Study: Pup Parents Plaster Social Media With Dog Pics

We use social media to update the world on our everything we love. New information shows we use social media for pet postings approximately once a day!

Research Finds That Doggy Paddling Helps Canine Joint Issues

Is Hydrotherapy included in your pet insurance policy? You may want it - researchers confirm that swimming helps dogs with joint issues

Encouraging Research Links Heart Failure Cause and Treatment for Dogs

University of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College Researchers are working to discover the cause of dog heart failure and how to treat it genetically.

Humane Society Releases ‘Horrible Hundred’ Puppy Mill List

The HSUS has released its 'Horrible Hundred' Puppy Mills list, with the bulk of the country's worst puppy mills being in Missouri, Ohio and Iowa.

AKC Announces Recipients of 2016 Paw Of Courage Award

As a show of appreciation to working dogs who serve and protect our country, the AKC announces the new Paw of Courage award to four worthy recipients.

Does Pet Food Line Owned By Chocolate Company Have Solution For Fat Pe

Just like us humans, our pets are becoming obese. What can you do to help your pet stay at a healthy weight? Schedule a pet play date, says Mars Petcare.

AllPaws App Wants To Help You Find Your Perfect Pet Match

Tinder, Schminder! The new AllPaws app is here to set you up with the pet of your dreams. There are so many pets out there looking for their fur-ever homes.…

Survey Says We’d Gladly Pucker Up For Our Pooch

When it comes to kissing, we like to give our pets a peck on the cheek. Here are a few lip-smacking facts, in honor of International Kissing Day.

Researchers Discover Possible Supernatural “Sixth Sense” in Dogs

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute have discovered the existence of cryptochromes, a type of molecule that allows dogs to detect magnetic fields.

Study Reveals Dogs That Eat Canned Food at Risk for Higher BPA Exposur

Products containing BPA can disrupt endocrine functions. New research shows that dogs are at risk of exposure, specifically from commercial canned food.

Abused Husky Stands by Children as They Have Their Day in Court

A Siberian Husky in California is making a difference in the lives of neglected and abused children, as they bond over their shared abuses.

Lady Gaga’s New Clothing Line Is Designed For Your Little Monster

From the stage to the red carpet, singer and actor Lady Gaga is setting her sights on fashion with a new clothing line for dogs. These days Lady Gaga is addi…

FDA Issues Update On Jerky Investigation, But No Answers As To Why It

The new numbers are in – but no definitive answer as to why dogs are getting sick after eating jerky imported from China. The U.S. Food and Drug Admini…

Air Transport Trade Association To Certify Airlines Carrying Pets

The International Air Transport Association's new program allows transport companies to receive certification to ensure the high animal transport standards.

HABRI Research Finds Emails to Dog Owners Prompts More Exercise

??Do you need a reminder to walk your dog? Research shows that email prompts to owners motivate them to get up and get moving with their pooch.

Looking to Invest? Numbers Show Petcare Stocks Are Your Best Bet

Reports shows an upward trend in US dollars spent on pets, and the latest stock numbers released confirm that people love spending on their pets.

Senior’s Center Adopts Deceased Resident’s Pooch

When her elderly pet parent died, Izzy wasn't sure where'd she go. But the Senior's Center where the pair lived wanted to keep her on.

Adorable Photo Series Shows Pitbulls In A Gentler Light

Photographer Sophie Gamand hopes to raise awareness and drive adoption through her #PitBullFlowerPower project. Pitbulls often get a bad rap when it comes to…

Stranger’s Generosity Means Much-Needed Surgery For a Homeless Man�

An Australian woman saw a need and decided she would help--she created a GoFundMe account for a dog whose homeless owner couldn't pay for surgery.

Dog Attacks: Do They Stem From Pooches or People?

The question of nature vs. nurture as it pertains to dog attacks was put to Canadians. According to a recent survey, Canadians are divided on the issue.

Deaf Dog Proves Victorious as an Agility Champion

We love it when a dog proves everyone wrong. Once deemed "Untrainable," this skilled pup has won a coveted champion agility title.

SFSPCA Holiday Windows Event Brings Adoptable Pets to Macy’s

Is something furry on your Christmas wish list? The annual Holiday Windows event in San Francisco is the perfect place if you're looking to adopt a pet.

Research Shows Pet Ownership Saves $11.7 Billion In Health Care Costs

If you want to cut down on doctor's bills, you should adopt a pet! The HABRI Foundation releases research that shows how much pets save us in medical costs.

Research Suggests Dogs More Likely to Bite Neurotic People

New research from the University of Liverpool backs what many already have thought--acting anxious around dogs makes you more prone to getting bitten.

Scientists Propose New Non-Invasive Spay and Neuter Procedure

Researchers at the University of Guelph are testing a new non-surgical sterilization method that could ultimately save the lives of thousands of animals.

Singer Brantley Gilbert Partners With Pedigree To Give Vets Companion

Country star Brantley Gilbert is partnering with several pet brands to help give companion dogs to military veterans in need of aid.

American Humane Nominee Was Returned 4 Times Before Finding Her Callin

Fifth time’s the charm it seems for a dog who went through four failed adoptions before finding her calling: police dog with the Rhode Island State Pol…

Study: It’s Okay to Let the Fur-Kids Crash in Your Bed

Do you share a bed with a furry family member (other than your spouse)? If your dog or cat sleeps in bed with you, it's no big deal says a recent study.

Talented Drug-sniffing Dog Has $70K Bounty On Her Head

A drug-fighting German Shepherd in Colombia is so good at her job that she has a bounty on her head, and she’s been moved into hiding for her protectio…

Subaru Canada Teams Up With St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

Evidence is mounting as to the therapeutic benefits that dogs bring to humans. And Subaru Canada wants to bring specially trained dogs to more people.

English Setter Sacrifices His Life to Save Dad From Deadly Bear Attack

An English Setter who sacrificed his life to save his human from a bear attack received a touching and emotional tribute from his owners

“They Ate WHAT?” — Well, Just About Anything, According To These

Check out the “winners” of the ninth annual “They Ate WHAT?” radiography contest. The photos will have you howling! Any pet lover can…

Lost Dog Turns Himself In and Calls Shotgun in Cop Car

Ruger, a Black Lab, knows when to ask for directions... or a ride home. This pooch hitched a ride with a police officer when he wandered away from home.

United Airlines Flubs Again; Mistakenly Sends Family Dog To Japan

United Airline is not having a good PR week. First, a dead dog in the overhead compartment; and now, sending a Kansas City, Missouri dog to Japan instead.

“World’s Loneliest Dog” Nabs a Role in New Transformers Movie

It's a true rags to riches story for this shelter pooch. Movie magic will soon give Freya, the "world's loneliest dog," the happily ever after she deserves.

Injured Man Runs To Find His Dog After Car Crash

Despite being injured in a collision, Manny Guzman ignored the pain and went searching for his four-legged best friend, OG.

Can Therapy Dogs Affect Echocardiogram Results?

We know what effect dogs have on our how our hearts feel, but now Duke University's School of Medicine how service dogs make hearts look.

Dogs Now Allowed To Come Onboard Amtrak Trains

Amtrak is on the right track! The national rail company now allows small pets on the train - but it's only for a limited time and applies to certain lines.

Best Dog Names For 2016 Are Here! has released the results of its fourth annual report on the most popular dog names of the year, and this year some of the most popular names were i…

Adorable Puppies Crash Bachelor Party In The Best Way Ever!

So... THIS is what goes down at a bachelor party! Taking a cue from "Bridesmaids", a groom and his buddies brought home a homeless pooch and her pups.

Virginia-Based Rescue Saves Over 300 Virgin Island Pets Affected by Hu

The Virgin Islands have taken a hit with Hurricanes Irma and Maria. A Virginia-based rescue is trying to bring displaced island animals to safety.

Does Your Pet Really Need Ray-Bans for the Solar Eclipse?

One of nature's most awe-inspiring sights - a total solar eclipse - takes place August 21, 2017. You have your glasses, but does your dog need a pair?

Petco’s Dog Days Of Summer Hit Home Runs in San Diego

Hot dog! Petco hosted 500 pups and their parents to Petco Park in San Diego, California for their annual 'Dog Days of Summer' event.

Therapy Dogs Welcome Staff and Students Back After Parkland Shooting

The survivors of the horrific massacre at a Florida high school returned back to class, and a loving group of furry friends welcomed them back.

Rescue Of Dog From Earthquake Rubble Will Have You In Tears [Video]

Last week, we told you about how some rescue dogs were helping find humans after a devastating earthquake in Italy. Now, watch as humans repay the favor.

Animal Rights Organization Questions TMZ Manipulated Video

American Humane claims the recently 'leaked' TMZ video showing animal abuse in the movie, "A Dog's Purpose," was edited to mislead the public.

Whole Foods Market Launches Whole Paws Line Of Premium Pet Food

Natural grocery chain the latest to offer its own line of dogs and cat food What promises to be the latest trend in pet food, Whole Foods Market has jumped o…

Lost Dogs Rescued From Lava On Hawaii’s Big Island

Two dogs who ran away in fear after a volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island were found surrounded by lava, but now they're back at home with their human.

Are Dog Walkers the New Crime Busters?

A recently published international study shows that people who consistently walk dogs are physically more active and feel safer in their neighborhoods.

Search and Rescue Dog’s First Find Brings Little Boy Back To His Fam

A volunteer German Shepherd search and rescue dog's first find brought a five-year-old lost little boy back to his family, safe and sound.

Don’t Pucker Up: Dog Kisses Could Lead To Serious Illnesses

We love getting kisses from our dogs. But a new study says letting your dog lick your face could be dangerous, so watch where his tongue lands!

Great News: Nevada’s New Bill 185 Bans Lease-to-Own Dogs

You may have heard about this dog scam - you can "Lease-to-own" a pooch. States are cracking down on it - Nevada has now banned the disturbing trend.

Drew Barrymore Scoops ASPCA’s Compassion Award

Way to go Drew! Beloved actress and animal activist Drew Barrymore is the well-deserved recipient of the ASPCA Compassion Award.

Airline Loses Family’s Emotional Support Dog

The family's emotional support dog, a labradoodle named Logan, has been missing since the airline company failed to board him on his flight.

Study: Dogs Talk To Us With Growls and Barks

New research has shown what dog parents have always known--our dogs know how to 'talk' to us through their barks and growls.

England’s First Water-Sniffing Dog Helps Find Leaky Pipes

How's this for spectacular sniffing ability--a Cocker Spaniel is claiming the title of Britain's first sniffer dog that can detect water leaks in pipes.

Florida Dog Dies After Saltwater Poisoning

An innocent trip to the beach ended up in the shocking death of a Labrador Retriever in Florida, leaving the dog’s owner on a mission to warn pet paren…

How You Can Give To Pets in Need on #GivingTuesday

It's #GivingTuesday, which means it's the perfect day to give. Here's how you can join Mars Petcare make our country safer for millions of pets.

Canine Cancer Survivor Proves You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

This special canine cancer survivor is going for the gold! Even though Rex is a senior, he was unstoppable at the DockDogs World Championships.

SoCal Corgis Run Their Little Legs Off In First Annual Nationals [Vide

The first annual SoCal Corgi Nationals took place at Santa Anita Horse Racetrack and who knew those little legs could move so fast?