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What will the most fashion forward dogs be wearing this Halloween? We asked Lola B. Boston, and she gave us her Top 10 most boo-tiful costumes.

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Some dogs just can't get enough... of everything! Here's our list of the top 10 greedy dog breeds that need more, more, more!

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Spring is in the air, but a dog-friendly lawn is in season no matter the date. When it comes to having a gorgeous lawn, as dog parents, we want to also use the best products for a dog-friendly lawn. Check out our favorites!

Best Costumes to Transform Your Pet Into a Unicorn

If your dog or cat exhibits any of the following behaviors, there's a good chance that he was a unicorn in a past life.

Top 10 Off-The-Wall Dog Grooming Creations

Is it campy art or a really bad hair day? No matter what your opinion on the matter is, you have to admit that these extreme grooms warrant a double take.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Military Dogs

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As if stealing a dog wasn't bad enough, these criminals actually look for certain breeds! According to numbers, these are the breeds that are most targeted.

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8 World Renown Pet Cemeteries

When your loyal pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge, you want them to rest in peace in a place fitting their position in your family.

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Your Morkie has a delicate neck. It's important that the harness you use to keep her safe is comfy, so here our best 10 harnesses for Morkies.

13 Puppies Who Can’t Wait To Start Their First Day of Work

These puppies are on a mission - to serve their community and be the best service dogs ever! Take a gander at these pooches starting their new jobs.

Top 10 Freedom Finds for Your Patriotic Pooch

Woo hoo - it's the 4th of July! This Independence Day, let your 'Merican Mutt show his pride with doggy gear inspired by the USA!

Best Gifts For Your Dog Walker

How do you thank the person who walks or looks after your dog while you're away this holiday season? We asked a pro what she'd like to get from her clients.

Top 10 Cuddliest Dog Breeds

Need more snuggles and less struggles? Cozy up to one of the top 10 cuddliest dog breeds, and watch all your problems just melt away.

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It's not all black and white... unless you're one of these pooches! Of you're stuck on these two colors, check out our list of Black and White dog breeds.

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Raise your paws in the air and wave them like you don't care! Ring in the New Year the right way with these terrific pet-inspired New Year's party pleasers.

10 Custom-Crafted Pooch Products From Etsy

Your dog is a one-of-a-kind - that's why you want to shower him (or yourself) with cool and unique gifts you won't find anywhere else but on

Top 10 Crisis Response Dog Breeds

So, what exactly is a Crisis Response Dog? Let’s start with what it isn’t. It’s not a Therapy Dog, it isn’t a Service Dog, nor is it an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

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Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds

Dogs have been used as an important part of a successful hunt for centuries, for many reasons. Here are canines that are hard-wired as hunting dog breeds.

7 Best New Products From Global Pet Expo 2019

Global Pet Expo 2019 is in the books, but we’re super excited about all the pet products that were introduced to the market. We’re sharing our fa…

Top 10 Fall Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs

Bountiful harvests of autumn vegetables are ripe for the picking. Here's our top 10 fall veggies that are safe for your dog (and he'll gobble down!).

Best Mattresses For Sleeping With Your Dogs

Do you feel bad forcing your dog out of the bedroom and telling her that she isn't allowed to spend the night sleeping in your cozy bed?

Top 10 Lazy Dog Breeds

Does the thought of playing catch tire you out? Would you rather be curled up on the couch than at the dog park? These lazy dog breeds are just your speed.

10 Adorable Pics of Doggy BFFs

Hey dog, I got your back! These pooches prove that furry best buds always stick together, even when there's food involved!

Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

Just call them Velcro dogs! Here's a list of 10 clingy dog breeds that will never want to leave your side.

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Do Well in Hot Weather

Who doesn't like the warmer weather? Well, these dogs don't - they'd rather keep it cool. Here's our list of the 10 dogs that don't like hot weather.

8 Dog Breeds That Originated in China

Happy Chinese New Year - 2017 is the Year of the Rooster! To celebrate this new year, here's our list of eight dog breeds that originated in China.

Best Leashes For Morkies

Your Morkie is the cutest mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese! Find a lead that isn't overpowering with our list of the 10 best leashes for Morkies.

Top 10 Comfy Dog Beds

I love watching Oscar all curled up in his dog bed. That's why I came up with the Top 10 Comfy Dog Beds that will give your dog the sweetest dreams.

Top 10 Mellow Dog Breeds

Take a chill pill. These bump-on-a-log dogs take the prize for being mellow mutts. Take a long, lazy looks at our top 10 mellow dog breeds.

Top 10 Howlarious Dog Halloween Costumes

This year, I went looking for the coolest, rib-tickling dog Halloween costumes you can buy (online to boot!) and have delivered right to your door.

10 Adorable Pics of Majestic Fluff Dogs

These balls of floof have never had a bad hair day! Can you resist throwing your arms around these fluffy dogs? (Spoiler alert: No)

Best Pet-Themed Gym Gear

We know it's hard to get to the gym - you need a boost of motivation. Here's our top 10 list of pet-themed gym gear, guaranteed to your butt moving!

Top 10 Dog Bow Ties For 2015

Bow wow - look who's a dapper dog! Here are our Top 10 picks for Dog Bow Ties that turn your pup into a polished pooch for any event, casual or classy.

Top 10 Gifts For Dog Lovers

We're not just about dogs here - we're also about the people who love them. And that's why I've dedicated a Top 10 Gifts for Dog Lovers list (hint, hint).

Top 10 Service Dog Breeds

When it comes to helping out humans, these service dog breeds are ready to serve, protect and enrich the lives of the people who need them.

Top 12 Dog-Friendly Road Trip Necessities

It's time to pack up the car, grab your best friend and hit the road. By best friend, we mean your dog! Here's a roundup of what you should pack.

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Are you part of a canine couple? Show your dog just how much you love him this Valentine's Day with these cupid-inspired gifts.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Dogs

No self-respecting dog would find himself on Halloween without the paw-fect costume, so we’ve rounded up the Top Ten Halloween costumes for dogs that are guaranteed to ensure a happy Howl-oween!

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Sometimes finding collars to fit your little pooch may be hard, but we've got you covered with the 10 best collars for Morkies.

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Best friends forever? If you've got a feline and are looking to add a canine to the mix, here are our top picks for best dog breeds for cats.

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This has been an awesome year for geeky pet parents. I've picked PetGuide's top 15 geeky and gadget gifts for pets who like to get their nerd on!

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Bringing home a new dog this year? We've analyzed the trends, and came up with some 2016 cute dog names inspired by television, movies, politics and sports.

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Finding the right bowl for your Shorkie is important because you want to keep hypoglycemia at bay, so we've gathered the best 10 bowls for Shorkies to help.

Top 10 Cute Puppy Breeds

Down in the dumps? Not for long! Just one look at our Top 10 cute puppy breeds and you won't be able to wipe that smile off your face.

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These adorable little spunkmeisters yapped their way into their own appreciation day. We’ve got the top 20 gifts for Chihuahua Appreciation Day so you can honor them with all the gifts and adoration they demand deserve.

Top 10 Dogs Who Love to Fart

Fido's flatulence is hilarious, even though his poots could clear a room. If there's a toot and stink, one of these 10 dog breeds cut the cheese.

Top 10 Clingy Dog Breeds

That's not a shadow - it's a dog! There are certain types of pooches that never want to leave your side. Here's our list of the top 10 clingy dog breeds.

Top 10 Confident Dog Breeds

When we talk about confidence in a dog breed, it may not necessarily be what you think it is. Here's our list of the top 10 confident dog breeds.

Best Cute Dog Halloween Costumes

There are so many cute dog Halloween costumes, it was tough to narrow it down to just 10. But we hope you like our picks and they give you some good ideas.

Top 10: What Fruits Can Dogs Eat?

There are some human foods you can give you dog, guilt-free. But what fruits can dogs eat? These are nature's desserts you'll happily give your dog.

Top 10 Weird Pet Products You Never Knew You Needed

Being in the pet industry, we get to see a lot of strange things... we mean really odd. But being odd makes them that much more awesome.

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Your Pomsky is smart and playful with a large amount of energy! You'll want to keep that brain challenged, so here are the 10 best toys for your Pomsky.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Pets and People

What about if we took lessons from our pets when it came to New Year's Resolutions? Iit might be easier to keep our resolutions if we did!