University Students Are Waiting in Line to Walk This Giant Ball of Flu

Thousands of McGill University students are volunteering to walk a big fluffy Pyrenees dog, who quickly became a bona fide campus superstar.

Shelters Will Use Facial Recognition Technology to Reunite Owners With

The sophisticated software, Finding Rover, will analyze the uploaded photo of your pet against shelter databases and look for a match.

Tel Aviv Launches Revolutionary Digital Dog Concierge Service

Tel Aviv is one of the dog-friendliest cities in the world. They're working to keep that way with a new concierge service that caters to canines!

Service Dog Gets Caught Up in “Cats” and Joins Cast On Stage

A service dog decided to join Broadway's spectacular hit, "Cats," in a New York theater, prompting many to wonder if it's time to let pooches on the stage.

Good Sit Kickstarter Aims To Ease Owner Surrenders Through Education

Many dogs are surrendered due to "behavioral issues." The Good Sit program aims to help pet parents connect the right way with their adopted dog.

Former ‘Unadoptable’ Shelter Dog Saves Kids From Potential Abducti

A Edgar, a Treeing Walker Coonhound labeled as ‘unadoptable' just became a hero when he saved his new family's three little girls from a kidnapper.

Pets Get Designer Digs on Animal Planet’s New Show “Animal Cribs�

Designer and animal lover Antonio Ballatore stars in "Animal Cribs," a new show on Animal Planet that puts pooches into the swankiest dog houses!

This AI-Powered Camera Will Make Sure You Capture Every Precious Momen

The OBSBOT Tail, presented to the public as the "world's first auto-director AI camera" just rolled out a new feature that is certain to draw in pet owners.

2 Ugly Furry Friends Have Faces Only Their Adoptive Mothers Could Love

They say beauty is only skin deep. And it's true for Ozzy and Wang, 2 hairless dogs many call ugly, but true friendship doesn't care what one looks like.

Quiz: Can You Guess These Famous Movie Dogs?

Dogs have starred in some of the most iconic movies in the film industry. Can you name the main canine characters in these top 10 famous dog movies?

Street Artist Blows Our Mind With Brilliant Metallic Dog Mural

At first glance, you’d think this was a giant metal monument of man’s best friend… and you’d be wrong. This shiny, happy puppy is…

Customizable Pets Are Virtual Reality in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is coming, and this upgrade includes customizable cats and dogs. Let's face it--even in virtual reality, pets make everything better!

Adopt a Dog, Get Awesome AirBnB (Almost) Free!

AurBnB and shelter dogs! There's a huge stray pet problem in Hungary and one bank has come up with an innovative way to help solve it!

Ice-Skating Rescue Dog Melts Our Hearts

Four legs are apparently just as good as two when it comes to ice skating, and an adorable rescue dog is melting the ice (and our hearts!) as he proves it! C…

Zoinks! Scooby Doo Named America’s Favorite On-Screen Pet

Although the competition included some of the most famous animal characters in popular culture, the talking brown Great Dane snatched the victory.

Hilarious Family Contract Sets New Dog Boundaries

Sure, the kids say they'll help with the new dog before he comes home! This father crafted a written contract before allowing his kids to have a pet.

Coming Soon: Beetl, The Poop-Picking Robot

We love our dogs. SO much so that we’re willing to follow behind them and pick up their crap. Literally. So how excited are we that Beetl Robotics has…

4 New Varietals Find “Furrever” Home In Chateau La Paws Wines

Let's raise another glass and toast the four new varietals (for humans only!) that Chateau La Paws is adding to its collection. We give them four paws up!

Dogs Are Marvel Superheroes And Villains In Awesome Illustration Serie

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… pug? Illustrator Josh Lynch gives pups a superhero (or supervillain) makeover in this awesome new…

Go Green With Solar Heat for Your Dog House

Solar panels can be used to upgrade your dog house. Give him heat on demand, as long as the sun shines, using solar power to keep him comfy.

Snuggle Up With the Queen and Her Corgi Pillow Clones

I am more than amused at SpoonFlower's 90 Corgi-clones - stuffed pillows made especially for the Queen's 90th birthday (and a life-sized monarch!)

AKC Museum of the Dog Is Headed to New York City

The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is headed back to the Big Apple with one of the largest collections of dog art in the world.

“Sleepbus” Gives Homeless Humans And Pets a Place To Sleep

A revolutionary idea out of Australia is helping give the homeless a safe space for themselves and their pets— and the good news is, you can help, too.

Ring-Bearing Dog Loses Wedding Rings Right Before Ceremony

Dogs are often included in wedding parties. But when it comes to keeping the rings safe, perhaps you should give that job to someone more reliable!

Are You Losing Sleep Because of Your Pet? Use This Calculator to Find

It seems that being a pet parent has (at least) one shared woe with human parenthood: your fur baby is impacting the quality of your sleep.

What’s For Dinner? Pet Food Company Goes Green With Grubs

Ever wonder how your dog could help save the environment? A pet food manufacturer is using soldier flies instead of beef in their dog food and claims it&rsqu…

Therapy Dogs Lend a Helping Paw to Cancer Patients and Hospital Staff

A recent research reveals that cancer surgery patients and hospital staff could have a lot to gain from including therapy dogs in their routine.