Quiz: Can You Guess The Working Breed?

You may think your dog is the best leg humper, but let's face it - that's aren't real jobs! Can you guess what day jobs these 10 dog breeds are hired for?

PetGuide’s Exclusive Interview With Igor PugDog

Model, actor, philanthropist, heartthrob, and Pug! Igor PugDog does it all, and we got the chance to ask him some probing questions about his A-List life.

The Onion Publishes Not-At-All-Fake Research From Esteemed Pet Scienti

The Onion is famous for making light of human antics. Now, they're publishing research from Pet Scientists, and it's a good thing we're housetrained.

Child’s Letter To His Teacher After Her Dog Passes Has Twitter Aflut

The Internet may be mean, but for a bunch of schoolchildren in Scotland, the passing of a teacher's beloved pup brought out the best of humanity and love.

Meet Furbo, the World’s First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

Yay gadgets! Innovation, where would we be without you? We'd like to thank you for Furbo, a treat-tossing dog camera that's being funded on Indiegogo.

Hilarious #SnootChallenge Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

There’s a new challenge floating around in the Twitterverse, and it has dogs showing how adorable they are as they attempt to put their best snoots for…

Call 911: The 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar Is Too Hot To Hand

The temperatures may be cooling down but it’s the time of year that things are heating up for Australian Firefighters making a difference in the lives…

Meet WÜF, The World’s Smartest Dog Collar

WTF?!? Kickstarter’s WÜF GPS smart collar is much more than a tracking tool How cool is this collar? It seems like every time you turn around, the…

Sony’s Robotic Dog Gets 4 Paws Up at CES

Sony's robotic dog, Aibo, is making all kinds of new friends at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and proves that you can teach a robotic dog new tricks!

Study Finds That Classical Music Calms Kennel Dogs

Pump up the tunes. Music soothes the stressed-out beast… or in this case, an anxious pooch. Whoever said “music hath charms to sooth the savage…

Science Weighs In: Do Cats Or Dogs Make People Happiest?

It’s an age-old question: Do cats or dogs make people happiest? Dog people of course remind you that a dog is a (wo)man’s best friend. Cat peopl…

Dog’s Coyote-Proof Vest Picture Goes Viral

A chihuahua named Beanie has brought lots of smiles to the faces of Interwebs users as a picture of her in a coyote-proof vest circle has gone viral–an…

Ohio Makes Shelter Pets The Official State Pets

We’re loving Ohio’s new state Senate Bill 86–which makes shelter animals the official state pets of the Buckeye state. It’s an effort…

Meet the Winners of 2017 AKC Canine Excellence Winners

Winners of the 18th annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) include a family pet that detects drugs and a library loving show dog.

Love Takes Flight as Homeless Dog Patiently Waits For Air Attendant

This is a made-for-TV love story if we've ever heard one! A homeless dog met his true love outside of a hotel - and he waited for her until she adopted him.

We’re Making Reservations for Santa Fe Resort That Has Puppy Petting

If you’re looking for a getaway that has the best type of spa treatment you can imagine, look no further than Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe, New Mexico&n…

Jacksonville Jaguars Debuts NFL’s First In-Stadium Dog Park

The Jacksonville Jaguars have paired with Pet Paradise to offer the NFL's first in-stadium dog park for lucky fans and auction winners.

Believed Extinct, Wild Dog Breed Rediscovered in New Guinea Highlands

Believed to be extinct in its natural habitat, researchers confirmed New Guinea Highland Wild Dogs are roaming in one of the most unlikely places.

Luxury Labelers Going To The Dogs For Chinese New Year

To ring in the Year of The Dog, well-known brands are capitalizing on Chinese New Year - just a few luxury brands include Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna.

Canine Tech: Artificial Intelligence Trained to Behave as a Dog

A team working out of the University of Washington and Allen Institute for AI taught a neural network to behave like a dog.

Help Kickstarter Pet Backpack Get Off the Ground

Help fund the Lambo Pet Backpack's Kickstarter campaign - a unique pet carrier that meets carry-on luggage dimensions for easier airline travel.

Senior Dog Prom Proves Elderly Dogs Still Have The Right Ruff!

What a great event! An Arizona shelter held a "Senior Dog Prom" to bring awareness to the awesome elderly pups waiting to find their forever homes.

Get Your Giving Tuesday Puppy Fix With Live Puppycam

It’s Giving Tuesday and we’ve found the best thing on the Internet: Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s live Puppycam. Trust us, you’re not…

Here’s What Happens When the Poop Hits the Roomba

What happens when a Roomba zooms over dog poop? We found this harrowing tale of a "Poopacylpse," to be the stuff that dramatic comedies are made of!

Cute CryptoKitties Mobile Game Lets You Breed and Buy Digital Kittens

An innovative Canadian company has created a game about digital felines that has people going crazy to buy newly 'bred' cryptokitties!

Dogs Wearing Soccer Jerseys Score With World Cup Fans

PetGuide.com can’t wait for 2014 FIFA World Cup to start tomorrow. And when it kicks off in Brazil, we’ll all be watching with our pooches, sport…

Pets Hidden in Optical Illusions Reveal a Double Meaning

An amazing collaboration between photographer Amol Jadhav and visionary director Pranav Bhide brings us a collection of stunning and powerful pictures.

Wag-Related Tail Amputation Doesn’t Stop This Dog From Finding Furev

The "Happiest Dog In Scotland" has found his happily ever after, adopted after his tail was amputated because he wagged it too much and too hard.

Dodgy Dogs Card Game Celebrates Badly Behaved Canines

The Kickstarter's latest card game is inspired by badly behaved doggos and it's illustrated by Jean Jullien, a world-renowned visual artist.

Rescue Dog Travels the World In Pooch-Perfect Renovated Van

Now this is how you take a road trip! A UK woman converted her van to be the ultimate canine RV so she could travel with her rescued Labradoodle.

Cesar Millan Reads to Your Dog While You’re Out, Thanks to Audible

Reading is fun-damental... for dogs! Cesar Millan won't be whispering to your dog, he'll be reading to him, with Audible's latest offering to pet parents.

KoolDog Indoor Dog House Perfect For Condo Living

Designed to blend into you home dcor, the KoolDog aint your backyard, DIY indoor dog house. A comfortable indoor dog house for your pet that's stylish.

Go Green With Solar Heat for Your Dog House

Solar panels can be used to upgrade your dog house. Give him heat on demand, as long as the sun shines, using solar power to keep him comfy.

VitusVet App Gives You Access To Your Dog’s Medical Records 24/7

No matter where you travel, what day it is or the time of day, the VitusVet app gives you access to your dog's medical records, just in case of emergencies.

Dogs Are Marvel Superheroes And Villains In Awesome Illustration Serie

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… pug? Illustrator Josh Lynch gives pups a superhero (or supervillain) makeover in this awesome new…

Quiz: Can You Guess A Dog Breed By His Butt?

Breed booty quiz! You may be a pro at being able to name a dog breed by looking him in the eye, but how mad are your skills when it comes to his rear end?

2 Humans + 8 Dogs = 1 Big Custom Bed

A NY couple knows that there's nothing like your dog comfy-cozy in your bed, but add eight and it's a challenge. Custom-made bed to the rescue!

Pets Get Designer Digs on Animal Planet’s New Show “Animal Cribs

Designer and animal lover Antonio Ballatore stars in "Animal Cribs," a new show on Animal Planet that puts pooches into the swankiest dog houses!

Wrongfully Imprisoned Man and His Prison Pup Enjoy Their Freedom

It's an unbelievable story that's true. A man wrongly imprisoned for almost four decades has been released, and he's bringing his dog Innocent with him.

Wrap-Up of Global Pet Expo 2017 Day 1: Too. Much. Awesome!

The first day of the Global Pet Expo has been amazing! Way cool products, adorable puppies–so.much.fantabulous! It’s a hard-knock life for this p…

Yes, This $30K Samsung Dream Doghouse Is Necessary [Video]

It’s about time! A “techno-pad” designed to meet Rover’s both real and imagined needs is nicer than ours. Electronics manufacturer Sa…

This Cool Startup Promises a Solution for Guilty Pet Parents

Pupple's innovative tech lets you keep an eye on your precious pooch while you're away- and makes it a fun experience for them, too.

Vroom, Vroom! NASCAR Pet Calendar Revs Up To Help Pets In Need

NASCAR champ Greg Biffle and fellow racers strike a pose for this 2016 calendar. Proceeds to help non-profit animal welfare groups throughout the U.S.

Most Epic Dog Resume Ever Gets Dog Hired as Professional Best Friend

Today's job market forces us to put our best foot forward. Turns out that one pup had some human help putting her best paw forward with an adorable resume!

6 Pet Luxuries To Splurge On When You Win the Lottery

If money was no object, would you pamper your pooch with extravagant gifts? Us too - and we'd start with these six exorbitant pet luxuries.

Cancer Survivor Finds New BFF With Three-Legged Dog

All the tissues were needed at a Sacramento, California pet adoption, where two friends in similar situations became forever family.

Say “Selfie!” Get In Front Of The Pooch Selfie Smartphone Attachme

Taking a selfie with your BFF has never been easier! No dog can resist the Pooch Selfie - a hypnotizing tennis ball that attaches to your cell phone.

Poetic Dogs Photo Series Casts Pups As Literary Icons

Roses are red, violets are blue, the Poetic Dogs photo book is a must-have for you (man, we suck at poetry) Poetic Dogs is an awesome new photo series by Ita…

IKEA Store Opens Doors to Stray Dogs in Italy

An Ikea store in Catania, Italy, is making headlines all over the world after they let strays feel at home in their furnished room displays.

Facility Dog at Children’s Hospital Helps Kids Feel Better

A Golden Retriever named Kaia is stealing hearts while she's helping healing children at the Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Amazon’s 6,000 Furry Employees Enjoy Pawesome Perks at Work

At the world's largest internet company, every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day, and the four-legged employees love every minute of it.

Art Has Gone To the Dogs (and Cats) in These Awesome Playing Cards

John Littleboy's "Pack of Dog" playing cards are a viral phenomenon. These fun cards let dogs and cats be part of your winning hand!

PetPace Wireless Smart Collar Tracks And Monitors Your Pet’s Health

I'm excited to hear about the PetPace, a new smart wireless collar that monitors your pet's health, vital signs, activity and wellbeing all day, every day.

Quiz: Match the High School Stereotype With the Dog Breed

Nerd, jock, class clown, fashionista - dogs are a lot like teenage high school students. Can you match the high school stereotype to the dog breed?

Good Boy Helps His Human When She’s Locked Out Of House

A very good boy helped unlock the door for his human when she was locked out of her house, proving dogs really are the best security systems!

Political Poopbags Take A Lot of Crap!

The 2016 Presidential Race has been full of poop flinging from both parties. These political bags scoop the poop and support (or not!) your pick!

Ford’s Noise-Cancelling Kennel Helps Pooches Feel Safe During Firewo

The world-renowned automaker released the Quiet Kennel as a part of their Interventions campaign- and pet parents all over are loving it.

Share A Cuppa With Your Pet at Hotel DeLuxe’s Tea Service

Do you have a posh pooch or an aristocat? Treat them to Afternoon Tea service at the Hotel deLuxe, complete with pet-friendly herbal teas and tasty treats.

London Pop-Up Bar Employs Dogs as Servers

Londoners were treated to more than a cocktail last weekend. These lucky customers of the world's first-ever bar with a waitstaff made up entirely of dogs.

Target Pairs With BarkBox To Offer Cool Pet Products In-Store

If you love BarkBox, you're going to love this news. Target and popular subscription service have teamed up to offer cool pet products in store locations.