Top 10 Reasons Why Pitbulls Are Awesome!

Loveable, affectionate, goofy, loyal - why stick with just one great reasons when we can give you 10 reason why Pitbulls are awesome.

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Gen Y Dogma: The Worst Halloween Dog Costumes Ever

Halloween is almost here, and Christina Peden talks why she’s dressing Matilda up in a dog costumes… but she has her limits. And if you dress up your dog in one of her worst Halloween dog costumes ever, your house is in for a rotten egg-stravaganza and TPing you’ll never be able to clean up.

Best Air Purifiers For Pets

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Top 10 Talkative Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Cool Finds From SuperZoo 2013 – Part 1

Wow – it’s hard to believe that another SuperZoo has come and gone. We’re still recovering – there was so much to see and do, and…

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Don we now our garish apparel, fa la la la la! Celebrate the season with our Top 10 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs.

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Top 10 Picks From SuperZoo 2014

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Perfect Pajamas For Your Pooch

When the weather calls for cold nights, what better way to make sure your dog is warm and cozy than to outfit them in these super-cute PJs?!

Take Advantage of Canadian Pet Prime Day Deals!

It’s our favourite day of the year—Amazon Prime Day. We’re psyched to share the stuff we found for our furry friends, available only in Canada.

Top 10 Best Breeds to Take RV’ing

While any breed can be packed up and taken “on the road”, not all enjoy the process nor are they physically suited for this style of travel.

Top 10 Money-Saving Tips for Dog Owners

It's a fact: dogs cost money. But having a dog doesn't mean breaking the bank. To help you save, we've put together these 10 money-saving tips.

12 Classy Pet-Inspired Back-to-School Essentials

Whether your kid is heading back to school or you're holding down a 9-to-5, these pet-friendly supplies keep you on top of homework and office work.

Top 10 Best Military Dog Breeds

Think you know your enlisted K-9s? You'd be surprised with some of the picks on our military dog breeds list (especially number 10!).

Top 10 Off-The-Wall Dog Grooming Creations

Is it campy art or a really bad hair day? No matter what your opinion on the matter is, you have to admit that these extreme grooms warrant a double take.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Pets and People

What about if we took lessons from our pets when it came to New Year's Resolutions? Iit might be easier to keep our resolutions if we did!

Top 10 Cuddly Fluffy Dog Breeds

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10 Knockout Gifts for Boxer Buffs

A loveable ham, it doesn't take long for anyone to become a fan of the Boxer breed. That's why we've picked out 10 knockout gifts for Boxer buffs.

The Best Doge Meme Knick-Knacks

The Doge meme is a classic. If you didn't know this famous Shiba Inu before, we're pretty sure you'll get a kick out of such smart, much wow Doge items.

Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

That's not a shadow - it's a dog! There are certain types of pooches that never want to leave your side. Here's our list of the top 10 clingy dog breeds.

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You're ready to be a pet parent. We've created a Top 10 list of dogs for first-time owners - take a look at these breeds perfect for first timers.

Top 10 Things I’d Like to Steal From Global Pet Expo 2016 [Video]

My infamy precedes me! That's why I have to disguise myself in the latest Top 10 Things I'd Like to Steal from Global Pet Expo 2016 - Where's Amy Edition.

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Bountiful harvests of autumn vegetables are ripe for the picking. Here's our top 10 fall veggies that are safe for your dog (and he'll gobble down!).

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Best Costumes to Transform Your Pet Into a Unicorn

If your dog or cat exhibits any of the following behaviors, there's a good chance that he was a unicorn in a past life.

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Our dog's tootsies need protecting during the cold weather, so here are the top 10 products to protect your dog's paws this winter.

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Miniature Huskies love to explore and a leash is pivotal to their exploration. Read on to see the 10 best leashes for Miniature Huskies we've found for you.

Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs 2014

I’m the first to admit that I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to buying Oscar gifts for the holiday season. I can’t help myself &n…

Top 10 Reasons for Adopting Two Bonded Dogs

Adopting two dogs means more pooches to love, among other reasons! We're dishing out our top 10 reasons for adopting two bonded dogs.

Top 10: What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

There are some human foods you can give you dog, guilt-free. But what fruits can dogs eat? These are nature's desserts you'll happily give your dog.

Top 10 Best Dogs for Seniors

Pets make perfect companions for aging people. If you're looking for a pooch to spend your golden years with, here are the best dogs for seniors.

Top 10 Bearded Dog Breeds

To celebrate Movember, we present dogs that can pull off facial hair every month of the year. Here's our hair raising list of bearded dog breeds.

Top 10 Best Miniature Dog Breeds

Perfect for compact spaces, tiny pooches are adorable and portable. If you're looking for a pint-sized pooch, try these miniature dog breeds on for size!

Top 6 Dog Breeds That Are Made in Canada

Canada has given the world some of its most popular dog breeds, so let's take the time to celebrate these eh-mazing pooches.

Best Leashes For Bernedoodles

It’s important to make sure the leash you choose for your Bernedoodle is the right one, so we’ve compiled a list of the best leashes for Bernedoodles.

10 Dogs Wearing Ducks as Hats Because They Can

When it comes to perfect pairings, dogs and ducks just go together. These are the cutest double DDs (that stands for ducks and dogs, you perv) we've seen!

Top 10 Black and White Dog Breeds

It's not all black and white... unless you're one of these pooches! Of you're stuck on these two colors, check out our list of Black and White dog breeds.

Pawsitively Awesome Back-To-School Supplies

A new year of school is about to begin, so it's time for back-to-school shopping. Ensure you snag a spot with the in-crowd with pet-related school supplies.

Top 10 Reasons for Adopting an Older Dog

It's a sad fact that older dogs in shelters and rescues have a harder time finding a forever home. But we have lots of reasons for adopting an older dog.

American Kennel Club Announces America’s 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Way to go Labs! For the 21st year in a row, the Labrador Retriever hangs on to the #1 spot on the American Kennel Club’s most popular breeds list. T…

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Dogs

Are you looking to humiliate your dog by including them in this weirdly tacky tradition? Here's our Top 10 adorably ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs.

Best Toys For Morkies

Morkies need small but durable toys for their brain and dental development and here are our top 10 toys that will aid in both.

Top 10 Reasons To Put Your Dog In Doggie Daycare

It’s the “in” thing to do right now. People are putting their dogs in doggie daycare and loving it. It may seem unnecessary to some, but us dog people know t…

Best Halloween Couple Costumes For You and Your Dog

What will you be wearing on October 31? Couple up with your dog, and put on these costumes that complement each other this Halloween.

Best Pairs of Pet Socks for Tender Tootsies

Don't you hate cold paws? Nothing is cuter than seeing your pooch wearing socks - especially when they're as pawsome as these happy hound hosiery picks.

Top 10 Farm Dog Breeds

Old MacDonald had a farm... and on his farm he had a dog! And we bet it was one from our list of the top 10 farm dog breeds.

Top 10 Long Haired Cat Breeds

These cats never have a bad hair day! Boasting downy soft and luxuriant locks, these long haired cat breeds are bushy balls of kitty goodness.