a day off to partner with lucky employees.

News Investigation Uncovers Poison in Dog Food, Prompting FDA Investig

A news station has found evidence that several name brand pet foods have traces of a drug given to euthanize dogs, and the FDA is investigating.

Study: Dog Aggression Could Be Cured With Love Hormone

Does your dog lose his mind when you pass another dog or person while you're walking? Researchers believe that 'leash aggression' may be tied to hormones.

Pennsylvania Looks To Ban Puppy Mill Sales

A new bill in the Pennsylvania legislature would ban the sale of animals from ‘puppy mills’ in state pet stores. A new bill legislators in Pennsy…

Research Shows Pet Ownership Saves $11.7 Billion In Health Care Costs

If you want to cut down on doctor's bills, you should adopt a pet! The HABRI Foundation releases research that shows how much pets save us in medical costs.

Pet-Sitter Loses Fight for $1M in Damages After Bad Yelp Review

Great news for honest reviews. A Texas pet-sitting company's $1 million lawsuit against clients who gave it a 1-star Yelp review has been thrown out.

Korean Scientists Introduce the World’s First Cloned Litter Of Dogs

A litter of puppies born in Korea have become the second-generation of cloned dogs, with their 'donor' being the first cloned dog in the world.

Study: Dogs Talk To Us With Growls and Barks

New research has shown what dog parents have always known--our dogs know how to 'talk' to us through their barks and growls.

Petco Named As One Of World’s Most Ethical Companies

For the 6th year in a row, Petco has been designated as one of the world's most ethical companies, and is only 1 of 3 retail companies honored in 2017.

Scientists Propose New Non-Invasive Spay and Neuter Procedure

Researchers at the University of Guelph are testing a new non-surgical sterilization method that could ultimately save the lives of thousands of animals.

Tail Docking Practice Banned By British Columbia Veterinarians

The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia have voted to ban the controversial practice of tail docking and alteration of dogs, horses and cattle.

Behind-The-Scenes at Sweet 16 Bash for Maria Menounos’ Pooch!

Human b-day celebrations are so passe! That's why actress Maria Menounos hosted a birthday party for her lovely 16-year-old Bichon Frise.

Don’t Pucker Up: Dog Kisses Could Lead To Serious Illnesses

We love getting kisses from our dogs. But a new study says letting your dog lick your face could be dangerous, so watch where his tongue lands!

Michael Phelps Dives Into Pet Nutrition With Nulo Food’s WE DECIDE C

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps partners with Nulo Pet Food to encourage pet parents to offer the best in nutrition in the new WE DECIDE campaign.

Fat Or Fluffy? Researchers Say ¼ Crufts Show Dogs Are Overweight

According to research, some of the pooches at Crufts aren't ready for the swimsuit portion of the competition. Is obesity a concern for the famous dog show?

Tosh.O Shows How Crowdsourcing is a Pain in the Butt for a Cute Kitten

Crowdsourcing for worthy causes is a common occurrence. Daniel Tosh recently highlighted a worthy one, and, if you don't donate, you're a butt-hole.

Missouri Legislator Proposes to Eliminate Breed-Specific Bans Across T

More states are banning breed-specific legislation as they realize the 'science' behind them simply does not support the efforts.

Heroic Dog Dies After Saving 7 People in Ecuador Earthquake Aftermath

After days of digging for survivors in the aftermath of Ecuador's 7.8-magnitude earthquake, search and rescue dog Dayko died of exhaustion.

Classroom Pets Prove Positive for Students in New Research

Newest research shows the positive affects of having classroom pets and their potential to promote learning and good behavior.

Researchers Believe Dogs Can Suffer From ADHD

Does your dog have ADHD? Researchers are looking at correlations between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and our dogs.

Bride Rejects Marriage Proposal Because Groom Hates Dogs

You never dump your furry BFF for a man! A woman is offered a marriage proposal, with the ultimatum that she gives up her dog - guess who she chooses?

American Humane Nominee Was Returned 4 Times Before Finding Her Callin

Fifth time’s the charm it seems for a dog who went through four failed adoptions before finding her calling: police dog with the Rhode Island State Pol…

Michigan Dog Receives Eligibility Letter For Unemployment Benefits

You might have heard everything now--a man in Saugatuck, Michigan, says he's received a letter from the state granting his dog unemployment benefits.

Study: Labradors Gain Weight Due To Gene Deletion

Almost 60 percent of Labradors in the US are overweight. And a scientific discovery says that it may be linked to a breed-specific gene mutation.

Dog Food Drama Over as Purina and Blue Buffalo Settle Lawsuits

Nestle Purina and Blue Buffalo finally hug it out after an almost 2-year lawsuit showdown over false advertising claims. The verdict: everything's cool now.

FDA Advises Dog Owners to Be Wary of Treat Bones This Holiday Season

It's tempting to scoop up some holiday bones for your dog's stocking, the FDA says it's received almost 70 reports of pet illnesses related to bone treats.

Elite Ranger Military Dogs Suit Up With Upgraded Tactical Gear

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is set to outfit the 75th Ranger Regiment's dogs for military duty with upgraded tactical gear.

Survey: Owners Are Their Pet’s Biggest Fans on Social Media

From following social media-famous pet profile to on-the-hour furry updates, pets definitely play a huge role in our social media lives.

Actor Amber Heard Pleads Guilty To Illegal Dog Importation

Amber Heard, also known as Johnny Depp's wife, has pleaded guilty to providing false immigration documents for her two Yorkshire Terriers, Boo and Pistol.

Land Rover Takes on Championship Dog Sled Team in Battle of the Rovers

Who's faster - a Land Rover or a Snow Rover? A Discovery Sport SUV and a team of sled dog champions hit the snow in Finland to find out!

Beloved Baseball Bat-Retrieving Dog Passes Away [Video]

It's a sad time for fans of the Minor League baseball team, Trenton Thunder. Their famous bat-retrieving dog Derby passed away from cancer over the weekend.

Thousands Honor Canine Victim of Terrorist Attack in Sweden

After last week's terrorist attack in Sweden, many mourners left a touching tribute to Iggy, a canine who lost his life in the senseless tragedy.

The Effect on the Environment of Feeding Cats and Dogs

Up to 30% of the adverse effect on the environment is caused by feeding our cats and dogs. That's 64 million tons of carbon dioxide each year!

Research Suggests Dogs More Likely to Bite Neurotic People

New research from the University of Liverpool backs what many already have thought--acting anxious around dogs makes you more prone to getting bitten.

Survey Says Pets Are a Great Excuse to Leave a Party

Need to leave a holiday party? Blame the dog! A new survey shows that a popular way to "ghost" from a seasonal soirée is to say you've got a pet at home.

Nutmeg, the Oldest Cat in the World Dies Aged 32

Nutmeg will be sadly missed by his owners Liz and Ian Finley, but Nutmeg certainly had a long life. He has recently passed away aged 32 years old!

Mix And Mingle With Canadian Stars To Help Build A Humane Canada

If you live in Toronto and are looking for something to do tomorrow night, you should make plans to go to A Humane Canada, an exclusive event that supports t…

Could Music Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Music to soothe the anxious beast… for when your dog is home alone. Research has already shown that classical music is calming for dogs. Now, a Grammy…

These Teens Train Abandoned Dogs To Give Them A Second Chance At Life

What do you do when a few shelter dogs need proper training before finding a home? You send them to high school and give them a second chance at happiness!

California Woman Flees Fires Carrying 70-Pound Dog in a Bag

The California wildfires have residents fleeing their homes for their lives. One woman refused to leave without her dog, carrying him in a duffel bag.

This New York Hospital Is Paying For People To Adopt Pets

St. Joseph Hospital is offering to cover all shelter adoption costs throughout February, in celebration of the National Heart Month.