Top 10 Fabulous Pride Essentials For Dogs

June is PRIDE month, and you and your pup want to be proud and be all-about-it loud. Check out our fabulous top 10 Pride Essentials for dogs and let your pooch’s pride shine.

Top Toasts to Barking Barware

Let's all raise a glass to our best friend - our dogs! Because we do everything with style, we'll toast our furry BFFs with bark-inspired barware items.

Top 10 Toys To Keep Your Dog Mentally Sharp

Looking for ways to keep your smarty-pup's mind stimulated? Check out the top 10 toys to keep your dog mentally sharp (and have fun in the process!).

Best Canine Camping Essentials

Why should humans have all the fun when it comes to the great outdoors? This summer, pitch a pup tent with these canine camping essentials.

Top 10 Calm Dog Breeds

Just calm down! We don't want you to be over-stimulated - and that's why we put together this list of top 10 calm dog breeds.

Top 10 Products To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe This Winter

Our dog's tootsies need protecting during the cold weather, so here are the top 10 products to protect your dog's paws this winter.

Top 10 Smelly Dog Breeds

That foul odor may be coming from you furry best friend. If you're the owner of one of these top 10 smelly dog breeds, we feel for your sniffer!

Best Snuffle Balls for Dogs

Looking for a way to stop your dog from wolfing down his food? We've compiled a list of top 10 snuffle balls for dogs that'll come in handy.

Top 10 Low Maintenance Dogs

In our busy lives, it's easy to see why many people choose easy-going pups. If you've got no time for drama, stick to one of these low maintenance dogs!

10 Bodacious Facts About Bulldogs

To celebrate "Bulldogs are Beautiful" day, we've rounded up some captivating facts about one of the most popular dog breeds in the world - the Bulldog!

Top 10 Long Haired Cat Breeds

These cats never have a bad hair day! Boasting downy soft and luxuriant locks, these long haired cat breeds are bushy balls of kitty goodness.

Top 10 Best Indoor Dogs

Need a couch-surfing pal for a TV binge watch? Hey, the outdoors aren't for everyone, so check out our picks for the best indoor dogs!

10 Best Collars For Your Miniature Husky

Miniature huskies are a smaller version of the Siberian Husky -- here are some strong and sturdy collars that come in fun sizes we found just for them.

Top 10 Lovable Lap Dogs

Lap dogs have a way of making you feel loved, needed… and warm! Snuggle up this these lovable pooches. The term “lap dog” is often used…

10 Beguiling Beagle Baubles

Beagles have a way of turning your frown upside down with their sweetness. Keep those happy thoughts with these adorable Beagle baubles.

The Best Gifts For Pet Lovers

Wrap them up or keep 'em for yourself! Here are the jolly picks that made it onto my holiday list this year (hint, hint!).

10 Beautiful Bulldog Baubles

There are two kinds of people: those who love Bulldogs... and those we're not friends with. Show them you're on team Bulldog with these must-have trinkets.

Top 10 Funniest Dog Breeds

Stop us if you've heard this one before. Some dogs have a gift to make us laugh - here are our picks for the top 10 funniest dog breeds.

Top 10 Big Dog Breeds for Families

Bigger can be better - especially when it comes to dogs. We've come up with our list of top 10 big dog breeds for families so you can see which one fits your lifestyle.

10 Dog Breeds That Can’t Swim

Not all dogs take to water - some are stinkers at swimming and just sink! Before you dive in, here's a list of dog breeds that can't swim.

Best Collars For Shorkies

Finding the perfect collar for your Shorkie can be hard, so we've compiled a Best 10 collars for Shorkies list to help you decide!

10 Ways To Be A Responsible Pet Parent

It's not all licks and wags. If you can handle these 10 responsibilities that come along with dogs and cats, then you're ready to be a pet parent.

Best Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

This year, our pet editors put together a list for Santa. If you're looking for something to get us, please surprise us with one of these, please!

10 Best Beds For Dozy Dogs

A dog's life is hard. He needs at least 12 hours of rest - beauty sleep is important! Your dog can sleep easy on any of these super comfy beds.

Best Products For A Dog-Friendly Lawn

Spring is in the air, but a dog-friendly lawn is in season no matter the date. When it comes to having a gorgeous lawn, as dog parents, we want to also use the best products for a dog-friendly lawn. Check out our favorites!

Top 10 Kid Friendly Dogs

To find the perfect dog for your family, you need to know which breeds will be a better fit for your kids. Here's our top 10 list of kid friendly dogs.

10 Canuck Eh-ssentials for Canadian Canines

Now that hockey season is over, it's time to turn our attention to Canada Day. To celebrate the True North, pick up these canuck eh-ssentials for July 1.

How To Stop Stinky Dog Farts

Urgh! What's that smell? We've been blaming rotten smells on the dog for many years, but what can you do if you've got a legitimate problem with dog farts?

Perfect Pajamas For Your Pooch

When the weather calls for cold nights, what better way to make sure your dog is warm and cozy than to outfit them in these super-cute PJs?!

Top 10 Best Psychiatric Service Dog Breeds

Have you heard of psychiatric service dog breeds? These canines are specially trained to maintain their handler's emotional state.

It’s National Donut Day – These 10 Donut Loving Dogs Will Give You

You just donut understand how much these dogs love National Donut Day. Indulge your sweet tooth with some pastry lovin' pooches.

8 World Renown Pet Cemeteries

When your loyal pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, you want them to rest in peace in a place fitting their position in your family.

Top 10 Money-Saving Tips for Dog Owners

It's a fact: dogs cost money. But having a dog doesn't mean breaking the bank. To help you save, we've put together these 10 money-saving tips.

Top 10 German Dog Breeds

Das is the time for Oktoberfest - and with all the celebrating this month, we thought it was the perfect time to highlight our favorite German Dog Breeds.

Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds

An even temperament and a surplus of love and affection, many breeds make great therapy dogs. Here are our picks for Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds.

8 Hilarious Motivational Pet Posters To Brighten Your Day

When life's got you down in the dumps, the positive pets in these motivational posters will set you straight. They'll make 5 PM come that much faster.

10 Precious Poodle Products for People

For those who have Poodles, the standards are pretty high. When it comes to gifting them, it's either go big (or miniature... or toy) or go home!

10 Luscious Gifts for Labrador Retriever Lovers

Labrador Retrievers have charmed their way into the hearts of dog lovers. Show off your Lab love with these retrieving trinkets.

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

There are hundreds of breeds to choose from - how do you make your choice? If intelligence tops your list, here's a list of the top 10 smartest dog breeds.

Top 10 Hearing Ear Dogs

Hearing ear dogs are trained to be of service to deaf or hearing impaired people by alerting them to sounds or responding to commands given in ALS.

Top 10 Dog Breeds With Blue Eyes

Who can resist those baby blues? See if you can, with our top 10 dog breeds with blue eyes.

Top 10 Lola B. Boston Looks for Halloween

What will the most fashion forward dogs be wearing this Halloween? We asked Lola B. Boston, and she gave us her Top 10 most boo-tiful costumes.

Top 10 Gifts For Dog Lovers

We're not just about dogs here - we're also about the people who love them. And that's why I've dedicated a Top 10 Gifts for Dog Lovers list (hint, hint).

Best Travel Essentials

Is 2017 the year you're hitting the road with your pets? Be sure you pack these travel essentials in your suitcase to ensure your vacation stays paw-sitive.

Top 10 Ginger Dog Breeds

Ginger's sometimes get the raw end of the deal. Why is that? Because we're kinda keen on these orange-hued pooches - aren't they handsome?!

Best Holiday Gifts For Pets

Holiday shopping is a rush, but don't forget your pet! If you need a little inspiration, feel free to steal a few ideas from our holiday pet gifts list.

Top 10 Medium Sized Dog Breeds

Size does matter when it comes to choosing a dog breed. If you're looking for a pooch that's just right, here's our list of top 10 medium sized dog breeds.

Gen Y Dogma: The Worst Halloween Dog Costumes Ever

Halloween is almost here, and Christina Peden talks why she’s dressing Matilda up in a dog costumes… but she has her limits. And if you dress up your dog in one of her worst Halloween dog costumes ever, your house is in for a rotten egg-stravaganza and TPing you’ll never be able to clean up.

Best Hard-Core Essentials For Rocker Dogs

You're the kind of pooch that's bad to the bone, that howls at the moon for fun. These are the hard-rockin' dog essentials you need to protect your rep.

12 Ninja Dogs You Won’t See Coming

Now you see them, now you don't! Here are some pooches who have mastered the art of camouflaging and have become certified ninjas of their craft!

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Shed the Most

You're never fully dressed without some dog hair clinging to your clothes! If you don't mind the fuzz, here are the dog breeds that shed the most.

Top 10 Small Quiet Dog Breeds

SHHHHHH! Be vary, vary quiet! We're hunting for small quiet dog breeds (insert Elmer Fudd laugh here). Here's our picks for the silent and small types.

Top 10 Reasons To Put Your Dog In Doggie Daycare

It’s the “in” thing to do right now. People are putting their dogs in doggie daycare and loving it. It may seem unnecessary to some, but us dog people know t…

10 Adorable Pics of Majestic Fluff Dogs

These balls of floof have never had a bad hair day! Can you resist throwing your arms around these fluffy dogs? (Spoiler alert: No)

Top 10 Quiet Dog Breeds

Shhhh! You don't have to worry about these quiet dog breeds making a ruckus. If fact, we'd be surprised if your heard a peep (much less a bark) out of them.

Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

That's not a shadow - it's a dog! There are certain types of pooches that never want to leave your side. Here's our list of the top 10 clingy dog breeds.

Top 10 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

You're bringing a new puppy home - so exciting! And you want your home to be safe. We've put together a top 10 list of ways to puppy proof your home.

Top 10 Dogs That Help Fight Depression

Whether you’re feeling down or fighting depression, dogs are wonderful support systems when you’re at your lowest. As pet parents, we know first-hand the comf…

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Puppy Love

Are you part of a canine couple? Show your dog just how much you love him this Valentine's Day with these cupid-inspired gifts.

10 Summer Fun Stuff Roundup for Dogs

It's summertime and we can't wait to get out there with our pets to enjoy the weather. We've collected 10 fun-in-the-sun products that you'll love!