Study: Chiari Malformation Can Be Reduced With Cross-Breeding

A Netherlands dog breeder teams up with University of Surrey scientists to find out if there's a way to reducing the risk of Chiari skull malformations.

Hospital Builds Room Where Patients Can Play With Their Pets

Thanks to a significant donation from Purina, St. Louis Children's Hospital patients can now interact with their beloved family pooches.

Montreal Citizens Can Voice Opinion On Montreal’s Pitbull Regulation

The City of Montreal wants to hear the voices of citizens, after repealing the city's pitbull ban that was put in place by the prior administration.

Pilot Rescues Dogs From Puerto Rico and Finds New Best Friend

While Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane, a pilot who helped rescue efforts fell in love - with a lovely girl named Pinky.

Southwest Airlines Donate Staff and Flight Fees to Pets of Hurricane M

Furry Puerto Rican victims of Hurricane Maria are getting a lift from Southwest Airlines, who are helping homeless pets find new homes.

“Free From” Claims Help Drive $30 Billion in Pet Foods Sales

It turns out that we want our pets to eat just as well as we do. And it's this focus on quality that's behind a growing niche of natural pet food products.

Survey: Owners Are Their Pet’s Biggest Fans on Social Media

From following social media-famous pet profile to on-the-hour furry updates, pets definitely play a huge role in our social media lives.

Elf on the Shelf Finally Taken Down By Family Dog

The crime scene wasn't pretty in a police officer's home, after the Elf on the Shelf was found ripped apart. The main suspect happens to be the family dog.

Researchers Discover Possible Supernatural “Sixth Sense” in Dogs

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute have discovered the existence of cryptochromes, a type of molecule that allows dogs to detect magnetic fields.

Genetic Test For Herding Breeds Can Prevent Ivermectin Toxicity From H

There's a simple genetic test that can help determine if herding breeds are vulnerable to what in most cases is a safe, commonly-used heartworm drug.

Study: Like Humans, Dogs Integrate Learned Information While Sleeping

Most dog owners will tell you--their dogs are people too! Now new research shows that dogs' brains even look similar to ours when we are sleeping!

Comrade Cat Runs For President In Russia

First Russia... then the world! We'll be closely following the upcoming Presidential race in Russia, where Barsik the Cat has declared his "Cat"-diacy!

“A Dog’s Way Home” Promises to Brings Feels to Moviegoers

A new movie starring Ashley Judd and Edward James Olmos will soon be hitting the big screen. "A Dog's Way Home," is promising to bring all the feels.

Science Proves Cats Were Perfect Even Before Domestication

Researchers claim that the domesticated cats we know and love today have little variation in genetics from their wild ancestors.

Study: United Airline Responsible For Half Of Animal Injury and Death

According to Department of Transportation, United Airlines is responsible for more than half the deaths of animals reported from in the last 3 years.

Hip New Dog-Friendly Cafe in New York Opens Its Doors

Dog lovers of New York are starting the year in the best possible way- with a hot mug of java in their hand and their best friend by their side!

German Shepherd and Orphaned Moose Become Fast Friends

An odd couple is giving the Internet all the feels as an orphaned moose and a shepherd named Leo became fast friends in Wallagrass, Maine.

Game Of Thrones Leads To Increased Surrenders Of Husky Dogs

The show Game of Thrones is proving to be un-pup-ular for Huskies, as rescue clubs in California report an exponential increase in surrenders of the breed.

Survey Says We’d Gladly Pucker Up For Our Pooch

When it comes to kissing, we like to give our pets a peck on the cheek. Here are a few lip-smacking facts, in honor of International Kissing Day.

Bravo Issues Voluntary Recall of Pet Food

Bravo has issued a nationwide recall of pet food for dogs and cats because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria m…

Study Says Millennials Pick Furbabies Over Human Babies

Pets over Kids? Seems like that is the trend for today's Millennials, the generation with the highest rates of pet ownership so far.

Team Fluff Brings Lombarky Trophy Home From Puppy Bowl XIV

The game is over, and the Lombarky Trophy goes to Team Fluff for a second year in a row. Puppy Bowl XIV was the bowl we couldn't tear ourselves away from!

Study: When It Comes to New Tricks, Younger Dogs Learn Faster

The results are in and they have disproved that old saying: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." It turns out you can, but you'll have to be patient.

Study: Dogs Talk To Us With Growls and Barks

New research has shown what dog parents have always known--our dogs know how to 'talk' to us through their barks and growls.

NFL Player Shows Big Hearts Match Big Muscles When It Comes to Pets

After Philadelphia Eagles star receiver Torrey Smith generously paid for 50 pet adoptions, fellow NFLer Malik Jackson wants to keep that ball rolling!

Happy Ending For Bi-Ped Puppy Mill Rescue

A rescued puppy mill dog with two legs is living a life with the happiest of endings, after his new dad travelled across the country to bring him home.

Vet Uses Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Senior Dogs

Advances in stem cell therapy grow in leaps and bounds, and veterinarians are turning to regenerative treatments for their furry patients.

Adoptable Dogs Rescue Celebs on New “Shelter Me” TV Series

If you love stories with a happy ending, you'll want to watch "Shelter Me." This season, Allison Janney and Kristen Bell share their heartwarming tales.

Petco’s Dog Days Of Summer Hit Home Runs in San Diego

Hot dog! Petco hosted 500 pups and their parents to Petco Park in San Diego, California for their annual 'Dog Days of Summer' event.

Study Finds Owning A Dog Is Beneficial To Your Heart

Proof that dogs make your heart healthy and happy! Here’s one more reason why you should own a dog. The American Heart Association says that dogs may l…

October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month At The American Humane Society

This month, help the American Humane Society give some precious pooches the forever homes they deserve Did you know there are 3 to 4 million animals waiting…

New Hope for Children With Epilepsy Thanks to Miniature Dachshunds

A collaboration between miniature wirehaired dachshunds and scientists has advanced research into a rare and deadly form of epilepsy in children and dogs.

Army Soldier Reunited With Dog She Rescued From Iraq

An Army Sergeant was reunited with a dog she rescued while on combat duty in Iraq, and they're so happy to be back together again.

Stray Dog Finds New Home and New Career In New Country

While visiting Greece last year, Valia Orfanidou came upon a stray dog who not only changed her life, but now changes the lives of others as a therapy dog!

What Does Your Dog See When He Watches TV?

Do you leave your TV on for your dog? Ever wondered what his favorite show is? Researchers have found what your pooch likes to binge watch!

Widower’s $1 Million Donation To Winnipeg Humane Society Offers New

With the biggest donation ever made to the organization, the Winnipeg Humane Society opens the Joyce Gauthier Behaviour and Training Centre. In an amazing sh…

Research Suggests Dogs More Likely to Bite Neurotic People

New research from the University of Liverpool backs what many already have thought--acting anxious around dogs makes you more prone to getting bitten.

Man Scams Tourists With Dyed Dog He Says is a Panda

A Russian is being investigated for defrauding tourists--he charged them big bucks to take pictures with a dog that he dyed to look like a panda.

Pet Parents Not Impressed as Trump Calls Pet Owners “Low Class”

American President Donald Trump may have gone too far, for some pet lovers, when he recently insinuated that pet owners were 'low class.'

Tesco Offers Groceries and Dog Grooming With New In-Store “Pet Den�

Now thats what we call a one-stop shop! Tesco, one of Britains largest grocery chain, is set to trial pet grooming services while customers shop.

Study: Being Man’s Best Friend May Be Written In Dogs’ Genes

A new study has found a link between human connectivity and specific genes in Beagles, and helps answer the question, "Why is a dog Man's Best Friend?"

Mix And Mingle With Canadian Stars To Help Build A Humane Canada

If you live in Toronto and are looking for something to do tomorrow night, you should make plans to go to A Humane Canada, an exclusive event that supports t…

Drug Sniffing K9s In Danger of Overdosing On Dangerous Narcotics

The consequences of contact with drugs are frequently fatal to dogs: the year before last, 36 police dogs died from exposure to heroin.

Red Carpet Worthy: 2015 Oscar Gift Bags Include Halo Donation For Home

Lucky A-list Celebrities will receive Halo Donation Certificates in their famous Oscar Swag Bags. It’s a night filled with glitz, glam and wardrobe mal…

The Bachelorette’s Dog Picked Final Rose Winner

For over a decade, bachelorettes have had to narrow down the giving of roses to eligible bachelors on the popular The Bachelorette show, but for last season&…

Are Dog Walkers the New Crime Busters?

A recently published international study shows that people who consistently walk dogs are physically more active and feel safer in their neighborhoods.

Show Your Pittie Pride During Project Blue Collar’s #Pittie2020 Phot

Support The Underdog! On a mission to educate the world about the awesomeness of rescue dogs, Project Blue Collar wants you to “look” at Pitbulls…

Pitbull Police Partners Are Turning Tables On Crime!

Pitbulls are often unfairly considered unpredictable dogs. But a Texas program is working to change that image by enlisting Pitties into the Police force.

Partially Deaf And Blind Dog Protects Toddler Lost In Australian Bush

A very good boy named Max has stolen the Internet's heart since the story of him loyally watching his girl while she was lost has been reported worldwide.

Behind-The-Scenes at Sweet 16 Bash for Maria Menounos’ Pooch!

Human b-day celebrations are so passe! That's why actress Maria Menounos hosted a birthday party for her lovely 16-year-old Bichon Frise.

Visiting Hours Are Open For Pets At This Canadian Hospital

Pets make us feel better when we're ill. And Zachary's Paws for Healing is harnessing that special gift for patients at Juravinski Hospital in Ontario.

Pitbull Named Top “American Hero Dog” At The 2013 American Humane

Elle the therapy dog teaches children about dog safety, reading, and overcoming prejudice Each year, the American Humane Association honors American Hero Dog…

Pet Owners Turn To Medical Marijuana To Treat Their Pets

More American states are legalizing medicinal marijuana, and more pet owners are now treating their pets with cannabis-based medicines to relieve symptoms.

Young Students Build Dog Houses for Homeless Pups

When you hear about inspiring stories like this, you know that the kids of today are going to make a difference in the world. Way to go guys!

Indian Businessman Opens His Home to 700 Homeless Dogs

Stray dogs are a problem in all parts of the world. India is one such country, and one man has decided he's giving his life to the dogs of the streets.

Humane Society Of Canada Fights To Keep Tax-Free Status After Shady Ex

After the Canadian government's decision to shut down the charity, we're reminded we need to take a closer look at the causes we donate to.

Animal Planet’s “My Big Fat Pet Makeover” Helps Pets Shed The Fl

A new show on Animal Planet has some great tips for helping keep your pet light on her feet....just in time for the holiday season!

English Setter Sacrifices His Life to Save Dad From Deadly Bear Attack

An English Setter who sacrificed his life to save his human from a bear attack received a touching and emotional tribute from his owners

Rescue Of Dog From Earthquake Rubble Will Have You In Tears [Video]

Last week, we told you about how some rescue dogs were helping find humans after a devastating earthquake in Italy. Now, watch as humans repay the favor.

Meet Sweepee Rambo, The 2016 World’s Ugliest Dog

What she lacks in beauty, she makes up for in heart. Meet Sweepee Rambo the new "World's Ugliest Dog" for 2016. Way too go, girl!