Global Pet Expo Day 3: Until Next Year

Global Pet Expo Day three may be last day, but we certainly still found a ton of great pet products, pet parents, and of course–pets. After two days of…

Jaguar Releases an Exclusive Line of Pet Products Perfect for Pampered

Just in time for Christmas, the luxury vehicle brand announced their new premium accessory range intended for the man's best friend.

Dog Eats Gender Reveal Cake To Share The Big News [Video]

It’s the day and age of gender reveals and gender parties and one dog from Ontario, Canada decided he was not going to be left out of the fun when he s…

Clothing Brand Features Former Rescues to Raise Awareness for Furballs

In an effort to promote all the good work Blue Cross does for animals, Oasis, a UK clothing brand, decided to feature rescues on their newest clothing line.

Husky Chills Out In Ice Machine To The Beat Dog Days Of Summer [Video]

The video of a Siberian Husky chilling in an ice machine proves that there's more than one way to beat the summer heat.

VitusVet App Gives You Access To Your Dog’s Medical Records 24/7

No matter where you travel, what day it is or the time of day, the VitusVet app gives you access to your dog's medical records, just in case of emergencies.

Learn What Your Pet is Trying to Tell You With This Online Course

Your pet has something they want to tell you. The good news? There is an online course that'll teach you to what they're trying to say.

Science Weighs In: Do Cats Or Dogs Make People Happiest?

It’s an age-old question: Do cats or dogs make people happiest? Dog people of course remind you that a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend. Cat peopl…

Woman Meets Her Dog’s Twin On the Way to the Market and Gives Him a

%%excerpt%% Their story really sounds like a fairytale!

Actress Olivia Munn Loves Wag! So Much She Became An Investor [Video]

Dog-lover and actress Olivia Munn has paired with on-demand dog walking app Wag! to produce and star in new commercial for the company.

Pups Will Dig the Underground DogDen 60 Dog House

Does your dog like to dig holes in the yard? You only have to dig one - for Miller Pet Products' DogDen 60, an environmentally friendly outdoor dog den.

6 Pet Luxuries To Splurge On When You Win the Lottery

If money was no object, would you pamper your pooch with extravagant gifts? Us too - and we'd start with these six exorbitant pet luxuries.

Therapy Dogs Lend a Helping Paw to Cancer Patients and Hospital Staff

A recent research reveals that cancer surgery patients and hospital staff could have a lot to gain from including therapy dogs in their routine.

Drug-Sniffing Canine Helps Homeless Shelters Fight Opioid Crisis

A dog's nose knows - and it knows how to help. Sadie the super sniffer is sticking her nose out to help a local homeless shelter keep illicit drugs out.

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

Napping Grandpa Raised $30,000 for a Cat Sanctuary By Snoozing With Ki

If you were wondering what the term ’power (cat)nap’ means, let this feline-loving senior enlighten you. Earlier this month, a job ad went viral as…

Pestnostics’ At-Home Urine Test Alerts You to Common Pet Illnesses

Low-cost and easy to use, the Petnostic at-home urine test will keep you informed if your pet is suffering from a common illness.

Survey: Over 50% of Pet Owners to Take Their Pet Trick or Treating

According to a survey that Wag! conducted with the help of over 1,000 cat and dog owners across the United States, 59% of them are planning on taking their kitty or pooch trick or treating with them.

Rescue Coffee Co. Perks Up Pups by Supporting Area Animal Shelters

Something good is brewing! Rescue Coffee Co. from Nova Scotia brews up coffee for humans and donates a portion of sales to animal shelters.

KoolDog Indoor Dog House Perfect For Condo Living

Designed to blend into you home dcor, the KoolDog aint your backyard, DIY indoor dog house. A comfortable indoor dog house for your pet that's stylish.

Quiz: Do You ‘Nose’ Your Dog Breed Nose?

Nose to nose, can you name the breeds behind these 10 butt sniffers? Test your dog "nose"-ledge, and let's find out if you're right on the nose!

The Tails Of NYC RescueMen Calendar Is Pawsitively Fetching

Hunky men? Check. Precious pooches? Check. Cuddly kitties? Check. Good cause? Check. This calendar’s got it all. We’ll take one for every room of…

Amazon’s 6,000 Furry Employees Enjoy Pawesome Perks at Work

At the world's largest internet company, every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day, and the four-legged employees love every minute of it.

Meet WÜF, The World’s Smartest Dog Collar

WTF?!? Kickstarter’s WÜF GPS smart collar is much more than a tracking tool How cool is this collar? It seems like every time you turn around, the…

Students Can Earn Their Mutt-i-Gress in New York City Schools

A new approach to education, schools in New York City are bringing in dogs to actively engage students and promote social and emotional competence.

Kickstarter Squatting Dog Figurine a Modern “Objet D’fart”

Is it wrong that I’m going to fund the creation of a Squatting Dog figurine? Looking for that conversation piece that’ll tie your décor to…

Strike a Yoga Pose and Help Shelter Cats Find New Homes

The yoga-classic 'cat pose' is taking on a whole new meaning. As well as stretching, this free yoga class is helping find shelter cats furever homes.

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

For dogs who are attached at the hip (or in this case, your stomach), this hoodie will no doubt make them feel included as you work your day away.

German Shepherd Flunks Police Academy, Lands Cushy New Job

What happens when a pup isn't fit for police duty? This German Shepherd pup didn't have the right stuff to be a K9, but he's found himself a new gig!

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs Concepts Lets Pups Live The Fur-Fabulous Life [Vi

Nissan has conceptualized the coolest car ever. It has us wagging our tails and begging for it to be brought to real life! Considering how many people are…

Canine Tech: Artificial Intelligence Trained to Behave as a Dog

A team working out of the University of Washington and Allen Institute for AI taught a neural network to behave like a dog.

Dogs Trust Wants You To Give Socks, Not Dogs This Holiday Season

A staggering amount of adopted dogs are returned after the Christmas holidays. Dogs Trust wants to help educate gift givers to this heartbreaking problem.

Zoinks! Scooby Doo Named America’s Favorite On-Screen Pet

Although the competition included some of the most famous animal characters in popular culture, the talking brown Great Dane snatched the victory.

Study Shows Only a Quarter of Workplaces Are Pet-Friendly- Here’s Ho

More and more companies are starting to see the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces- Trupanion offers a few tips on how to successfully become one.

Study: Empathetic People Are Better Able To Read Dog Expressions

Do you feel like you and your dog have a special connection? If you're empathetic, a new study claims that you may be right.

PetMOJI-fy Your Furry Friend With “The Secret Lives of Pets”

Ever wondered what your pet would look like as a cartoon character? The PetMOJI Creator helps you reimagine your pet for the silver screen.

Smoking Hot Australian Firefighters Calendar… Now With Puppies!

We're drooling for the Australian Firefighters Calendar. You can't go wrong with puppies and firefighters. They go together like... puppies and firefighters!

Study Shows Owning a Pet as a Child Leads to Career Success

An overwhelming majority of business leaders surveyed thinks that having a family pet in childhood played a role in their future success.

New York’s Potential Dog Poop Problem Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

One blogger figures out what would happen if all New Yorkers decided not to Poop and Scoop Ahhhhh, the quiet calm and relaxation of a winter wonderland &ndas…

Dog Nativity Scene Has Us Counting Our Blessings

A star is born, and he's heaven sent! A dog groomer in Leicestershire threw in the towels and the result is an adorable doggy Nativity scene!

University Students Are Waiting in Line to Walk This Giant Ball of Flu

Thousands of McGill University students are volunteering to walk a big fluffy Pyrenees dog, who quickly became a bona fide campus superstar.

Dog-Walking Drone Lets You Be As Lazy As You Wanna Be

What do you get when you put the responsibility of walking your dog together with a drone you fly remotely? Answer: The Laziest Pet Owner EVER.

Story of Airport Service Dog’s Retirement Party Gives Us Wings!

A loyal canine employee at a Florida airport has been given the retirement party of a lifetime after several years of hard work and faithful service.

Wellness Pets Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore With Interactive Art Ex

Sponsored by Wellness Pet Food to commemorate its 10th year in Singapore, check out this interactive art exhibit for pets!

Officer McGruff The Crime Dog Can’t Catch a Break in New Geico Ad [V

Geico has tickled the doggy-lover's funny bone once again, featuring Officer McGruff the Crime Dog getting a bit of good-natured ribbing by his colleagues.

Which Member Of The Paw Patrol Is Right For Your Family?

Doggos never cease to inspire us. Through art, fiction, or just some daily inspiration from canines in your life, dogs always find a way to charm, endear, an…

It’s Official: The Puphaus Ensures Your Dog’s Digs Are Better Than

Offering modern and minimalist design, this maintenance-free den is the next level of luxe living for your dog. It's so paw-some, you may want to move in!

Street Artist Blows Our Mind With Brilliant Metallic Dog Mural

At first glance, you’d think this was a giant metal monument of man’s best friend… and you’d be wrong. This shiny, happy puppy is…

Quarantine & Chill With Teddy The Dog During the “Pawdemic”

While the state of the world today makes our heads spin faster than a dog chasing his own tail, one hound of great renown is trying to lighten things up and…

Lucy Pet Takes The Trophy At The Tournament Of Roses

Lucy Pet Foundation's 2017 Rose Parade float entry won the Tournament of Roses Judge's Extraordinaire Trophy, after breaking 2 Guinness World records.

PocoPet Is the World’s Most Compact Pet Carrier

The pocket-sized, ultralight pet carrier can be attached to a leash or tossed in a purse- so you can always have it with you when the need arises.

The Queen and Her Corgis Hold Court on Vanity Fair Cover

In honor of her 90th birthday, Vanity Fair featured British monarch Queen Elizabeth and her pooches on its latest cover. Royal paw wave!

Adopt a Dog, Get Awesome AirBnB (Almost) Free!

AurBnB and shelter dogs! There's a huge stray pet problem in Hungary and one bank has come up with an innovative way to help solve it!

Text A Woof: Dogs Trust Launches First Ever Canine Emojis

Say it with a furry emoji and text a woof free. Dogs Trust releases the first ever dog emoji keyboard, featuring 23 of the most popular breeds in the UK.

Google Pets Turns Into a Bow-Wow Browser to Help Shelter Dogs

Life at the shelter can be lonely for dogs. That's why Google is bringing them into its offices for a day off to partner with lucky employees.

Here’s One Dog You’d Love To Have On Your Lawn

There’s a new pup in the town of Hamilton, Ontario, and he’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Meet Ralph, a 15-foot sage grass sculpture…

Political Poopbags Take A Lot of Crap!

The 2016 Presidential Race has been full of poop flinging from both parties. These political bags scoop the poop and support (or not!) your pick!

We Rate Dogs Is Now A Game: 15/10 Life Is Complete

The popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs has announced they’ve created a card game based on their oft-disproportionate ratings of dogs. 15/10 we are so…

This Small Pooch Has a Dog-Up on the Situation!

A resourceful little dog has figured out how to use her small size to her advantage - by riding around on a Golden Retriever!

Bored Sportscaster Hilariously Commentates on Dogs Playing in Park

COVID-19 is affecting every facet of life–sports included. And with no sports, sportscasters find themselves without much to comment on. One brilliant…