Actress Olivia Munn Loves Wag! So Much She Became An Investor [Video]

Dog-lover and actress Olivia Munn has paired with on-demand dog walking app Wag! to produce and star in new commercial for the company.

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

Indian Pup Pidi Gandhi Takes Over His Dad’s Political Twitter Accoun

Headline grabbing pets are huge, and Pidi, the dog of India's Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi, is the latest to steal the hearts of his countrymen!

Jacksonville Jaguars Debuts NFL’s First In-Stadium Dog Park

The Jacksonville Jaguars have paired with Pet Paradise to offer the NFL's first in-stadium dog park for lucky fans and auction winners.

Tractive 3G-GPS Keeps Tabs On Your Pet In Real Time

Losing your pet is terrifying. The Tractive, a 3G-based GPS tracker, will let you know where your dog is any and every time you want.

Miley Cyrus Adopts Beagle From The Beagle Freedom Project

What a way to start off your new life - with famous pet parent Miley Cyrus! The A-lister found her new pooch with some help from The Beagle Freedom Project.

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

For dogs who are attached at the hip (or in this case, your stomach), this hoodie will no doubt make them feel included as you work your day away.

Study: When It Comes To Sniffing Out Lies, You Can’t Get Fool A Dog

Even the best poker face won’t work on your dog – a new study shows that dogs can tell if you’re untrustworthy. While we may feel like the…

Here Are the 10 Rarest Dog Breeds in America

We all know what are the most popular dog breeds – and which evergreen breeds have been stealing hearts for decades back, but how about those lesser-known breeds? Which in particular are the rarest among them?

Golden Retriever Has Feline Buddy’s Back In Cat Fight

A hilarious video of a dog seemingly breaking up a fight between two cats has gone viral and just goes to show how important a wing dog can be for everyone!…

The Global Dog Wants To Make Your Dog a Star

Social media app Global Dog lets dog lovers connect to each other and their dogs, and could make your dog the next social media star!

Text A Woof: Dogs Trust Launches First Ever Canine Emojis

Say it with a furry emoji and text a woof free. Dogs Trust releases the first ever dog emoji keyboard, featuring 23 of the most popular breeds in the UK.

Raise A Pint To These Top Irish Dog Names

Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you, Pug? For St. Patty's Day, here are the top Irish dog names that will have you feeling luckier than a leprechaun!

Golden Retriever Pup Proves Green is the New Gold

"It's not easy being green," especially if you're a Golden Retriever puppy! And no, it's no Kermit the Frog joke--this pooch was born green!

Cute CryptoKitties Mobile Game Lets You Breed and Buy Digital Kittens

An innovative Canadian company has created a game about digital felines that has people going crazy to buy newly 'bred' cryptokitties!

4 Blissful Tips On How To Include A Dog In Your Wedding

Here comes the bride… and her dog! There’s no reason why your pooch can’t be part of your special day. Your wedding day is said to be the…

This Kickstarter Pet Robot Is Bound To Be Your Pet’s (Next) Best Fri

Seems every dog shall have its...robot? That's right--now Fido can get in on all the iBot action with Anthouse's Pet Companion Robot.

Petco Announces Groundbreaking Changes to Improve Nutrition of Cats An

In an industry-first announcement, Petco revealed the plan to no longer sell pet food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Dogs Wearing Soccer Jerseys Score With World Cup Fans can’t wait for 2014 FIFA World Cup to start tomorrow. And when it kicks off in Brazil, we’ll all be watching with our pooches, sport…

Quiz: Can You Guess The Breed of These Puppies?

From puppies to adults, a dog's appearance changes with age. Get ready to squee - can you guess the breed of these 10 adorable puppies?

Survey: We’d Rather Have Pet-Related Perks Than Pets in the Workplac

Paid pet bereavement and time off to care for pets are more important than allowing pets in the workplace, according to recent survey results.

Google Japan’s Street View Has Gone To The Dogs [Video]

Google Japan has strapped cameras on the backs of two Akitas who are happy to show you around the prefecture for which they were named!

Doggy See, Doggy Do? Study Looks At Dogs Adopting Owners’ Personalit

Sometimes, we swear that our dogs are really furry humans – they’ve got their own personalities… don’t they? Here’s what scien…

Follow Your Pet Around When You’re Not There With The VAVA Pet Cam

The first-ever mobile pet kit has been released, and we love how it lets you hang with your pet, wherever he is, no matter where you are! Award-winning techn…

Lost And Found: Findster, The GPS Pet Tracker With No Monthly Fees

Look what we found: a tracking device that keeps tabs on your dog without the hassle of monthly fees! There are a number of GPS and fitness tracking devices…

Pets Hidden in Optical Illusions Reveal a Double Meaning

An amazing collaboration between photographer Amol Jadhav and visionary director Pranav Bhide brings us a collection of stunning and powerful pictures.

Sancho Paws Is Coming To Town… In a VW Van!

Therapy dogs are needed during the holidays to bring comfort to hospital patients. One little fella got all dolled up to deck the halls in a cool VW van.

Dog Dives For Golf Balls To Raise Funds For Homeless Animals

A Bernese Mountain Dog was so sad when he watched humane society commercials on TV, he and his dad decided to raise money to donate to his furry friends!

2016 Will Be A Hot Year, Thanks To Tails Of NYC Rescue Men Calendar

Hot men plus cute rescue animals equal an irresistible combination! Make every day a great day with the Tails Of NYC Rescue Men 2016 Calendar.

Study: Empathetic People Are Better Able To Read Dog Expressions

Do you feel like you and your dog have a special connection? If you're empathetic, a new study claims that you may be right.

Help Kickstart a Documentary About a Real-Life Doghouse Rescue

Here's a Kickstarter that'll tug at your heartstrings. "Life in the Dog House" follows two rescuers who have brought 10,000 dogs into their home.

Shelter Dogs Enjoy a “Puppa Joe” at Starbucks

What a great way to showcase adoptable animals. These sweet shelter dogs are sure to make you smile as they enjoy their "Puppuccinos!"

The Queen and Her Corgis Hold Court on Vanity Fair Cover

In honor of her 90th birthday, Vanity Fair featured British monarch Queen Elizabeth and her pooches on its latest cover. Royal paw wave!

New Google Feature Turns Pet Photos Into Movies

Did you know, Google have added a secret feature that finds your pet photos and makes them into a clip called "Doggie Movie"?

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

Is One Human Year Equal to 7 Canine Years? Debunking the Dog Age Myth

If you want to calculate your dog's age relative to yours, you'll need to consider one important factor that will completely change the equation.

Kitties and Purrsonality: Study Shows Cats Inherit Behavioral Traits F

The study revealed that not only that different breeds of cats have different behaviors, but also that those traits are highly heritable.

AKC Museum of the Dog Is Headed to New York City

The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is headed back to the Big Apple with one of the largest collections of dog art in the world.

Survey Uncovers Biggest Pet Peeves of American Pawrents

US pet parents of all ages discovered what they think are the worst habits of cat and dog owners. The answers might surprise you!

The Hipster Harness Is Here to Help Heal Your Dog’s Hip Dysplasia

Not only will this amazing harness help with your pooch’s hip dysplasia, but it’ll also make your pooch look like a super cool robo-dog! If you h…

Over-Protective Pet Parent Leaves Over-the-Top Pup Care Instructions

Because no one takes care of your pet like you do, a thoughtful dog parent left her nephew the most detailed of instructions when she went out of town. Tommy…

BounceBack Botanicals: Our “Best In Show” From Global Pet Expo 201

Global Pet Expo 2017 was full of amazing natural products. It was hard to choose just one, but BounceBack Botanicals from Pawflex was a standout.

Vroom, Vroom! NASCAR Pet Calendar Revs Up To Help Pets In Need

NASCAR champ Greg Biffle and fellow racers strike a pose for this 2016 calendar. Proceeds to help non-profit animal welfare groups throughout the U.S.

New Device Allows The Blind To Monitor Their Guide Dog

Still in its initial stages, this device allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, lets keep tabs on the health of their canine companions.

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Wine Taste?

Using the American Kennel Club as a guide, we've come up with a quiz that tells you what kind of wine you'd like, based on your dog breed group preference.

Craft Brewery Kickstarter Aims To Serve Pints And Help Pups

Saving animals and craft beer-there's an idea we can raise a glass to! Sanctuary Brewing Company's combines their love of beer with their love of rescues.

Would You Try This Peanut Butter Plastic Head Wrap To Clip Your Dog’

A nurse's genius hack for using a peanut butter head wrap to clip her dog's nails has gone viral and we're all about to try it ourselves!

Smile for Petco’s Pet Selfie App – It’s For a Great Cause!

If you love selfies, you're gonna love Petco's new app, Heads & Tails. It's perfect for fun selfie opportunities, and gives money to help animals in need.

Check Out Giant Dogs On the Free 2024 Calendar of the Portland USACE

What do you think – which pooch of the month is your fave?

Real Life Fox and Hound Are the Cutest Ever

How's this for an unlikely pair? Australian Shepherd/Malamute mix Moose the dog and his best buddy Juniper the fox makes us melt at the cuteness!

Pups Will Dig the Underground DogDen 60 Dog House

Does your dog like to dig holes in the yard? You only have to dig one - for Miller Pet Products' DogDen 60, an environmentally friendly outdoor dog den.

Escape Alert! New Kickstarter Campaign for GPS Pet Microchip Starts Se

A new company out of California wants to help you find your lost pet, stress-free — but they can’t do it without your help. Your beloved pet may…

From Rescue To Runway: Cavalier Newest Model For Designer Karen Walker

Puppy mill rescue Toast is now a fetching model, looking too cool for training school in designer sunglasses The reality behind that puppy in the window &nda…

Good Boy Helps His Human When She’s Locked Out Of House

A very good boy helped unlock the door for his human when she was locked out of her house, proving dogs really are the best security systems!

Amazon Canada Reveals London Is the Most Pet-Pampering City

Canadians are showing their pet love with gifts- Amazon Canada's yearly list reveals that most generous pet parents live in London.

Swedish Restaurant Introduces Doggie Menu

This Swedish restaurant has gone the extra mile by creating a menu designed with the four-legged canine connoisseur in mind.

Dogwood Modern Designs Are Adorable Wood Puppies

Dogwood modern wood designs will have sitting up. This Kickstarter goes back to basics with the cutest, most perfect puppies ever!

Scottish Women Knit Sweaters To Help Adopters Overcome Black Dog Syndr

Och aye - we love this story about a group of Scottish women who knit adorable sweaters for black shelter dogs in the hopes they'll be adopted.

IKEA Introduces New Pet Line To The United States And We Are “Lurvig

No-frills, simply fabulous furniture store IKEA has taken its furniture line offerings to the next level--introducing to the The Lurvig pet product line.

Your Dearly Departed Pet Leaves a Permanent Mark on You With Everence

Want to memorialize your beloved pet in a unique way that will have him or her with you forever? Everence has introduced tattoo ink additives that use cremat…