Survey: We’d Rather Have Pet-Related Perks Than Pets in the Workplac

Paid pet bereavement and time off to care for pets are more important than allowing pets in the workplace, according to recent survey results.

Survey: Many Dog Owners Consider Themselves ‘Helicopter Parents’

A new survey found that 6 in 10 dog owners said they loved and cared for their pets so much they considered themselves ‘helicopter parents’.NOW…

PetPace Wireless Smart Collar Tracks And Monitors Your Pet’s Health

I'm excited to hear about the PetPace, a new smart wireless collar that monitors your pet's health, vital signs, activity and wellbeing all day, every day.

Survey: Over 50% of Pet Owners to Take Their Pet Trick or Treating

According to a survey that Wag! conducted with the help of over 1,000 cat and dog owners across the United States, 59% of them are planning on taking their kitty or pooch trick or treating with them.

Sancho Paws Is Coming To Town… In a VW Van!

Therapy dogs are needed during the holidays to bring comfort to hospital patients. One little fella got all dolled up to deck the halls in a cool VW van.

Football Fans Score a Touchdown When Naming Their Dogs [Infograph]

The Super Bowl brings out the fan in all of us. And that passion translates to what we name our dogs - just ask Bacon, Miller and Falcon!

Love Takes Flight as Homeless Dog Patiently Waits For Air Attendant

This is a made-for-TV love story if we've ever heard one! A homeless dog met his true love outside of a hotel - and he waited for her until she adopted him.

Petzila Wants To Connect You And Your Pet Anytime, Anywhere

Pew! Pew! A WiFi gadget that lets you connect with your pet AND launches treats? You know you want the PetziConnect under your tree this holiday season. Woul…

Study Finds That Dogs Can Have Upsetting Reactions to Humans Crying

There is no dog owner out there who hasn’t wondered at one point in time: “Can my dog understand my emotions?” While this question has been around for ages, the latest scientific studies reveal that your pet dog can get stressed out when you are sad and cry.

It’s A Calf Loves Dogs Life On This North Carolina Farm [Video]

Holy cow... or should we say, holy canine! A calf in North Carolina decides he'd rather be a dog, and is living life with his canine family on a farm.

Real Life Fox and Hound Are the Cutest Ever

How's this for an unlikely pair? Australian Shepherd/Malamute mix Moose the dog and his best buddy Juniper the fox makes us melt at the cuteness!

Senior Dog Prom Proves Elderly Dogs Still Have The Right Ruff!

What a great event! An Arizona shelter held a "Senior Dog Prom" to bring awareness to the awesome elderly pups waiting to find their forever homes.

Good or Bad Idea: The World’s First Automatic Dog Washing Machine

This brightly colored dog washer promises to keep your dog in place and cleans your pooch from snout to tail. Um, no thanks, we'll pass...

Kickstarter Squatting Dog Figurine a Modern “Objet D’fart”

Is it wrong that I’m going to fund the creation of a Squatting Dog figurine? Looking for that conversation piece that’ll tie your décor to…

Smoking Hot Australian Firefighters Calendar… Now With Puppies!

We're drooling for the Australian Firefighters Calendar. You can't go wrong with puppies and firefighters. They go together like... puppies and firefighters!

Meet the Winners of 2017 AKC Canine Excellence Winners

Winners of the 18th annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) include a family pet that detects drugs and a library loving show dog.

Runaway Dog’s PugShot Goes Viral

A Police department on the New Jersey Shore has won the Internet today, posting an adorable “PugShot” of a runaway dog from Maryland. As if pictu…

Ice-Skating Rescue Dog Melts Our Hearts

Four legs are apparently just as good as two when it comes to ice skating, and an adorable rescue dog is melting the ice (and our hearts!) as he proves it! C…

The Coolest (Or Warmest) Pet House You’ve Ever Seen

We want to keep our pets as comfy as they can be. This new climate-controlled pet house has super cool technology that offers the perfect lounging place.

Ohio Makes Shelter Pets The Official State Pets

We’re loving Ohio’s new state Senate Bill 86–which makes shelter animals the official state pets of the Buckeye state. It’s an effort…

Study Finds That Classical Music Calms Kennel Dogs

Pump up the tunes. Music soothes the stressed-out beast… or in this case, an anxious pooch. Whoever said “music hath charms to sooth the savage…

Neurological Study Reveals Powerful Effect Petting Dogs Has On Brain

Petting a pooch sure feels nice, but did you know that petting a dog causes increased prefrontal brain activity? A new study by a team of scientists published at PLOS sheds some light on how interacting with our canine friends affects our brains.

The Hipster Harness Is Here to Help Heal Your Dog’s Hip Dysplasia

Not only will this amazing harness help with your pooch’s hip dysplasia, but it’ll also make your pooch look like a super cool robo-dog! If you h…

New Art Exhibit Designed Just for Artsy-Fartsy Dogs

These modern and interactive art exhibits in London prove that bipeds are not the only ones who enjoy culture and artistic genius!

Quiz: Can You Guess The Working Breed?

You may think your dog is the best leg humper, but let's face it - that's aren't real jobs! Can you guess what day jobs these 10 dog breeds are hired for?

Snuggle Up With the Queen and Her Corgi Pillow Clones

I am more than amused at SpoonFlower's 90 Corgi-clones - stuffed pillows made especially for the Queen's 90th birthday (and a life-sized monarch!)

Facility Dog at Children’s Hospital Helps Kids Feel Better

A Golden Retriever named Kaia is stealing hearts while she's helping healing children at the Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Free Online Course For People Who Want To Get Inside Their Dog’s Hea

Duke University and Coursera team up to offer "Dog Emotion and Cognition," a web course that introduces humans to the science of dog psychology.

Ruff Royality Take to the Street for Mardi Gras’s Krewe Parade

It's Fat Tuesday, and we're ready to let the good times roll! And dogs got into the Mardi Gras spirit with a pooch parade led by a new Krewe Queen and King.

Earth Rated’s “Cards Against Caninity” Supplies Laughs and Shelt

Here's the poop: Nominate an animal shelter to win a case of fleece blankets, and you're entered to win Earth Rated's hilarious card game.

This Cool Startup Promises a Solution for Guilty Pet Parents

Pupple's innovative tech lets you keep an eye on your precious pooch while you're away- and makes it a fun experience for them, too.

Global Pet Expo 2020 Day 1: For All The Furry Friends

Global Pet Expo is always an incredible event. We see old furry friends, meet new paw-some friends, and of course—find the best pet products around! We…

Want Fido to Be Your Coworker? Here Are the Best Dog-Friendly Companie

According to Rover's research, here are the companies that outdo the rest when it comes to their dog-friendly workplaces.

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Pups And Coffee Cups: Rescue Dogs While Enjoying Fair-Trade Coffee

A Kickstart project aims to open a café that caters to latte and dog lovers – it’s an adoption shelter and coffee bar all in one! A North…

New App Connects Dog Mamas to the Businesses That Welcome Them

A new app lets schedule fun meet-ups with your fellow Puppy Mamas, and rate businesses to advocate for a more pup-friendly world.

Dodgy Dogs Card Game Celebrates Badly Behaved Canines

The Kickstarter's latest card game is inspired by badly behaved doggos and it's illustrated by Jean Jullien, a world-renowned visual artist.

ABC’s “Downward Dog” Stars Former Homeless Pooch

If you're like me, you boo-hoo when it comes to puppy stories. ABC's new comedy "Downward Dog," will have you laughing and crying!

UK Woman Has Doggy Doula Dream Job

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What’s For Dinner? Pet Food Company Goes Green With Grubs

Ever wonder how your dog could help save the environment? A pet food manufacturer is using soldier flies instead of beef in their dog food and claims it&rsqu…

New Device Allows The Blind To Monitor Their Guide Dog

Still in its initial stages, this device allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, lets keep tabs on the health of their canine companions.

Drug-Sniffing Canine Helps Homeless Shelters Fight Opioid Crisis

A dog's nose knows - and it knows how to help. Sadie the super sniffer is sticking her nose out to help a local homeless shelter keep illicit drugs out.

Touching Memorial Miniatures of Pets Offer Comfort to Grieving Pet Par

The talented Hastings-based artist creates tiny felted sculptures of pets, particularly popular with pawrents whose furballs have passed.

Veterinarians Make FaceTime House Calls Using New “Vet On Demand”

The next best thing to a vet coming to your house on-demand has to be the "Vet On Demand" app. It's an easy way to get remote, FaceTime veterinary advice.

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

British Lotto Winner Donating Pup Palace To Battersea

A British lottery winner is giving the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home a donation like none other–a ‘pooch palace’ that is designed like Winds…

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

PlayDate is Fetch for Next Gen Dog Nerds

No matter where you are, take time out to play fetch with your dog. PlayDate takes the standard ball and goes 2.0 with an app, built-in camera and treats.

Pecs and Pups Will Leave You Panting In The New Year!

What do you get when you combine hot, shirtless men and an organization dedicated to saving homeless animals? Advocacy and fundraising at its finest!

Dog Eats Gender Reveal Cake To Share The Big News [Video]

It’s the day and age of gender reveals and gender parties and one dog from Ontario, Canada decided he was not going to be left out of the fun when he s…

Poetic Dogs Photo Series Casts Pups As Literary Icons

Roses are red, violets are blue, the Poetic Dogs photo book is a must-have for you (man, we suck at poetry) Poetic Dogs is an awesome new photo series by Ita…

Dogs In Food Instagram Photos Serve Up Delightful Doggie Dishes

Art imitating life has new meaning as a New York artist has created a photo series that combines dogs and food for delicious adorableness. An adorable photo…

The Global Dog Wants To Make Your Dog a Star

Social media app Global Dog lets dog lovers connect to each other and their dogs, and could make your dog the next social media star!

“MuttCracker” Princess Pig Pirouettes On Stage For Charity

The Birmingham Ballet's MuttCracker stars Pig the fairy princess, and helps raise money for the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

Tosh.O Shows How Crowdsourcing is a Pain in the Butt for a Cute Kitten

Crowdsourcing for worthy causes is a common occurrence. Daniel Tosh recently highlighted a worthy one, and, if you don't donate, you're a butt-hole.

Skechers’ Cool Kicks Give Best Friends Animal Society a Foot Up

These shoes are more than just a cute fashion statement. This limited collection from Skechers supports the Best Friends Animal Society.

Spotify Helps Shelter Dogs Find Furever Home Based on Taste in Music

Spotify teamed up with a shelter in Munich to make perfect musical matches- between rescues and their potential pawrents.

Quiz: What Dog Breed Do You Party Like During the Holiday Season?

We want to know what kind of party animal you are - take our quiz to find out what dog breed you party like when it comes to making merry.

Robotic Bad Dog Shocks Humans Into Better Behaviors To Battle Loneline

A new project called Bad Dog is tackling the problem of loneliness in the youth of China, with robotic “Bad Dog” shocking humans into better beha…

Google Photos Now Has Facial Image Recognition For Your Pets

Pets are the subject of our photos, and Google Photos is taking note, using artificial-intelligence algorithms to help identify dogs and cats easily.