Gwen Stefani Launches Harajuku Lovers Pet Line At Petco

Do you have a Hollaback Dog that goes bananas for trend-setting fashion and accessories? Petco unveils the Harajuku Lovers line for pets by Gwen Stefani!

5 Ways to Build a Bond With Your Dog

Are you looking for ways to grow even closer to your dog? We've put together 5 ways to build a bond with your dog.

Pets Go Postal on First Class “Forever Pets” Stamps

Seal your letters with a kiss and a lick! Pets are getting the first class treatment with the US Postal Service's new "Forever Pets" stamp series.

Golden Retriever Has Feline Buddy’s Back In Cat Fight

A hilarious video of a dog seemingly breaking up a fight between two cats has gone viral and just goes to show how important a wing dog can be for everyone!…

The Nose Knows: Puppy Protects Priceless Artwork in Boston

He's a masterpiece! A 12-year-old Weimaraner in Boston is showing the world that protecting priceless artwork really is a dog's work.

French Bulldogs: What You Need To Know Before You Adopt

The French Bulldog is now #2 on AKC list of most popular breeds. Why have they become so popular and what are the pitfalls of owning one?

Japanese Dog Groomer Turns Furballs to Fluffiest Fluffballs Ever

Yoriko Hamachiyo's impawsible canine transformations are taking the internet by the storm, one ball of fluff at the time.

Your Outdoor Adventures Can Help the ASPCA, Thanks to Subaru and REI

Subaru of America has partnered with REI to encourage people to explore the great outdoors with their pets. Post a picture, and they'll donate to the ASPCA.

Customizable Pets Are Virtual Reality in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is coming, and this upgrade includes customizable cats and dogs. Let's face it--even in virtual reality, pets make everything better!

New Build-A-Bear App Inspires Kids To Adopt-A-Pet

Children can build adorable virtual pets, learn how to take care of them and support animals in need with the new (and free!) Build-A-Bear app. Forget the pi…

Too Cute for Words: Golden Retriever Max Is the Official Mayor of a Ca

Meet the adorable Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II, a 5-year-old Golden Retriever that's proud to be the official mayor of Idyllwild, California.

4 Blissful Tips On How To Include A Dog In Your Wedding

Here comes the bride… and her dog! There’s no reason why your pooch can’t be part of your special day. Your wedding day is said to be the…

Mutts4Trucks Pairs Shelter Dogs And Truck Drivers To Hit The Open Road

Mutts4Trucks is a new program that is pairing professional truck drivers with shelter dogs–benefiting the dogs with a new home, and the truckers with…

Make a Local Doggy Play Date With the BarkHappy App

Does your dog need a buddy - there's an app for that! If you have trouble trying to find a dog that connects with your pooch, BarkHappy may be the answer.

Doggos Looking For Love On Tinder Want You To Swipe Right! [Video]

Shelter dogs are looking for love in all the wrong places. Animal Ark Rescue decided make Tinder profiles for their pooches in hopes of making a match.

New Google Chrome Extension Makes America Kittens Again!

Google Chrome has added a new extension, and it's sure to "Make America Kittens. It replaces pictures of US President-Elect Donald Trump with kittens!

Quiz: Do You Know Your Dog Meme?

From Nyan Cat and Confession Bear, to Dramatic Chipmunk and Grumpy Cat, animals are a part of meme culture. Can you name these 10 popular dog-themed memes?

Do Cat People or Dog People Have More Fun?

We really "like" this kind of research. Our friends at Facebook's Research Department get to the bottom of an age-old battle!

AKC Museum of the Dog Is Headed to New York City

The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is headed back to the Big Apple with one of the largest collections of dog art in the world.

Say “Cheers” to Pet Gift Boxes… Care of Famous TV Mailman, Cliff

Postal worker Cliff Clavin, aka actor John Ratzenberger, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and his latest business venture is the pet-friendliest!

Pawly Lets You Play With Your Pet Even When You’re Not Home [Video]

This robot pet sitter wants to help you be there for your pet, but your help is needed to make Pawly a reality. We all know the feeling. Leaving your pet at…

Foodie Pooches Give Seattle Barkery Food Truck 4 Paws Up

Roaming gourmet food trucks are all the rage with humans... so it's no wonder why the trend is catching on with pet parents and their pooches.